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Caduceus’ Blackbox

Shreyash Rout | Staff Writer

Caduceus’ Blackbox was an event under the category Epsilon held on all four days of the MIT’s technical fest, MIT TechTatva 2020. The event had three rounds. Round one was on the first two days with teams of two or three. Participants had to join a Zoom call hosted by the organisers as a team. The team members were not allowed to interact for the first round and were marked individually, with marks tallied at the end. In the first round, there were three parts.

In the first part, the participants viewed some slides containing an object or instrument related to Biomedical or Biochemistry, and they had to identify them. For the next part, the participants had to unscramble jumbled words. In the final part, they had to answer some general trivia questions.

Event heads Ananya Joshi and Rahul Bagga, called each team into separate Zoom calls at one time to ease the process. The second round involved a business pitch, and a debate was the final round which was conducted on 8th. The third and final round gave a case study to the four teams which made reached the finals. They had to pitch a business strategy regarding the case study to the participants and the organisers, and also had to contradict the other team that they were going against in the same case study. 

We are happy with the turnout, and things went on very smoothly, thanks to everyone,” said Ananya Joshi, one of the event heads. Pranav Bhardwaj and Lakshya Sharma were the Category Heads for Epsilon. “I think our category had one of the largest number of participants, and the turn out was great,” said Lakshya Sharma.

Riddle Me This

Shreyash Rout | Staff Writer

Riddle Me This was an event in MIT TechTatva 2020 under the category Epsilon. This event had two rounds happened on 6th and 7th of November. Participants, in teams of two or three, participated in this event. Crosswords made up the first round. Each of the groups had to solve the given crossword under a given time limit. The time was recorded and checked by organisers Manan Tewari and Dhikshitha Chandrasekhar. The crossword was a mix of general knowledge and basic science related questions from every domain, i.e., Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Biochemistry, etc.

The second round, also the final round was more about solving puzzles and riddles. It was a fun event where you had to exercise your cerebrum a bit more than usual to get the answers correct. The questions mostly comprised of Biochemistry and Biomedical related topics.

The puzzle was a distorted art divided and scrambled into tiles which needed to be set in order so that they are close to what they appear. We are delighted with the turnout, and it was fun conducting an event in this format during these times,” said Rahul Bagga, one of the event heads.

Featured Image Credits: Social Media and Graphics, TechTatva’20