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Tejas Sanji | Staff Writer

Metropolis, one of the events under Constructure, was held on the third and fourth days of TechTatva’20. The contestants got an opportunity to plan layouts, purchase their favourite buildings in an intense bidding war, and place them to build the city of their dreams. The event took place on an app that was developed by the Metropolis team.

The first round tested the planning and management skills of the participants. Everyone had a budget and a list of all the structures they could place. The organisers established criteria like constructing a minimum number of buildings of each type and providing an efficient transport system in the form of buses, trams, and metro trains. Contestants had to use their budget wisely and utilise as much area as they could from the grid provided to them.

The second round constituted a live auction. There were ten buildings for sale—each with a base price from which they could start bidding. The participants were provided with a set number of ‘happiness points’ to the person who bought it. The bidding was fiery and aggressive as establishments that had base prices as low as ten thousand ended up selling for lakhs. There was active participation as everyone tried their hand at building a city according to their plans. Finally, they placed their winnings from the auction and submitted their designs.

I think the event was really successful. Right from getting the work done, coding, and the execution on MS teams—it went smoothly. We had around 30 individual participants for both slots. I think it is an excellent number for an online event,” said Pragati Sirsat, one of the event heads. Metropolis was a great accomplishment and is expected to be seen in coming years too.

Tibetian Quest
Parthiv Menon | Staff Writer

Tibetian Quest was an event that challenged participants’ strategic thinking and management skills while improving their technical knowledge at the same time. The two-day event was hosted on Microsoft Teams. “We had around 25 participants for the event, and was well received by everyone,” said Hakeem Yahya, the event head.

The first round required contesting teams to create the Quingzang railway, a project allotted to them by a hypothetical client. The participants had to satisfy the client’s requirements like the length of the railway, the number of tunnels, railway stations, and meet various other parameters while coming up with a proposed time of completion, the expenses incurred, the quality of materials, and past experiences with handling such projects.

Teams participating in the first round were filtered based on an interview. “Even though my interview got delayed, it was an amazing experience for me, and I thoroughly enjoyed it,” said Kiran Choudhary, one of the participants. The teams that progressed to the final round were given a detailed explanation about the Tibetan Railway and its various nuances, including the problem of tackling permafrost. They were then given a problem specific to the Tibetian Railway, after which the organisers declared the winners. It was an extremely informative and engaging event that was a hit amongst all its participants.

Green Campus
Sai Ramcharan | Staff Writer

Held on the first two days of TechTava’20, nearly 70 students from every corner of the country signed up for Green Campus under Constructure. The event was targeted at people with basic knowledge of the environment and concepts of sustainable architecture.

This sustainability-themed event, consisting of two rounds, centred around modifying the college campus into a more environmental-friendly place. The first round was a Scrabble event where two participants faced off to play Scrabble with a twist—contestants could use only eco-friendly words. The one with a greater number of words within the given time limit advanced to the second and final round.

The final round was about transforming MIT into a more sustainable living space by cutting down carbon footprints. The organisers provided the contestants with a map of the MIT campus. The participants had the freedom to modify the campus according to their wishes to make it more environmental-friendly. “The event was definitely something different from what we usually have on the campus. It was exciting to see participants compete with such enthusiasm for an online event,” said Anuj Chaudhary, one of the event heads for Green Campus. After a tiring, yet productive, 45 minutes of continuous creative thinking, the solution with the most appropriate, innovative, and sustainable campus emerged on top.

Dhrubo Chattoraj | Staff Writer

Quizcrete was an innovative quiz conducted under the Constructure category. Out of the 110 registrations from multiple colleges, around 42 participants turned up for the event.  The online format and the possibility of multiple events with clashing timings could have been a reason for many contestants not showing up for the event. The quiz comprised of three levels—all of which were conducted on Google Forms. Each level had a few questions that the participants had to answer within a specific time. Time was monitored by a timer embedded in the form that the participants received.

The first and easiest level required participants to identify the names of famous civil structures from around the world. The second level was more challenging—participants were given images of monuments or famous buildings and were asked to relate them to a TV series. Participants who moved on to level three were subject to a round of intense quizzing, albeit on google forms, as they answered trivia and general knowledge questions based on buildings, monuments, and civil structures. The event saw tough competition as some participants managed to score full marks in various rounds.

Although the event head Ankush Sharma was expecting a few more participants, he was satisfied with the turnout.  He noted that the quiz was a real challenge for many participants as it was the first time they were answering so many questions based on civil engineering. Apart from the network issues faced by some participants, the event ran without any hiccups.