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Hopeless Opus

Amulya Kollipara | Staff Writer

Hopeless Opus returns this year with the theme of Harry Potter. This fictitious tale revolves around an ex-student of MIT, trying to exact vengeance upon the college and the participants need to make choices to save it.

This event takes place episodically in the course of four days, where your actions affect the length of your journey. Each day, a chunk of the story was revealed, leaving the participants wanting more. Three options were given, among which one of them was the best choice, awarding contestants with maximum points and leading the story at a faster pace.

Besides the story, the participants were tested mentally with a multitude of brain-teasers, increasing with difficulty each day. A penalty was not given for wrong answers, but it definitely created a competition among everyone as the riddles got more complex.

Despite the challenges of online communication and lack of time, the event still managed to be a grand success. “We are delighted with the overall turnout. We got 431 last year, and this year we have received more than 530 registrations on the TechTatva website, and 470 registrations on our website” said Omkar Masur, the event head for Hopeless Opus.


Amulya Kollipara | Staff Writer

This year Acumen’s AIB was based on the theme of Among Us. The participants had to take part individually and answer the trivia quiz and riddles in a set amount of time. This event was conducted via Google forms, with a time restriction to reduce the possibility of malpractice.

The event was divided into two rounds, lasting three days in total. The first one was conducted over the course of two days, where each contestant could start anytime with only a single attempt and a time limit of an hour. The questions were divided into three categories—short tasks, long tasks, and common tasks. Out of these, only short tasks had a penalty of one mark for each incorrect answer. After Day 2, the top ten finalists were declared and allowed to proceed to the final round.

The round two was restricted to an hour and a half, and the finalists were quizzed with all sorts of puzzles and trivia. There were also some audio and visual hints, along with some Among Us-themed questions that kept the round quite engaging. Each of these questions was aptly phrased to make the participants rack their brains.

At first, I was a bit sceptical about how a fest would be conducted online. The festive atmosphere created by various food stalls, decorations, games cannot be recreated online. However, having the fest online let us explore how we could tweak our events to fit the online mode and that was challenging and fun.”, said Pranav Kulkarni, the event head of AIB. The event was a grand success with around 350 participants, which left them wanting more of this quiz.

Amazing Tech Race

Amulya Kollipara | Staff Writer

One of Acumen’s most exciting events—Amazing Tech Race, or ATR received more than 350 participants. It was a 3-day event, where participants could join in anytime and start answering the quiz related to all things tech, with a clock gauging their time. Each day, 30 new questions were added, and the participants could start a new set of questions, or pick up where they left off the previous day.

Points were allotted according to the number of attempts in getting the right answer. There was a decrease in the points allotted for every wrong attempt in each question. A limited number of hints and skips were also given per day. Hints could also be bought using the points earned during the event.

The efforts of the event heads and the organizers behind the scenes were evident in the questions, which were framed quite smartly. “Offline TT was the best. Making questions, experiments, testing them, and choosing places in and around Manipal while staying up till 2 a.m. was an amazing experience which we couldn’t have this time. Since it was all online, we had to change the format of the event ” said Shreyas Shanbhag, an event head of ATR.