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Royston Fernandes | Staff Writer

Held during the first two days of Tech Tatva, the only national-level aero-modelling competition challenged eight teams from across the country in a series of gruelling rounds. Teams had to follow several competition guidelines while battling Manipal weather to prove their superior knowledge in the field of aeronautics.

Preparation for the competition began weeks before the contest took place on MIT soil. Teams had to submit their design proposals two to three weeks prior to the competition. Specifications required that the plane models met certain dimensions besides mentioning the process involved in building their models. Technical inspections were done before the first round to make sure teams adhered to their submitted reports.

The first round began with an obstacle course that challenged participating teams to complete the path in a span of three minutes. Contestants were judged based on take-off, the number of obstacles cleared, and smooth landing of their planes. The second round saw teams compete in another obstacle course with added difficulty—the path was obstructed with bonus obstacles, and a load had to be dropped in an area marked with concentric circles. Following this, the plane had to land on another set of concentric circles smoothly. Teams that landed on the innermost circle scored the maximum points. “It was an eventful experience,” remarked Shubham Parmar, a participant from NMAM Institute of Technology.

The contest proved to be a real challenge for participants as strong gales seemed to affect the performance of their planes. While several planes crashed due to the weather conditions, participants took the challenge in their stride and did their best to score. Despite the challenges that came with the climate, the event was a success owing to the efforts put in by the event heads and organisers.

Image Credits: Photography and Videography, TechTatva’19

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