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Sarath Yelisetty | Staff Writer

TechTatva ’19 marked the sixth anniversary of Robowars, the long-awaited annual clash of battle bots, which was as stirring as ever. With teams hailing from universities from around the nation, including Indore, Nagpur and Mangalore—the arena enjoyed a sizeable audience throughout the fest.

The bots were divided into two weight classes—15kg and 45kg. The event itself comprised multiple battles spread over two rounds. The qualifying rounds started with a strength test where the bots were individually expected to break a box placed in the arena with force. An obstacle course was further employed to test the bots’ precision and control. The qualifying bots were pitted against each other in a death-match the next day.

The second round had the bots facing-off in the octagon, while their controllers tested their limits. Cued by the horn, the bots rolled forward, trying to make the first contact. The bot forced to touch the spikes of the grilled boundary of the octagon had to concede defeat. The participants had to analyse the other bot, decide where to ram it from, and manoeuvre their way through the arena while at the same time, avoid being flipped into the air.

True to tradition, the event started a couple of hours behind schedule. Rather than a hindrance, these holdups were a bonus for the participants to examine and slightly modify their bots one last time before sending them into battles.“Apart from all the visible work of the volunteers polishing and cleaning the surface of the arena before the matches, the preparation for the event starts one month before TechTatva.”, said Khushi Kumar, an organiser, giving a few insights into all the effort put into the event. All in all, the competition ran as smooth and well-oiled as events of this scale can be expected to.

Image credits: Photography and Videography, TechTatva ’19

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