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TechTatva’19 Liveblog

MIT’s technical fest is back, and it’s bigger than ever! If you’re unwilling to leave the comfort of your room, or just want an unusual take on the happenings around campus, we have you covered. Stay tuned for live updates from TechTatva 2019.


Siddhant Sharma October 12, 20195:40 pm

All good things must come to an end, but so does our liveblog. So, we shall wrap it up for this edition of TechTatva. We will be back with our coverage of Revels next semester.

Siddhant Sharma October 12, 20195:02 pm

Falling fl(o)at

Siddhant Sharma October 12, 20194:06 pm

Visual representation of me trying to pay attention in class

Adithya Nayak October 12, 20193:17 pm

If you are mar(s)ching around NLH, do look out for our friendly bro-ver.

Vinayak Srivastava October 12, 20192:49 pm

A preview into first years trying out ‘A Slice of Life’ at after-parties tonight.

Vinayak Srivastava October 12, 20192:31 pm

Head over to the MIT Post kiosk near IC and grab a copy of our newsletters, hot off the press

Vinayak Srivastava October 12, 20192:24 pm

Building bridges in college… only to burn them down once you graduate.

Adithya Nayak October 12, 20192:23 pm

An exclusive into organisers/CCs going to morning labs and 8 AM classes after all night fest work

Vinayak Srivastava October 12, 20192:15 pm

Watered down enthusiasms on Day 4 of the fest be like

Vinayak Srivastava October 12, 20191:52 pm

Welcome to the liveblog for today. As things start to wrap up all around the fest, we’ll try to bring the remaining action to you right here, so stay tuned.

Siddhant Sharma October 11, 20195:36 pm

On that hurtful note, I shall wrap my blows along with the liveblog. We will be back tomorrow with more “updates” from the fest

Vinayak Srivastava October 11, 20194:14 pm

Siddhant rolling with the blows.

Siddhant Sharma October 11, 20194:12 pm

A depiction of my mental state after the last roast

Adithya Nayak October 11, 20194:07 pm

Push up does not mean sitting in a corner of a room and pondering over your existence.

Siddhant Sharma October 11, 20193:51 pm

I don’t want to sound like a braggart, but I have done a total of 100 push-ups in my entire lifetime

Adithya Nayak October 11, 20192:56 pm

How Siddhant roasts himself to save the liveblog:

Vinayak Srivastava October 11, 20192:49 pm

Just like most participants, Adithya is an hour late to the party.

Adithya Nayak October 11, 20192:48 pm

His jokes never gun for anyone, they bomb.

Vinayak Srivastava October 11, 20192:27 pm

Now you’re just gunning for laughs, Siddhant.

Siddhant Sharma October 11, 20192:26 pm

You just keep proving my point time and again

Vinayak Srivastava October 11, 20192:24 pm

These are dark times, both for the Rolex and I.

Siddhant Sharma October 11, 20192:23 pm

Looks like Vinayak’s brain stopped working just like my Rolex, after day one

Siddhant Sharma October 11, 20192:17 pm

Welcome back to yet another day of our liveblog. I am incredibly sorry for the delay, my Rolex seems to have stopped working

Siddhant Sharma October 10, 20195:48 pm

On that healthy note, we shall wrap things up for today. We will be back tomorrow with unhealthy ‘jokes’ and undercooked roasts

Siddhant Sharma October 10, 20195:21 pm
“Ek cucumber ke saath photo le. Arre cucumber, kakdi!”
– Overhead telephone conversations, courtesy Scavenger Hunt
Siddhant Sharma October 10, 20195:12 pm

My self-esteem after two years of engineering

Siddhant Sharma October 10, 20195:10 pm

If it were not for my grades, you would have made another post after two hours instead of one.

Vinayak Srivastava October 10, 20195:06 pm

Yes, but a “looser” has more points than all your internal marks combined.

Siddhant Sharma October 10, 20194:47 pm

I may be a weak joker kid but I like to think that I am not a ‘looser’

Siddhant Sharma October 10, 20193:53 pm

Me and the boys looking for a sense of purpose in life

Vinayak Srivastava October 10, 20193:52 pm

After four days of eating at the food stalls

Siddhant Sharma October 10, 20193:43 pm

But you are not a club volunteer, Adithya

Adithya Nayak October 10, 20193:41 pm

People trying to get away from club volunteers:

Vinayak Srivastava October 10, 20193:35 pm

Head on over to the MIT Post kiosk at IC and grab a copy of our Day-1 newsletter.

Siddhant Sharma October 10, 20193:29 pm

The dress code for today is, “Blue Black White Gold,” which our liveblog followed yesterday as I was beaten black and blue by Vinayak’s golden words

Vinayak Srivastava October 10, 20193:28 pm

Everyone after looking at the quality of jokes on the liveblog today.

Adithya Nayak October 10, 20193:25 pm

How close I am to getting my semester together

Siddhant Sharma October 10, 20193:02 pm

Me doing nothing about my grades dropping like a wrecking ball

Adithya Nayak October 10, 20192:33 pm

This bot is in a Messi situation.

Vinayak Srivastava October 10, 20192:28 pm

The standards for the liveblog can only drop after yesterday’s performances.

Adithya Nayak October 10, 20192:18 pm

Half the popular belief went home.

Siddhant Sharma October 10, 20192:12 pm

Hello and welcome to the second day of TechTatva’19. This year’s theme is, ‘Embracing Contraries,’ and our liveblog is a perfect embodiment of itconsidering we try to make TechTatva sound interesting, contrary to popular belief.

Siddhant Sharma October 9, 20194:36 pm

On that Fair and Lovely note, we shall wrap the liveblog up for the day. We will be back tomorrow as I get roasted to a dark-medium brown

Vinayak Srivastava October 9, 20194:25 pm

The last post does truly highlight our white-spread readership

Siddhant Sharma October 9, 20194:24 pm

We, at The MIT Post are launching an Honest Indian ad-campaign

Vinayak Srivastava October 9, 20193:47 pm

Save them burns lest you burnout

Siddhant Sharma October 9, 20193:44 pm

After that pun, I think you should re-tyre

Vinayak Srivastava October 9, 20193:39 pm

It looks like a tyre-ing journey ahead for Fuel RC participants.

Siddhant Sharma October 9, 20193:23 pm

Me looking for a decent comeback right now

Vinayak Srivastava October 9, 20193:15 pm

An accurate illustration of Siddhant trying to climb out of the friend-zone.

Vinayak Srivastava October 9, 20193:01 pm

Vedant gate-crashing the party with unnecessarily sour jokes.

Vedant Seigell October 9, 20192:56 pm

When life gives you lemons, you put it in your mouth and see who comes first.

Siddhant Sharma October 9, 20192:42 pm

Me after making ten lame jokes on the liveblog

Vinayak Srivastava October 9, 20192:22 pm

Siddhant dropping truth bombs while Adithya lives in a delusional world. Truly embracing contraries.

Siddhant Sharma October 9, 20192:21 pm

Me: I know where I am going with my life

Where I am going with my life:

Adithya Nayak October 9, 20192:14 pm

Yes. I am carrying the entire Post on my shoulders.

Vinayak Srivastava October 9, 20192:13 pm

Kicking things off on a festive note, our own designated Baahubali, Adithya Nayak.

Siddhant Sharma October 9, 20192:04 pm

Grab a copy of our Newsletter from our kiosk outside the Innovation Centre

Siddhant Sharma October 9, 20192:00 pm

Looks like everyone is incredibly excited about TechTatva’19

Siddhant Sharma October 9, 20191:41 pm

Hello and welcome to our liveblog for TechTatva’19. This year’s theme is, ‘Embracing Contraries,’ or as we at The MIT Post call it, “Our liveblog is hilarious.”

Siddhant Sharma October 7, 20196:08 pm

Greetings from The MIT Post! TechTatva’19 starts in two days, and preparations are in full swing. Stay tuned to our liveblog for updates throughout the fest.

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