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Aditya Narayan and Shrijani Manna  

saBOTage, an event under the category of Kraftwagen, combined the technical aspects of robotics with the classic mouse-in-the-maze game as participants raced their homemade bots through an arduous course crammed with pitfalls, booby-traps and mechanically activated obstacles.

The course was divided into three parts based on the event’s theme: superheroes. The participants channelled laboriously through the ‘Deadpool’ and ‘Spiderman’ courses while the ‘Quicksilver’ was an effortless stroll. The obstacles were ingenious and carefully made to ensure that they functioned properly and were traversable. The event turned out to be a lot harder than what most of the participants initially anticipated due to the treacherous nature of the course. Most of the participants, eleven in total, managed to improvise and improve their bots before their turn came. One of the strongest contenders actually made his bot that very day. “The primary purpose is not to make a fancy bot. That is why we standardised the basic build of the bot. What really matters is the driver’s skill”, said Shrey Parashar, an organiser for the event.

Image Credits: Photography and Videography, TechTatva’19.

The second round featured revolutionising technology modified to a give a convivial appeal. Set up outside FC 1, the organisers laid down a maze made out of cardboard and shaped as tracks where a robotic car connected to a VR headset was placed at the starting line. Teams of two had to navigate the car through the twists and turns on the track and reach the finish line while wearing the headset. The other participants guided their teammates and upon their completion, took over control of the car and manoeuvred the car through the same trajectory. The race ended well in advance of the total time allotted. When asked about the approach behind this event, one of the organisers commented, “Well it has been one rollercoaster ride. We stayed up till 4 AM and overcame a lot of obstacles. It was a really good experience and we learnt a lot more than the technical aspects. We rendered a lot of new ideas with the VR and the electronics part of it. It was critical thinking at the nick of time but we managed to pull it all together. 

The participants throughly enjoyed the event and engaged with full eagerness. “There was a fair chance of winning, but it was a very challenging course. A lot of the obstacles were unexpected, but it was definitely fun” said Rohit and Jeevith, both first years. With a huge turnout, saBOTage proved to be a successful and fun learning experience. 

Atlantis Arcade 

Shreyas Kashyap

Atlantis Arcade, one of the events organised by Kraftwagen, featured amphibious bots take over land and water in a fun racing event. These bots had to traverse through challenging obstacles which tested both the structure and design to overcome the forces under water. Participants were taught the basics of bot building and control analysis in the pre-TechTatva workshops and had to implement these skills to successfully complete the tracks. 

Image Credits: Photography and Videography, TechTatva’19.

The first round took place on ground where the strength and manoeuvrability of bots were tested. The top four teams made it to final round. Crossing bumpy tracks and getting over a hanging bridge were among the various challenges posed to the participants. There were three attempts given for each obstacle. If the attempts taken were more, the points rewarded would be less. There was also a time penalty imposed on those who could not clear the obstacle in the first three attempts.

“We were happy with how the event turned out and quite proud of the organisers who stayed late nights to pull this off. Their hard work ended up paying off, since we were one of few categories who had sold-out events,” said Krishnakanth, a category head of Kraftwagen.

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