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TechTatva’19⁠—Fuel RC

Grand Prix De Manipal
Arnaav Anand

The widely-anticipated Grand Prix De Manipal took place in the Quadrangle on Day Two of TechTatva, garnering a significantly large crowd. The track was designed with ramps on the path and tyres to serve as boundaries. The six participating teams were divided into two groups of three, and the winner from each group qualified for the finals. Unfortunately, one of the cars malfunctioned, and as a result, just two teams competed in one of the races.

After an hour-long build-up, the teams took their places at the starting line, and the whistle blew to the sound of two engines racing at break-neck speeds. Although the race did not end in a close finish, the entertainment never ceased to stop as the cars made their way across the course. Shortly after, the second race set off with the three teams going up against each other on the track.

The winner from the first race and the two winning teams from the last race went head-to-head in the final. The finals of the Grand Prix de Manipal commenced soon with the strong smell of asphalt and loud cheers from the crowd, whose enthusiasm kept the race alive till the finish line. “I have been to over 50 races across India, and this is by far the best one!” exclaimed Vikrant Patil, one of the finalists from a college in Pune.

Time Attack
Deev Sethiya

Fuel RC’s flagship event, Time Attack, commenced in the afternoon of Day One of TechTatva. The event had participating teams from colleges all across the country and was held near the Chemical Block. The event required teams to bring their own RC powered cars and race them across the track lined with obstacles like cones, tyres and ramps. The team which completed the lap in the shortest time won the race.

Each team got two trial rounds to try their luck on the track. The trial which had the least time was chosen as the final one. The participants faced penalties if their car touched the obstacles placed in the track. Unfortunately, some participants failed to avoid obstacles or landing the jump, which left both the teams and their RCs in a poor state. As the evening progressed, some other groups impressed the crowds, which gathered in large numbers, with their car’s smooth manoeuvring skills.

A good turnout ensured that the teams participating were also well-motivated to perform and the cash prize made it an even more prestigious event. In the end, to someone wanting to pump up their TechTatva experience, Fuel RC’s Time Attack delivered in all aspects.


Drag by Fuel RC was one of the most awaited events of this year’s TechTatva. This event consisted of only one round and took place on Day One of TechTatva. Contestants had to put their remote-controlled cars to the test in a 100-meter drag race. Participants hailing from colleges all over India, including Vellore Institute of Technology, had to speed their way to the finish line to get the prize.

The entire stretch of road adjacent to the 13th Block was packed to the brim with the audience eagerly waiting for the race to commence. The event started late due to some technical difficulties with the lighting of the track to make it more aesthetically pleasing. Teams assisted each other, highlighting the friendly competitive spirit of the event.

The rules of the race were simple — the participants with the shortest time lap qualified for the next round. Each race had two participants who had to manoeuvre their RC cars and finish in the fastest lap time to be eligible for the next race. “This race is over in a blink without another chance. If you’re fast, you’re the winner,” said Gaurav Singh Thakur, Event Head of Fuel RC. With the cheers from the audience, the lit-up tracks, and the revving of engines, Drag was successful in replicating the excitement of a real NASCAR race.

Aditya Narayan

Held in the Quadrangle, Stuntmania was one of Fuel RC’s featured events. The seven teams competing had to race through a grass track, manoeuvring their remote-controlled, isobutene powered stunt model cars. There were loops, hoops, jumps and flips to contend with, as some teams crashed out while others soared.

The contestants were given a five-minute limit and had to complete a maximum number of laps in that time period. They were marked for each stunt they pulled, and how cleanly they did it. Due to ill preparations, the event started 90 minutes late, but the delay was forgotten the moment the races began. The event witnessed an audience in large numbers who cheered every time one of the participating teams completed a stunt.

The performances of the different teams varied from one another. The first team in line made mistakes straight off the mark. They mistimed and misjudged jumps. On the other hand, the team from Irode did very well. They had good coordination and even found the time to show off in their run, doing the loop-de-loop twice in one go.

“I have competed in over 105 events, and been to over 50 colleges, and out of them, I’d say MIT was among the best. I gave my best, I hope the result will follow,” said Vikrant Arun Patil from JSPM’s RSCOE, Pune. Stuntmania lived up to its name in another edition of Fuel RC, managing to pull the crowds and giving them a good dose of thrill and amusement.

Image Credits: Photography and Videography team, TechTatva ’19

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