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TechTatva’19—Floating Canoe


Floating Canoe
Royston Fernandes and Xavier Thomas | Staff Writers

Taking place for the first time in TechTatva, Floating Canoe was an event catered towards people who love making paper boats and wish to showcase their love for ships and the high seas. Participants were expected to make a boat out of an extremely unusual source, cement. The event caught the eye of a decent number of students with participants eager to find out if their cement boat would actually float.

The first round was simple yet challenging. The contestants had to carve the structure of their boat out of the green foam that was provided. Getting the dimensions right for the structure of the boat was paramount. Participants then had to make their own cement which was to be applied onto the foam. They were required to add substances such as EBS beads and fine sand to improve the canoe’s structure. Participants who had attended the pre-TechTatva workshop had the edge over the others since they were briefed about the ingredients used in making the model and the ratios that were to be used.

The next round took place in the Material Testing Lab of the Civil Department. It comprised teams floating their canoes in water to test its buoyancy. Additional weights were continuously placed in the inner cavity of the canoe till water started to flood in and the canoe eventually sunk. The canoe was scored individually out of ten for its floating capability, stability, and composite strength.

Six teams with the highest scores advanced to the final round. Here they were quizzed by the judges about the physical properties of the boat and were asked questions based on mechanics of solids. Lohit, a first-year participant, found the viva to be quite tough but described the overall event to be“exciting and knowledgeable”. The event was a huge success for a first-time occurrence and was enjoyed by all those who participated.

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