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TechTatva’18—Questionable Intelligence

BizSciTech Quiz
Vinayak Srivastava

The BizSciTech quiz had quite a lot to live up to. For one, it was done in collaboration with Wipro. Moreover, Sreshth Shah, a two-time Tata Crucible winner and web commentator at ESPN, was the quiz-master.  With over twenty-five teams of three vying for the prize, only the top eight were to advance to the final round.

Credits: Yash Nakman

The first round consisted of a ton of complex and detailed questions which required a decent amount of lateral thinking, some leaving the entire group stumped. The quiz-master had to provide additional hints on consensus. In stark contrast with other such events at TechTatva, this quiz had tricky questions ranging from pineapple on pizza to the “unfaithful boyfriend” meme. Even the “Trivago Guy” made an appearance as contestants waded through the history of the phantom island of Antlia.

“The questions were impressively structured, so much so that you had to think in multiple directions at once to reach the answer,” said Ashwin Suresh, after a gruelling first round. The competition heated up further in the final round as the top teams from an already shining crop of quizzers were pitted against each other. As the level of questions increased, so did the stakes. The event was fairly successful, having progressed without much of a hiccup.

Ankitha Giridhar

With the plethora of technical events flooding the campus, Techathlon was a refreshing change of scene. Put together by Questionable Intelligence, the first round witnessed a huge number of participants. There were technical rebuses for the geeks, and anagrams for the sesquipedalian lovers. Puns were made that had everyone slapping their foreheads, though pleased with themselves at the same time.

Credits: Prafull D

The first round consisted of a written quiz, where teams of three sat together in an attempt to decipher the potpourri of word games and puzzles before them.  Everything was either purely technical, or related to science fiction, making the event a welcome breather to the brainy rush of TechTatva, while also being incredibly relevant. A mere six teams made it to the final round; however, one pulled out due to unavoidable circumstances. The other five went through a Guess the Word challenge, with one member trying to get the others to guess a word without using certain taboo words/phrases.

Following this was an insane juxtaposition of Pictionary and Charades, with one team member trying to graphically represent a song while the second, guessed and acted it out—as the third tried to figure out what was going on. The third round was a spin on classic dumb charades, with each member trying to make the others guess a movie, in a wild spinning flurry. The last round of Book Hangman with no time restriction was a relaxing end to the event.

SciFi Quiz
Vinayak Srivastava

From Game of Thrones to the Wheel of Time, SciFi has always been an endeared topic amongst the geeks. Like most of Questionable Intelligence’s events, the SciFi Quiz was a massive success, both in terms of participation and competition. With over 25 teams vying to claim the top spot, everyone gave it their best shot.

The Sci-Fi quiz was one of the few events with remarkable out-station participation. Teams from NIT-K, KMC and MCPH took part in the competition. Organised by last year’s victors, team Swag-Thug-Llama, the quiz had a variety of questions from all sub-genres of SciFi and fantasy—from Discworld to Star Wars, the quiz was carefully designed to satisfy the hardcore fanatics as well as the recently initiated.

Credits: Akshat

The event was a close affair, with a mere five points separating the victors from the runners-up. Experience played a considerable part, as the team which finished second last year, went on to claim the title this time. The event was both informative and entertaining. The organisers were incredibly satisfied with the participation and looked forward to repeating the feat in the next edition of TechTatva.

General Quiz
Shreyas Kashyap

Forty-six teams turned up for the preliminary round of the General Quiz. This event played host to students from all over, including seasoned quizzers from the likes of NIT Surathkal, KMC Manipal, and various other colleges from across the country. “The turnout was way more than we expected. We expected the main quizzers who’ve always been quizzing to be there, but there were a lot of new faces that we saw this time,” said Ranjib Rudra, a second quizzer.

Credits: Harshith Reddy

Sreshth Shah, one of India’s preeminent quizzers currently working at ESPN, mastered the quiz. A two-time winner of the prestigious Tata Crucible quiz among other accolades, his quizzing resume speaks for itself. In all his questions beginning from the prelims until the very end of the finals, he kept the quizzers on their toes as he delved into all domains. However, the quiz witnessed several high-quality sports questions especially from the world of cricketing, considering he works at ESPN.

Credits: Praveen Palle

Out of the initial forty-six teams, only ten made it to the finals. The finalists were subjected to multiple rounds of intense quizzing. The NIT-K team ended up victorious. “Since Sreshth Shah explored all kinds of domains in his questions we saw a very well balanced quiz. Also, the questions were very workable which we college quizzers heavily promote,” said Adhiraj Ghosh, the Category Head, immensely pleased with the way the quiz turned out.