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TechTatva’18—Paper Presentation

Adithya Nayak

In today’s world, research has become a quintessential part of academic societies everywhere. To encourage students to take up such initiatives, Paper Presentation was organised by MIT during TechTatva’18. It aimed to accumulate a multitude of innovative ideas in one place. The participation consisted of students from a variety of colleges, including some from Mangalore, Udupi, and Karkala.

Credits: Yash Nakman

The event consisted of a single round, but different disciplines were allotted different days such that a judge experienced in the said field could preside over the presentations. The participants had ten minutes to showcase their ideas, giving eight minutes for the presentation and the remaining two for a question and answer session. The participants were bouncing questions off each other, making the sessions interactive and building a conducive environment for mutual learning. Various intriguing topics were covered such as machine learning, database security, and CAR T-Cell therapy, among others. Each team had a unique vision which was well-supported by their compelling presentations.

 “This time we have a record-breaking participation of fifty-eight teams out of which forty-eight are outstation participants, and we are honoured to set up a stage for them to exhibit their ideation,” said Ashutosh, the Category Head, upon being asked about the event. Paper Presentation proved to be an excellent initiative for people to come out and give the world a taste of their noteworthy ideas, resulting in the success of the event.