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TechTatva’18 Liveblog

MIT’s technical fest is back and bigger than ever! If there’s simply too much for you keep up with, you’re unwilling to leave the comfort of your room, or you just want a refreshing take on the happenings, The MIT Post is at your service. Stay tuned for live updates from TechTatva 2018.

Karan Hiranandani October 5, 20188:40 pm

And we’re back with our erratic coverage of The Manipal Conclave. To put it subtly, this event has been rather eventful. Besides the return of a seasoned stalwart to the Post’s liveblog, we also have Jatin Sarna, fondly known as Bunty from Sacred Games, taking the stage at The Conclave!

Anshumanth Rao October 5, 20188:03 pm

This is The MIT Post, from The Manipal Conclave. We are currently in an half-hour break and still recovering from a mysterious technical issue. We apologise for the lack of content.

Siddhant Sharma October 5, 20185:01 pm

It’s five by my Rolex, and we shall wrap it up for the day so that our friends at the Conclave can take over

Sai Vignesh October 5, 20184:52 pm

This pizza’s been roasted well, just like me on our Liveblog.

Sai Vignesh October 5, 20184:37 pm

How’d you know that I have nothing on my profile if you’ve never stalked me?

Siddhant Sharma October 5, 20184:35 pm

You shouldn’t have to worry about that since there’s nothing on your LinkedIn profile

Sai Vignesh October 5, 20184:34 pm

Siddharth, we’ve heard of people stalking others on Facebook, Instagram, etc. Why do you stalk people on LinkedIn?

Vedant Seigell October 5, 20184:33 pm

Our food fairy Godmother

Vedant Seigell October 5, 20184:29 pm

If you cant beat ’em, join em (2)

Sai Vignesh October 5, 20184:29 pm

With the sessionals coming up next week, I really wish that was me too.

Siddhant Sharma October 5, 20184:28 pm

I really wish that was you, Vignesh

Sai Vignesh October 5, 20184:23 pm

Could someone get me a ‘strip’-per for my wire?

Vedant Seigell October 5, 20184:19 pm

Improvise. Adapt. Overcome.

Sai Vignesh October 5, 20184:16 pm

Just like our fallen brothers, who were dumped in the friend-zone

Siddhant Sharma October 5, 20184:15 pm

If only you would have known about this before missing your 8:00 am lab today

Vedant Seigell October 5, 20184:13 pm

Ready for an 8 am class

Sai Vignesh October 5, 20184:12 pm

They’re building something as fragile as my ego

Siddhant Sharma October 5, 20184:07 pm

Good, because if it wasn’t for my grades you wouldn’t have any jokes

Vedant Seigell October 5, 20183:54 pm

Siddharth’s GPA falling this sem like..

Sai Vignesh October 5, 20183:37 pm

“If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em”

-Siddhant Sharmeela, 2018

Siddhant Sharma October 5, 20183:36 pm

Wrong again, my test scores are less than that

Sai Vignesh October 5, 20183:31 pm

Siddharth, do you know that the Sri Lankan rupee is worth only 43.5% of the Indian rupee? Just like your test scores.

Vedant Seigell October 5, 20183:26 pm

Inception 2.0
Varun Dhawan, stay away

Siddhant Sharma October 5, 20183:25 pm

Me carrying my insecurities

Sai Vignesh October 5, 20183:21 pm

Mukesh after a makeover.

Sai Vignesh October 5, 20183:11 pm

Smack that, all on the floor
Smack that, gimme some more.
Smack that, ’till you get sore
Smack that, oh-oh-oh-oh-oh

Siddhant Sharma October 5, 20183:10 pm

Volunteers after receiving their food tokens

Siddhant Sharma October 5, 20182:56 pm

Turns out our puns aren’t the only corn-y thing about TT

Sai Vignesh October 5, 20182:54 pm

This is how the gaming organisers control their volunteers.

Siddhant Sharma October 5, 20182:41 pm

Me trying to defuse the tension with humour

Sai Vignesh October 5, 20182:05 pm

They see me fallin’
They lovin’

Siddhant Sharma October 5, 20181:53 pm

Grab your TT t-shirts and Reminisce Greatness for 200 bucks

Sai Vignesh October 5, 20181:53 pm

With the break of dawn, the arena gets ‘Rob’-bed of its participants. Head over to the arena near FC at 6:30 to witness the clash of steel.

Siddhant Sharma October 5, 20181:51 pm

The Wish Wall is a part of the DaanUtsav Celebrations by MIT, the wishes have been collected from the Akshara Academy School Manipal. If you want to contribute you can either buy the particular wish or pay for the same at the desk.

Sai Vignesh October 5, 20181:32 pm

Hello Siddharth. I hope you’re happy with our transition from the MIT Post to the MIT Roast.

Siddhant Sharma October 5, 20181:31 pm

Welcome back to our live blog. The theme for this year’s TechTatva is Reminiscing Greatness or as we at The MIT Post call it, yesterday’s roast of Vignesh.

Siddhant Sharma October 4, 20185:22 pm

It’s a wrap as these guys do not want me to Post anymore

Sai Vignesh October 4, 20184:58 pm

Rain rain go away. Fuel RC wants to play.

Siddhant Sharma October 4, 20184:56 pm

You could print yourself a better brain so that you can come up with better insults

Siddhant Sharma October 4, 20184:45 pm

I am pretty sure you are hoping for a better education since you repeatedly fail to spell Siddhant

Sai Vignesh October 4, 20184:39 pm

I’m pretty sure the Sri Lankan team are hoping that their matches will end due to the rain, Siddharth. They wouldn’t have to face the ignominy of a whitewash.

Vedant Seigell October 4, 20184:36 pm

Play has stopped due to rain

Sai Vignesh October 4, 20184:27 pm

At least someone’s enjoying the rain.

Afridi Majeed October 4, 20184:22 pm

Cold comfort for those of us who wanted the cupcakes, but not the carbs

Sai Vignesh October 4, 20184:20 pm

You should check this out, Siddharth. You could print yourself a better face.

Siddhant Sharma October 4, 20184:18 pm

But you’re not in the picture

Sai Vignesh October 4, 20184:18 pm

Thanos’ motivation

Siddhant Sharma October 4, 20184:16 pm

Please don’t endorse the Redmi Note 5 Pro MI Dual Camera.

Vedant Seigell October 4, 20184:12 pm


Vedant Seigell October 4, 20184:11 pm

And you need a life đŸ™‚

Siddhant Sharma October 4, 20184:09 pm

Forget attention, you need attendance

Vedant Seigell October 4, 20184:00 pm

Well, my namesake is clearly getting more attention than i do :/

Siddhant Sharma October 4, 20183:57 pm

We did not come up with a what’s not list because it would just feature you

Sai Vignesh October 4, 20183:50 pm

Catch the best of TechTatva with our daily newsletter. Find out what was hot, and what the first day of the fest was all about.

Sai Vignesh October 4, 20183:46 pm

Look how far we’ve come from Hot Wheels.

Afridi Majeed October 4, 20183:39 pm

IIT: Let’s train kids early on by telling corporations to open coaching centres.

MIT: Hold my beer.

Siddhant Sharma October 4, 20183:35 pm

Stay hydrated fam

Sai Vignesh October 4, 20183:19 pm

“Take up engineering,” they said.
“Lots of employment opportunities,” they said.

Sai Vignesh October 4, 20183:14 pm

How Afghanistan knocked Sri Lanka out of the Asia Cup.

Sai Vignesh October 4, 20182:53 pm

Dangal 2.0: The Manipal Edition.
Loser buys the winner food.

Siddhant Sharma October 4, 20182:52 pm

Udupi resident Disha Hegde an alumnus of MIT, says seeing the fest makes her want to do BTech again. Head to the food stalls to get some of her homemade cupcakes.

Siddhant Sharma October 4, 20182:40 pm

Grab a copy of the newsletter from our kiosk outside NLH, turns out our friend Nitin doesn’t want any fake candids this TT

Afridi Majeed October 4, 20182:40 pm

She matched with herself, and that pretty much sums up where I stand in the dating scene as well :’)

Sai Vignesh October 4, 20182:39 pm

This event’s got just two participants; but who cares, “After all, it takes just two to tango.”

Afridi Majeed October 4, 20182:23 pm

They’ve made WhatsApp forwards a real thing?

Afridi Majeed October 4, 20182:06 pm

“I learned more about the world through this newsletter than GK class in 5th grade” – manya_sings, one of the few who successfully solved yesterday’s crossword and trivia.

Siddhant Sharma October 4, 20182:02 pm

The bot standing on my sessional marks, trying to get to the marks I wish for

Sai Vignesh October 4, 20182:00 pm

The poor guy looks bamboozled. They said EEE was tough, sigh.

Afridi Majeed October 4, 20182:00 pm

Is our newsletter helping you stay up in class? You’re welcome đŸ™‚

Afridi Majeed October 4, 20181:56 pm

…and they burp butterflies. PnP spreading art all over :’)

Sai Vignesh October 4, 20181:54 pm

That’s a lot of people queueing up for paintball. Looks like they want to shoot their friends and watch them ‘dye’.

Siddhant Sharma October 4, 20181:48 pm

Welcome back to the second day of TechTatva’18. This year’s theme is Reminiscing Greatness or as we at The MIT Post call it yesterday’s liveblog.

Siddhant Sharma October 3, 20184:32 pm

So on that negative note, we shall wrap up for the day

Sai Vignesh October 3, 20184:25 pm

Me chasing my dreams.

Siddhant Sharma October 3, 20184:19 pm

Me, taking my laundry back home

Sai Vignesh October 3, 20184:11 pm

Too young for beer pong? Informals has got your back.

Afridi Majeed October 3, 20184:04 pm

It’s not a bird, it’s not a plane…what is it, though?

Sai Vignesh October 3, 20183:59 pm

Even the doggo can’t contain its excitement. Head over to the arena for Robowars!

Sai Vignesh October 3, 20183:56 pm

Hopefully, the food will be a lot better this time.

Afridi Majeed October 3, 20183:51 pm

Usher’s new single: Love in this Tent

Siddhant Sharma October 3, 20183:51 pm

Please, don’t eat me

Afridi Majeed October 3, 20183:48 pm

Suitable for transporting humans ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Siddhant Sharma October 3, 20183:38 pm

The theme for this TechTatva is Reminiscing Greatness or as the Sri Lankan cricket team calls it, two years ago.

Siddhant Sharma October 3, 20183:04 pm

If you thought JEE was competitive, you should give our crossword a try

Vedant Seigell October 3, 20182:58 pm

Escaping the Food Court be like

Siddhant Sharma October 3, 20182:56 pm

Modiji must be so proud of you, Vedant Seagull

Siddhant Sharma October 3, 20182:53 pm

The Post staff after working all night during TechTatva

Vedant Seigell October 3, 20182:51 pm

Such Percy Jackson references Siddharth :’)

Vedant Seigell October 3, 20182:49 pm

Fuel Swatch Bharat RC

Siddhant Sharma October 3, 20182:47 pm

Who pissed Zeus off?

Vedant Seigell October 3, 20182:44 pm
Here’s presenting the wall for tech tatva 18, reminiscing the great Stephen Hawking
– with love, team PnP

Vedant Seigell October 3, 20182:39 pm

Handy way to get some personal space on those crowded Mumbai locals

Siddhant Sharma October 3, 20182:34 pm

If you are hungry for some attention, solve the crossword puzzle in our newsletter and get a chance to get featured on our liveblog.

Vedant Seigell October 3, 20182:29 pm

If you’re in the mood for something better than that guy, look into our newsletters for some 90’s nostalgia.

Siddhant Sharma October 3, 20182:29 pm

Welcome to TechTatva’18, we hope you guys have all the fun stuff planned out for the next four days

Anshumanth Rao October 3, 20182:00 am

It is almost 2 am and the campus is still buzzing with activity –MIT is really gearing up for TechTatva’18.

Sriya Koduru October 2, 201810:35 pm

Greetings from The Post Office!

Less than a day to go for TechTatva’18 and preparations are in full swing.

We’ve claimed the AB1 corridors as our unofficial work space until NLH doors reopen at 12 AM.

See you soon!