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TechTatva’18—Fuel RC

Time Attack
Shweta Gadepalli

Picture Credits: Prafull D.

Ironically enough for an event titled ‘Time Attack’, the tournament started two hours late. However, even the rains couldn’t dampen the spirits of the excited participants. With raging fuel-powered cars, an excited crowd, and enthusiastic participants, the tournament was a great start to Day 1 of Techtatva’18.

In Time Attack, remote-controlled cars were made to overcome various obstacles as they raced against the clock. The race course was arranged in twists and turns, with various obstacles along the way. Each team was given two trials to complete the track and the best time out of the two was chosen. The teams were mainly judged on the basis of time taken, and points were deducted for hitting obstacles on the track. The event attracted a lot of participation, with outstation participants from different colleges including NIT Surathkal, VIT, and SRM.

“The turnout is great this year. We have around 10 participating teams in total, which is higher than last year. Also, the participating teams are quite strong this year. The main parameters on which the teams will be judged is the time they take to complete the track, which will be compared to the fastest time recorded, and the winner will be chosen accordingly,” said Zoya Junaid, the Category Head of Fuel RC.

Stunt Mania
Aryaman Jha 

Picture Credits: Simran Malhotra

Held in the AB-1 Quadrangle, Fuel RC’s Stunt Mania filled up the otherwise quaint quadrangle with the whirring of engines and the cheering of students. Although Stunt Mania faced similar problems as the other Fuel RC events with unrelenting rainfall, the spirits and excitement of the involved students refused to be diminished.

The main objective of the event was to get the RC car through a series of obstacles laid out on the course, in the minimum amount of time possible. With a maximum team size of four, each team was allowed their individual time on the track in a bid to set the record to beat. The biggest obstacle the teams faced wasn’t the humongous ramps that caused their cars to fly off, but the persistent lack of time.

In a race against time, participants struggled to get their vehicles across the finish line. Having a dynamic course consisting of various obstacles like ramps, pipes, and tyres, participants were tested thoroughly, much to the delight of the audience. With every climb or twist or turn, the audience held their breath, wondering about the fate of the car.

“Your breath stopped with every moment a car took off from a ramp”, said Anish Malu, an organizer for Fuel RC. A very thrilling and stimulating experience, Stunt Mania was a crowd favourite at TechTatva, drawing comparisons to major motorsport events.

Drag Race
Aryaman Jha 

Picture Credits: Souvik Ghoshal

Drag Race, an adrenaline-filled event of the Fuel RC category, had everyone feeling like they were watching the quarter-mile between Dominic Toretto and Brian O’Conner. One of the most fun and popular events of TechTatva’18, Drag Race was held on 03rd October 2018.

Always a crowd favourite at TechTatva, Drag Race had cars going at the speed of sound. The entire 13th block stretch that usually had students listlessly walking to and from their hostels, had strikingly energetic racing cars this time around. With a large crowd of participants and spectators alike, Drag Race seemed to be jam-packed and full of life.

The eternal problem Manipal students face with rain was apparent on the day of the race too, as the event kept on being delayed due to the wet tracks. After a long, cumbersome evening, the event finally started off with cheers all around. There were a lot of participants, all with a zeal to be the best set of wheels. The event took place in several heats, with the winner from each proceeding to the next one.

With a maximum team size of four, some teams even had just two members racing it out for glory. A team member would control the vehicle, and one would be at the end of the track. The divider, made of tyres, was every now and then bumped into by the zooming cars.

An event exciting for everyone involved, from the participants to the organisers, from the audience to the people reporting on the event, it turned out to be a very worthwhile experience for everyone involved. “The event brought a lot of excitement, not just from the participants, but the audience as well,” said Inderprasth Agarwal, an organiser for the event.

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