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Techtatva’18—Drone Racing League


Rasika Murali

Picture credits: Sudarshan

Organized by the Drone Racing League, Contoura was a two-day event that gained participation from various cities of the country. United by their passion for drones, the contestants were of the ages 15 to 28 and competed fiercely to take home the glory of being a champion. To win the race, the drones had to smoothly maneuver through an obstacle course within a stipulated amount of time.

Despite unfavorable weather conditions, such as rains and strong winds, the participants mesmerized the judges with the kind of control that they exuded on their drones. The organizers were very enthusiastic as they had spent about two months planning out the arena and carried out their responsibilities with conviction. The participants were interacting with the organizers and other drone-enthusiasts throughout the event which gave them a chance to build upon their inclination towards drones.

The continuous downpour threatened to put the event into jeopardy but the fervor exhibited by the participants didn’t seem to die out.”More than the rain the contestants were taken aback with the amount of participation that we received. The competition is strong but the rain isn’t much of a problem.” said Karan Motiramani, the category head for Contoura.

Day two saw a much more energized vibe at KC, with upbeat music playing in the background to dust off the rainy blues. Each drone got the opportunity to fly twice. It was definitely a sight to witness as participants, with utmost focus and concentration, set out with their drones to tackle and surpass obstacles that were laid out for them. Some went smooth, while some crashed into the obstacles yet didn’t give up. In the end, right before landing, most participants made their drones flip to which the crowd loudly cheered on to.

Nitesh Agarwal

Picture credits: Kevin Philip

With the adrenaline levels literally pumping up because of high-speed loops and heavy twists and turns, AdrenalineX managed to garner the interests of a wide range of students. A corner of the cricket ground was bustling with activity as everyone made minor last-minute adjustments to their drones and set their FPV goggles to the right frequency.

The event was divided into two rounds with the first one comprising of a practice lap and three lap races. Their performance in each lap was timed and the best one was noted down. The drones zipped past everyone at unimaginable speeds as the participants steered the sticks of their controllers with precise movements while trying to avoid the obstacles that were set in their path.  Maintaining a balance between speed and stability was evidently almost impossible to achieve but the participants pleasantly surprised the judges with their outstanding performances.

The second round which was held on the 6th of October witnessed even tougher obstacles with a lot more twists and turns. Participants raced against time to get their drones to the finish spot as quick as possible. The total prize money pool for this event was a whopping ₹ 35,000, with the first place receiving ₹ 20,000. Harshit Pasela, who prefers to go by the name MonsterFPV in the drone racing community, bagged the first place.

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