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Entrepreneurship Summit
Devyani Mehta

On the second day of Tech Tatva, Bizzventure put together an event for students that wished to share their ideas for start-ups that benefit the masses. A small number of contestants were shortlisted after an online round to participate in the event.

Prodigy Finance was the title sponsor for the event. Mr Nikhil, a representative from Prodigy Finance and Dr Sumukh, from the Department of Humanities, presided as the judges for the event. The rubrics for judgement were the level of authenticity of their ideas, their command over the basics of business, and their confidence while presenting their service or product.

Image Courtesy: Rajat Shenoy for The Photography and Videography Department

The room wasn’t accessible to the general public to prevent plagiarism. The judges, as well as the other participants, were all ears as each speaker went up on the dais and presented their proposition. After the presentation, there was a round of Q&A which was an open platform for healthy criticism and appreciation. The room buzzed with activity as ambitious participants voiced their opinions and competed for the winning title.

The Entrepreneurship Summit was the right place to pitch one’s vision for validation and approval. The event proved to be crucial stepping stone for college students who aim to try their hand at building real-life enterprises. It was a unique learning experience for participants, allowing them to interact with their competition while receiving feedback from individuals who are experienced in the industry.

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