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TechTatva’17 Liveblog

TechTatva’17 promises to be bigger and better! Every year, we strive to improve our coverage of the fest, and this year, we shall be bringing TechTatva’17 live right to your phones and laptops. Stay tuned!

Karan Hiranandani October 4, 201712:18 pm

Welcome to TechTatva’17. For all the freshers, we hope you enjoy your first college fest. Do not get used to the fancy food stalls, this isn’t a regular thing.
For all the seniors, Square Ruth is back.
(and so is TechTatva)

Karan Hiranandani October 4, 201712:23 pm

Prakhar Prabhakar works his magic with his art. Indeed, getting all these media bodies in one poster is literally ‘Realising Fiction’

Karan Hiranandani October 4, 201712:29 pm

So the theme for this year’s TechTatva is Realising Fiction.
Yes, we checked. It was spelled out correctly this time. Mostly.
While certain places sport Realising Fiction with an s, which is British (or correct) English, few posters also say Realizing Fiction with a z, which is American (or wrong) English.

Anshumanth Rao October 4, 20171:00 pm

Wearing the same thing as everyone else is cool for these four days: keep up with TechTatva’s dress code with blue jeans and white tees for Day 1. Not really the fanciest choice, but now you have an excuse to not dress up.

Anshumanth Rao October 4, 20171:08 pm

If you don’t have a new profile picture after TechTatva, you aren’t doing it right.
Be sure to grab our newsletter for more insights into the fest.

Anshumanth Rao October 4, 20171:45 pm

The real Chefs on Wheels

Anshumanth Rao October 4, 20171:52 pm

Keep an eye out for your friendly neighborhood Postman/Postwoman.
The newsletters are out. Don’t worry, they only cost us our sleep, they’re free for you guys.

Anshumanth Rao October 4, 20171:54 pm

Adhering to the dress code. Mostly.

Anshumanth Rao October 4, 20171:57 pm

This violent pleasure is not going to have a violent end (unless you’re the losing bot)

Anshumanth Rao October 4, 20172:04 pm

Fuel RC, getting set to burn some rubber near the Campus Store. Head over there for some heavy action

Anshumanth Rao October 4, 20172:21 pm

Grab a prop, strike & a pose? Well, okay

Anshumanth Rao October 4, 20172:25 pm

Mr Doggo at Fuel RC waiting for some cars to run behind

Anshumanth Rao October 4, 20172:34 pm

Wonder what those adults who keep complaining about us getting too immersed in our phones would say about this.
Head over to IC for a Virtual Reality experience.

Anshumanth Rao October 4, 20172:38 pm

Thinking of getting one of these to help out with our newsletter artwork.

Anshumanth Rao October 4, 20172:52 pm

Smart Builders is giving me bad flashbacks to my EG days!

Karan Hiranandani October 4, 20173:19 pm

I may have arrived late, but I come bearing good tidings. The freshers are finally getting their laptops!

Karan Hiranandani October 4, 20173:23 pm

Meanwhile, Fuel RC is underway right outside the 13th Block. This might be one of the few chances you get to hang around alone outside the 13th Block without feeling bad about yourself.
(P.S. The fact that Anshumanth has gone offline right now is a sheer coincidence.)

Anshumanth Rao October 4, 20173:27 pm

Techtatva Essentials: The Oreo Shake from MIT Cafeteria.

They’ve begun mass production of this beverage for the Fest crowd.

Karan Hiranandani October 4, 20173:29 pm

I mean, sure. Struggling to fit into an obese Sumo wrestler’s costume should probably convince you to lay off the Lays?

Karan Hiranandani October 4, 20173:32 pm

Anshumanth’s stint at Fuel RC was short-lived.
It was probably because of this:

Anshumanth Rao October 4, 20173:46 pm

Drawing your attention to PNP creations.

Karan Hiranandani October 4, 20173:48 pm

Gentle reminder from the Administration: Sessional exams begin next week. 🙂

Anshumanth Rao October 4, 20173:51 pm

Way to go Karan, that really helped boost the festive mood.

Anshumanth Rao October 4, 20173:55 pm

The Director has a real knack for getting good pictures-this time, he managed to get one with cartoons.

Anshumanth Rao October 4, 20174:00 pm

Upping the selfie game!

Karan Hiranandani October 4, 20174:04 pm

The dosas have now be priced Rs. 37, while the coupon is valued at Rs. 35. With the steady influx of two rupee coins into the Cafeteria, I will not be settling for a packet of Cadbury shots.

Anshumanth Rao October 4, 20174:24 pm

Running in circles chasing perm letters.

Suruchi Narang October 4, 20174:43 pm

Currently in AB1- the lonely mechanical bull.

Anshumanth Rao October 4, 20174:58 pm

It’s been a really sunny day today. Where is Informals with their water splashing when you need them?

Anshumanth Rao October 4, 20175:01 pm

“Kitna deti hai?”

Anshumanth Rao October 4, 20175:09 pm

Katniss Everdeen without (most of) the dystopia.

Suruchi Narang October 4, 20175:18 pm

We don’t take no critiques.

Anshumanth Rao October 4, 20175:29 pm

“Talk to the hand”

Anshumanth Rao October 4, 20175:32 pm

The Techathlon: Realising fiction by making up a lot of it.

Anshumanth Rao October 4, 20175:32 pm
It’s been a pleasure live-blogging today, we’ll be back on Day Two with more updates.
Until then, this is The Post, signing off.
Anshumanth Rao October 5, 20171:30 pm

Greetings MIT, we are back with our coverage of all things Techtatva and my hit-and-miss attempts at humor.

Anshumanth Rao October 5, 20171:38 pm

A shout-out to HRD for the volunteers, pictured below getting the newsletters ready. They’ll be out soon, don’t forget to grab a copy.

Anshumanth Rao October 5, 20171:41 pm

We hope you are having a great time at TechTatva, because we sure are. We would love to hear from you, about what your favorite part of the fest has been. Whatsapp us at 9148498792 to tell us and get featured on our blog and savor a brief taste of fame. (Whining, they say, and by they, I mean me, is one of the great pleasures of life. So, even if you haven’t been enjoying, drop a message telling us why you didn’t)

Anshumanth Rao October 5, 20171:44 pm

Indian roads 101.
This would still be a smoother ride than that TC road.

Karan Hiranandani October 5, 20171:46 pm

Welcome to the second day of TechTatva’17! Notwithstanding Anshumanth’s miserable attempt to get your contact details, the first day of TT’17 certainly exceeded expectations. Stay tuned as we run you through they day’s events and happenings!

Anshumanth Rao October 5, 20171:49 pm

Sssh Karan, don’t spoil it for me.

Anshumanth Rao October 5, 20171:47 pm

We hope you are having a great time at TechTatva’17, because we sure are. We would love to hear from you, about what your favorite part of the fest has been. Whatsapp us at 9148498792 to tell us and get featured on our blog and savor a brief taste of fame. (Whining, they say, and by they, I mean me, is one of the great pleasures of life. So, even if you haven’t been enjoying, drop a message telling us why you didn’t)

Karan Hiranandani October 5, 20171:57 pm

The worrying part about that vintage being set free on the Indian roads is that limbu mirchi hanging from the bumper.

Anshumanth Rao October 5, 20172:00 pm

IC student Danish tells us his favorite part of TechTatva is going home in the afternoon and sleeping and the worst part is being too socially awkward to interact with people.
Well, Danish, have you tried hiding behind the internet and trying to forget about it? Worked for me! Sweet Dreams, thanks for messaging.
Ping us at 9148498792.

Anshumanth Rao October 5, 20172:01 pm

Why is the limbu mirchi worrying, Karan? It makes the car safer than ABS, Airbags and seat-belts combined, I’ve heard

Karan Hiranandani October 5, 20172:12 pm

The number of freshers asking for directions during TechTatva is too damn high. If only there was a map to help them navigate…


Karan Hiranandani October 5, 20172:14 pm

Do remember to collect your newsletters and dress in ethnic wear!

Anshumanth Rao October 5, 20172:25 pm

So we have driverless cars in MIT now. Someone tag Salman Khan for me please.

Karan Hiranandani October 5, 20172:30 pm

That was…

Karan Hiranandani October 5, 20172:33 pm

Meanwhile, The Manipal Conclave tickets shall be up for grabs in NLH at 5PM today.
They have promised a sumptuous lunch for Rs. 150.
And apparently, speakers as well.

Karan Hiranandani October 5, 20172:38 pm

Collect your copy of the Post’s newsletter, which are available outside NLH and IC!

Suruchi Narang October 5, 20173:02 pm

HI THERE. This is Suruchi. I’m kinda late because I was trying to look for an epic one-liner to start with. Then I realised I’m not funny, and that idea went to hell.

Omkar Pradhan October 5, 20173:03 pm

Hi. This is Omkar. I’m late because I woke up half an hour ago.

Suruchi Narang October 5, 20173:17 pm

Su-moch for non-violence.

Anshumanth Rao October 5, 20173:28 pm

Since when do food places advertise what they don’t serve as well?

Suruchi Narang October 5, 20173:36 pm

Watching my GPA drop like:

Anshumanth Rao October 5, 20173:50 pm

Problem with gifs is that I can’t tell if it’s going up or down.

Anshumanth Rao October 5, 20174:01 pm

If all the money associated with the unaccounted food tokens were collected, we wouldn’t need a Sponsorship Committee for the next TechTatva.

Suruchi Narang October 5, 20174:08 pm

My diary entry after my crush accidentally touched my hand.

Suruchi Narang October 5, 20174:19 pm

Update: my grades are on fire.

Suruchi Narang October 5, 20174:39 pm

“It’s been two days and the human to dog ratio has increased considerably.”

Suruchi Narang October 5, 20174:52 pm

Our newsletters say “Don’t Panic”. But when sessionals are a week away, it’s hard to not.

Karan Hiranandani October 5, 20174:54 pm

So we aren’t allowed to eat them, but we can harass them while they’re alive?

Karan Hiranandani October 5, 20174:56 pm

Fuel RC is underway at the Quadrangle! Judging by the number of photographers there, if you wish to get your display picture clicked, do make way to AB-1.

Suruchi Narang October 5, 20175:04 pm

Anshumanth has ditched me for food, yet again.

Karan Hiranandani October 5, 20175:06 pm

I wouldn’t be too hard on Anshumanth-seeing that Suruchi can’t move around with her broken foot.

Karan Hiranandani October 5, 20175:14 pm

Lame jokes are something the Post is always open to.
Suruchi once dropped her phone and heard a crack. Luckily enough, it was just her leg.

Karan Hiranandani October 5, 20175:19 pm

Could we call this the Sumo-final round?

Suruchi Narang October 5, 20175:21 pm

Karan, one question: why do mechanical engineering guys struggle to make conversation with a girl?

Karan Hiranandani October 5, 20175:24 pm

This will go down as one of those moments when Suruchi tried to crack a joke, but ended up cracking her leg.
The MIT Post, ladies and gentlemen, ensuring that TechTatva’17 gets efficient coverage.

Karan Hiranandani October 5, 20175:23 pm

Fuel RC is underway at the Quadrangle! Judging by the number of photographers there, if you wish to get your display picture clicked, do make your way to AB-1.

Anshumanth Rao October 5, 20175:28 pm

So many jokes on her broken leg, Karan. I don’t think you would have had any content if she hadn’t fallen down those stairs.

Karan Hiranandani October 5, 20175:36 pm

Day 2 of TechTatva’17 has been great. With broken legs and banned beef, we’ve been really impressed with the progress of the fest so far. As TechTatva’17 approaches its business end, there is a marked increase in the excitement, A shoutout to everybody who has been messaging us about the happenings in and around our campus. If you do spot something interesting, do send us a message on 9920769733. Stay tuned tomorrow! This is Karan Hiranandani, signing off.
(Edit: I am not going offline because I do not have a suitable reply to Anshumanth’s previous message.)

Sriya Koduru October 6, 20171:52 pm

Hello, MIT! This is Sriya. Welcome to Day Three of TechTatva’17. Today is T-Shirt Day, or as we like to call it, ‘an excuse to put no thought into your attire’.
Stay tuned for more updates and some friendly banter.

Sriya Koduru October 6, 20172:05 pm

A Q-ueue for the T-ee.

Grab your TT Tee today!

Sriya Koduru October 6, 20172:26 pm

One thing, t-w-o say, three words- Newsletter is out!

If you thought The Post’s sense of humor couldn’t get any lamer, prepare to be pleasantly surprised.
Get your own copy from the Postmen/Postwomen in your vicinity.

Sriya Koduru October 6, 20172:50 pm

Think N Bid by Bizzmaestro is helping college students with their decision-making, one catastrophe at a time.
But with sessionals coming up in a week, maybe we should keep all our options open?

Sriya Koduru October 6, 20173:07 pm

To get through the maze that is AB-5, perhaps flying is your best bet.

Sriya Koduru October 6, 20173:21 pm

The Post’s newsletter: Entertainment and Practicality.
So if you need a convenient makeshift umbrella, we’ve got you covered.

Sriya Koduru October 6, 20173:34 pm

In other news, VSO has taken up the Herculean task of fixing the roads near Syndicate Circle.
Let’s hope taking an auto to INOX will no longer be like a bumpy rollercoaster ride.

Karan Hiranandani October 6, 20173:53 pm

Meanwhile, the rain has begun to play spoilsport at TechTatva’17. Much needed respite for the participants and the photographers, who desperately needed something new for the Candid series.

Karan Hiranandani October 6, 20174:09 pm

As part of their social initiative, RedX has brought a number of students from Primary School to familiarise them with the basics of a computer. TechTatva’17 may be MIT’s Tech fest, but the social work done by clubs like RedX is what makes this fest so beautiful

Suruchi Narang October 6, 20174:18 pm

Lady Gaga’s Poker Face is playing at IC.
Like I really needed the reminder that 2008 was nine years ago. 🙄

Suruchi Narang October 6, 20174:24 pm

Very few takers for the lonely mechanical bull at AB1.
World – 1, mechanical engineers – 0.

Suruchi Narang October 6, 20174:27 pm

Very few takers for the lonely mechanical bull at AB1.
World – 1, Mechanical Engineers – 0.

Suruchi Narang October 6, 20174:31 pm

Breakfast of champions at the Sci-Fi quiz.

Sriya Koduru October 6, 20174:40 pm

If Ecography by Energia promoted a different kind of green altogether, their event might have indeed been lit.

Karan Hiranandani October 6, 20174:42 pm

Everybody seems to have taken it seriously when the administration asked students to stay away from red meat.

Sriya Koduru October 6, 20174:55 pm

Dear Manipal, we aren’t Pitbull, please do not let it rain over us.

Suruchi Narang October 6, 20175:07 pm

The laptop outside NLH gets a makeover everyday, meanwhile the first years haven’t even received theirs.

Suruchi Narang October 6, 20175:44 pm

And that’s a wrap for day 3 of Techtatva ’17. With a day devoid of sunshine, the rain tried put a damper on the activities but to no avail.

Stay tuned for the final day of Techtatva tomorrow! This is Suruchi Narang, signing off.

Karan Hiranandani October 7, 20176:17 pm

Welcome to the live coverage of The Manipal Conclave. For the next two hours, we will be bringing you updates from The Conclave as a star-studded list of speakers prepares to address an audience which has filled the Library Auditorium to the brim

Karan Hiranandani October 7, 20176:23 pm

In attendance, we have quite a list of luminaries-Dr. B. H, V. Pai, Prof. Maddodi and Pravin Shetty. The President of the Student Council, Darshan Nandekar the Convener for TechTatva’17 have accompanied the above-mentioned luminaries to light the lamp.

Karan Hiranandani October 7, 20176:24 pm

The Manipal Conclave has been organised to near perfection. Such has been the attention to every detail that the organisers have also placed people in the audience to ask questions in case of an awkward silence.
Not all heroes wear capes.

Karan Hiranandani October 7, 20176:31 pm

And our first speaker is on the floor!
Mr. Sachin Chaturvedi has set the ball rolling. The former global justice fellow at the Macmillan Centre for international affairs at Yale University has decided to begin his talk by talking about the economic growth of developing nations

Karan Hiranandani October 7, 20176:33 pm

“When is research responsible? How do we make researchers responsible?”
It is interesting to see the excited faces of CSE students and the befuddled faces of Mechanical Engineering students when research topics were brought up.

Karan Hiranandani October 7, 20176:38 pm

“We are trying to promote solar energy in a country where we can’t produce solar cells on a large scale. We used to have a lead when it came to semiconductors a few years ago. Where has that lead gone?”
While Mr. Chaturvedi’s approach towards development is starkly different and, to a certain extent, quite logical, the environmentalists sitting in the audience have begun wasting paper by furiously scribbling questions.

Karan Hiranandani October 7, 20176:43 pm

Listening to such a well-versed speech on economics and development during an engineering college’s Techfest is only possible at the Conclave.
Ah, Manipal

Karan Hiranandani October 7, 20176:43 pm

Listening to such a well-versed speech on economics and development during an engineering college’s Techfest is only possible at the Conclave.
Ah, Manipal

Karan Hiranandani October 7, 20176:45 pm

“India is one of the largest providers of generic drugs.”

Karan Hiranandani October 7, 20176:59 pm

Calling that speech informative would be an understatement. The tradition lives on as Mr. Chaturvedi is asked to sign the Conclave memento and place it on the Conclave wall.
Mr. Chaturvedi was also presented with a TechTatva’17 t-shirt
(we have confirmed that the spellings were cross-checked.)

Karan Hiranandani October 7, 20177:00 pm

Our second speaker for the evening is Mr. Yug Mohit Chaudhary. The Yeats scholar chose to begin his speech by addressing the elephant in the room-his opposition to the death penalty.

Karan Hiranandani October 7, 20177:02 pm

“How do we know what is right? Morality? Government? We know for a fact that the Government is not the same thing as morality.”
Applause breaks across the room, because we love to oppose the party we have elected into power.

Karan Hiranandani October 7, 20177:08 pm

“As we grow up, the intellectual nourishment we receive robs us of our intellectual autonomy. We receive these ideals without much of an option. However, when you come to a college as diverse as this, those ideas are thrown out of the window. We can’t deal with it. We need intellectual autonomy. Ponder over this, and now tell me: Why should we support the Death Penalty?”
And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how you prove a point.

Karan Hiranandani October 7, 20177:14 pm

“The Death Penalty is the most pre-planned of all murders. Cold-blooded and remorseless, it makes no sense that a punishment imitates the action. How can killing a person show that killing is wrong?”
This is what makes The Conclave so beautiful. The reaction of the crowd suggests that people are divided. Unification through Diversity has to be The Conclave’s tagline the next year.

Karan Hiranandani October 7, 20177:17 pm

“Studies over the world have shown that the death penalty is not a better deterrent than life imprisonment. In fact, India has shown the exact opposite.”
Why is India always a statistical exception?

Karan Hiranandani October 7, 20177:19 pm

“Death penalty promotes the act it is supposed to deter.”
To be fair, we are punished for failing end-semester exams with another exam.

Karan Hiranandani October 7, 20177:22 pm

“The murder rate has gone down significantly since the death penalty has been abolished.”
Erm, seeing that death penalty contributed to the murder rate, that does make sense.

Karan Hiranandani October 7, 20177:25 pm

“Kasab was kept alive, and he wanted biryani. The Government feels that this puts a huge burden on the taxpayer.”
Seeing that three to four people are sentenced to death every year, a few biryanis seems to be more taxing on the hips of the prisoner than the wallet of the taxpayer.

Karan Hiranandani October 7, 20177:30 pm

“When a prisoner is taken into custody, he is sentenced to death instantly. There is no due process of law or any procedure to determine who makes the final call on his death sentence.”
I have found Mr. Chaudhary’s speech really intriguing, but I am struggling to agree with Mr. Chaudhary’s claims. Why can’t there be a due process of law to determine a death sentence? With a constitution as detailed as ours, is it not possible to define a degree of crime?

Karan Hiranandani October 7, 20177:31 pm

“Anything we don’t like is anti-national.”
My word, the applause that sentence is received is worrying.

Karan Hiranandani October 7, 20177:32 pm

Meanwhile, the organisers have signalled Mr. Chaudhary to wrap up his speech.
The MIT Post, ladies and gentlemen, reporting everything important at the Conclave.

Karan Hiranandani October 7, 20177:34 pm

Would you believe it? The floor has been opened for discussion and we already have a question. Our first two speakers have created quite a stir already.

Karan Hiranandani October 7, 20177:35 pm

Mr. Chaudhary has been asked about the most difficult case he has tackled.
“It was the case of a man who was convicted of killing, raping, and eating 16 human victims.”
Should I be worried that a certain portion of the audience didn’t cringe?

Karan Hiranandani October 7, 20177:43 pm

“Punishment has no closure. If my family, or even my dog, was killed, killing the perpetrator will not abate the grief felt by me.”
Isn’t closure something which is different for every person?

Karan Hiranandani October 7, 20177:45 pm

Our next speaker is Mr. Sharad Sagar. He certainly caught the attention of the crowd with his accent and the Mighty Mighty MIT tag.

Karan Hiranandani October 7, 20177:47 pm

“I turned down a Masters degree in this small college called Harvard to continue working with children. Many a time, I also visited the other MIT.”
other MIT. He knows how to cater to his audience.

Karan Hiranandani October 7, 20177:52 pm

“In 1947, we were called an unnatural nation. We had diversity in terms of religion and language. But we succeeded. We’re maturing as a nation.”
Give us a few years, and the other MIT will have an updated location.

Karan Hiranandani October 7, 20177:55 pm

Mr. Sagar has certainly managed to catch the attention of almost everybody in the room.

Karan Hiranandani October 7, 20178:01 pm

“The problems faced by the startup culture in India are opportunities rather than hindrances. India innovates. We even write codes in cubicles.”
Presence of toilet paper in cubicles is an indication of the rapid westernisation sweeping this country.

Karan Hiranandani October 7, 20178:05 pm

“What do we have to do to ensure that a group of few beautiful boys are not called out for roasting a few people?”
Ah, the smile on a certain speaker’s face, currently present in the hall, was louder than the ripple of applause that followed.

Karan Hiranandani October 7, 20178:09 pm

“We are fighting a battle of low standards in the country. We had candidates in 2015 contesting elections and promising that we will turn up to office daily and not steal money. We cannot be a nation that gives excuses, we must be a nation that must give solutions.”
This seems to be beautiful song, because Mr. Sagar is certainly striking the right chords.

Karan Hiranandani October 7, 20178:11 pm

“When Satya Nadella became CEO, it was a great achievement for India. It is evidence that quality engineers are not only found in IITs.”
The way to an MITian’s heart is by mentioning Satya Nadella and his relation to MIT.

Karan Hiranandani October 7, 20178:18 pm

You want to know what Realising Fiction is?
A 12 year old boy whose primary source of education was home-schooling, ends up in the Forbes 30 under 30 list.
Mr Sagar, take a bow!

Karan Hiranandani October 7, 20178:25 pm

Our next speaker is the brains behind AIB’s infamous placement video.
Mr. Girish Narayandass, ladies and gentlement.
I don’t think I need to describe the reaction of the audience when he started his speech with an ‘Honest placements’ reference.

Karan Hiranandani October 7, 20178:27 pm

“Tu Mechanical mein hai. Tu Core mein jayega.
Ten companies rejected me for the right reasons.”
Is it too late to request a stream change?

Karan Hiranandani October 7, 20178:29 pm

“How are you sure you’ll get marks?”

“The Professor in charge of the project likes me.”
How does it feel to be a girl in Mechanical Engineering.

Karan Hiranandani October 7, 20178:31 pm

“I got into AIB when I took a break from Advertising.”
What is thing thing about breaks? Rachel took a break from Ross and ended up at Bloomingdale’s
or was she on a break?

Karan Hiranandani October 7, 20178:35 pm

Priyansha: How did you get into Copywriting from Engineering?
I have an uneasy feeling that I should be paying additional attention to this answer.

Karan Hiranandani October 7, 20178:39 pm

Priyansha: What is your favourite story from your engineering college?
Girish: I had a group of gulf friends. We never attended college by becoming an organiser for fests. Organisers for fests always got free attendance. I even offered to make up a fest just to become an organiser.

If the lights in the auditorium were slightly brighter, we would have been able to get pictures of the deep red faces of all the organisers.

Karan Hiranandani October 7, 20178:42 pm

Priyansha: How’s the work atmosphere at AIB?
Girish: Peach and Champ are our HR Head and Khamba’s keep fighting. Champ has almost been hired. I think we bother Champ a lot. He just sits in a corner quietly and we just keep troubling him.

I can’t help but think that the dog bears a greater likeness to a mechanical engineer that Girish

Karan Hiranandani October 7, 20178:44 pm

“There is no stage in life when you can stop learning. The fact that creativity can’t be taught is a misconception. I started writing when I was 23 years old.”
Well, I think he did decently well for himself.

Karan Hiranandani October 7, 20178:47 pm

“My friend Rohan had an eidetic memory in college. He even remembered the middle name of the scientist who derived the formula, while we never even remembered the formula. Rohan used to be like, “Nahi yaar” “
There is always one in every group.

Karan Hiranandani October 7, 20178:51 pm

What was your first impression of Tanmay?
“My first impression of him was weird-because he had assumed that I was already working for him. They are workaholics, and I admire that about him. But I had to convince him to make me sign an employment letter.”

Ha. Convincing people to sign an appointment letter. Mechanical Engineers will relate.

Karan Hiranandani October 7, 20178:54 pm

Audience: What do you think is more difficult? Convincing your parents that you want to do something different, or convincing yourself?
Girish: I mean, it depends on your parents.

Karan Hiranandani October 7, 20178:56 pm

The first person in the audience who asked a question got a signed poster of Girish Narayandass
These are important announcements which should be publicised very carefully.

Karan Hiranandani October 7, 20178:57 pm

“If we start getting scared about the parodies we do, what is the point? We laughed out the entire Modi issue at work.”
I can safely say that we all relate.

Karan Hiranandani October 7, 20179:00 pm

Everybody who asks a question is getting a signed poster!

Karan Hiranandani October 7, 20179:03 pm

If you job involves writing, it has a creative aspect too, right? Doesn’t going to office every day make it monotonous?
“Work takes priority. You need to be disciplined and work without complaining.”
Sigh, the placed students are beginning to feel better now.

Karan Hiranandani October 7, 20179:05 pm

Much to the disappointment of a few students in the audience, the organising committee has run out of posters, and hence, no more questions will be entertained.

Karan Hiranandani October 7, 20179:07 pm

That’s a wrap for today’s session of The Manipal Conclave. With a wide variety of speakers catering to a number of topics, the audience could not have found a better way to spend their saturday evening.
This is Karan, signing off. See you tomorrow!

Anshumanth Rao October 8, 20179:57 am

We’re back with the Conclave Liveblog, or waiting to be back anyway. Forty minutes past the scheduled start and we’re still looking at a deserted stage. With the lineup that we have today though, the event promises to be worth the wait.

Rhitam Dutta October 8, 201710:12 am

The Manipal Conclave has finally started with Dr. Atal Gurtu as the first speaker. The average IQ of the room just shot up as the CERN Scientist stepped in!

Anshumanth Rao October 8, 201710:21 am

“Humans do science to satisfy our innate curiosity.”

Curiosity might have killed the cat, but it’s giving humans a life worth living.

Anshumanth Rao October 8, 201710:26 am

Marconi transmitted signals across the Atlantic in 1896.

And we can’t even get Ion in AB5!

Rhitam Dutta October 8, 201710:30 am

“Imaginary numbers are used to describe and implement real electrical circuits.”

Who would’ve thought something that doesn’t exist could change our lives so much!

Anshumanth Rao October 8, 201710:34 am

Science is used to develop high technology, and the technology is further used to make new scientific discoveries, says Dr Gurtu, explaining how Lasers lead to the discovery of gravitational waves.

This is the positive feedback loop that keeps our world running!

Rhitam Dutta October 8, 201710:39 am

He now describes the method used to detect and prove the existence of gravitational waves a year back.

Yet not everyone seems to be feeling the pull of the speech as some of them catch up on night’s sleep.

Anshumanth Rao October 8, 201710:43 am

“Some are wise beyond their years, some die stupid”

With sessionals looming, many in the audience are probably scared about the latter happening.

Anshumanth Rao October 8, 201710:46 am

“If one enjoys their work, it makes for a good life irrespective of the money one makes”, he says, before acknowledging that it is somewhat more complicated than that.

I feel only those who make lots of money would say that.

Anshumanth Rao October 8, 201710:50 am

The forum opens to audience questions.

“What is your prediction about when we’ll get the first quantum computer?”

Prediction of such things cannot be done, he replies.

That’s the mark of real knowledge, acknowledging the limits of what one can comment on.

Rhitam Dutta October 8, 201710:55 am

The audience asks about his experiences and challenges at CERN.

“Leading a team of scientists in a world renowned institution was very daunting and listening to other people is the first step towards leadership”, he says.

Anshumanth Rao October 8, 201710:58 am

Next up is MIT’s own professor, Superhuman Ganesh Nayak.

He starts by talking about the ancient wall paintings near the Tibetian border. Thousand years old and the vivid intricacy is still a sight to behold. Meanwhile, some of our cities can’t build roads that last for half a monsoon.

Anshumanth Rao October 8, 201710:54 am

“If one enjoys their work, it makes for a good life irrespective of the money one makes”, he says, before acknowledging that it is somewhat more complicated than that.
I feel only those who make lots of money would say that.

Anshumanth Rao October 8, 201711:02 am

Learning about the thousands of miles Professor Nayak has cycled through the toughest of terrains, sometimes without shelter, food or water, the fifteen-minute walk to an 8 AM class suddenly doesn’t seem so bad.

Rhitam Dutta October 8, 201711:03 am

A video shows Ganesh Nayak cycling through an immense storm. With no food and shelter, silly jokes and taunts got his team through.

Anshumanth Rao October 8, 201711:08 am

Ganesh Nayak remembers the time one message from a cycling companion changed his life.
“Come to Iceland”
Say it, three words and I’m yours.

Rhitam Dutta October 8, 201711:16 am

Good to have a plan before any journey but never really works out, says Ganesh Nayak describing his ventures on Iceland.

The same goes for my plans to study for the upcoming sessional.

Anshumanth Rao October 8, 201711:20 am

“On the road, I feel the need to connect with random strangers and trust them with my life. I don’t see this happening in life, this is the importance of adventure for me”, Ganesh Nayak concludes.

I suppose strangers aren’t strangers once you know them.

Anshumanth Rao October 8, 201711:23 am

“How do you ensure your safety when you’re on these adventures?” an audience member asks.

It comes with experience, Nayak replies. need experience to stay safe and you can’t stay safe without experience. How does that work?

Rhitam Dutta October 8, 201711:24 am

“Plans for your next adventure”, the audience asks.

“Depends on what email I get this December”, he replies.

Rhitam Dutta October 8, 201711:34 am

Poorvaprabha Patil, 2nd year MBBS student at KMC, takes the stage. A representative for India at the United Nations, Patil brings to the stage the story of her life with all its ups and downs.

Anshumanth Rao October 8, 201711:36 am

Patil opens up about the time when she was sexually abused, at the age of six.
Six, an age at which she couldn’t even understand what abuse was. The audience listens in stunned silence.

This is something people don’t talk about and consider taboo. It is imperative we understand that this only adds to the problem, pushing the victims deeper into the shadows.

Rhitam Dutta October 8, 201711:46 am

Good to have a plan before any journey but never really works out, says Ganesh Nayak describing his ventures on Iceland.

The same goes for my plans to study for the upcoming sessional.

Anshumanth Rao October 8, 201711:48 am

Poorvaprabha Patil has risen above the challenges thrown at her. Despite everything, she is still standing.

“Live life not only for yourself but for everyone around you”

Anshumanth Rao October 8, 201711:52 am

“I was up till four writing my speech but I’m still not done. Man, this feels like sessionals he says” , eliciting hoots and applause. Dressed in casuals and chappals, film critic Tanul Thakur connects with his audience within minutes.

Anshumanth Rao October 8, 201711:56 am

Mild expletives are scattered throughout this lively speech.

It’s a good thing Pahlaj Nihalani is not one of the speakers, he would probably have shut the whole thing down.

Anshumanth Rao October 8, 201711:59 am

“We are not our grades or salaries. We’re not just engineers or doctors or writers. We are ourselves. We are incredibly complex people. We drown everything else with our labels”

Anshumanth Rao October 8, 201712:03 pm

“I graduated engineering with honours, humblebrag, but it was all a sham, I wasn’t interested in engineering”.
The screen still shows “You are your grades”.
Will everyone please stop reminding me that I really should be studying right now?

Anshumanth Rao October 8, 201712:07 pm

“DoI really want to spend all my life working 9-5 at a job I didn’t love. I was a sham, I wasn’t happy, I didn’t love my job”

The fourth years celebrating their job placements must be questioning their happiness now.

Rhitam Dutta October 8, 201712:09 pm

University of Illinois, where Tanul Thakur studied, tested original thinking rather than making their students cram formulas. They were also allowed to bring their smartphones and books to the examinations.

And yet Indians wonder why our students don’t get Nobel Prizes.

Rhitam Dutta October 8, 201712:09 pm

University of Illinois, where Tanul Thakur studied, tested original thinking rather than making their students cram formulas. They were also allowed to bring their smartphones and books to the examinations.

And yet we why our students don’t get Nobel Prizes.

Anshumanth Rao October 8, 201712:13 pm

“People live their lives doing nothing but complain. We need to shut up and do something about it.”

Anshumanth Rao October 8, 201712:15 pm

One of the lies we’ve been told is that there is just one definition of success, that it is already defined.
Throw away your dictionaries, people.

Rhitam Dutta October 8, 201712:21 pm

“Life becomes incredibly simple when people only focus on their essentials.”

Anshumanth Rao October 8, 201712:22 pm

“I’m doing what I do because I want to write. I want to write one sentence. I’m not looking for readers. I will be happy even if I resonate with one person.”
He also told us to do things for ourselves. Earlier in the day, we were told to do things for others. So confused!

Rhitam Dutta October 8, 201712:22 pm

“Life becomes incredibly simple when people only focus on the essential.”

Anshumanth Rao October 8, 201712:24 pm

We’ve had food for thought, now it’s time for actual food. With life stories, inspiration, revelation, and life lessons, The Conclave ended TechTatva 2017 on a high note. It has been a great fest, we hope you’ve had a great time. This is The Post, signing off.

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