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TechTatva’16: Fuel RC 5.0

Fuel RC was an event for all those whose gears are set in motion by the smell of nitrous fuel and the sound of a roaring engine. TechTatva’16’s featured event lived up to its hype and the organizers managed to pull off four well-organised rounds, despite a few speed-bumps. With four events spread across two days Fuel RC in its fifth edition looked better than ever.

Time Attack
Navaneeth Ganesh                                                                                                                                                                   

For an event titled Time Attack, the tournament starting a good hour and a half late was both ironic and unfortunate. But once it did, the event had all the students flocking to the 13th block stretch on hearing the engines’ roars. The organizers had done a good job of publicizing and promoting the event as was evident by the large number of outstation participants.

In Time Attack, cars were made to overcome obstacles as they raced against the clock. Points were given based on parameters like time clocked and number of obstacles knocked over.  Being the first event of the featured category, a certain level of inertia was expected, but the rest of the event went on very smoothly, concluding well in time for the next event to take place on the very same track.


PC: Photography and Videography Dept.

Karan Hiranandani                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

Organised on the stretch adjacent to 13th Block, Burnout was Fuel RC’s classic Drag race. With two participants going up against each other under the evening stars and the LED lights, the music blaring from the speakers was tamed by the roaring engines. Such was the enthusiasm of all the participants that if one wasn’t alert enough, the RC cars were bound to run over one’s foot.

Similar to a classic drag race, two cars went up against each other for a distance of 150-200 meters. Each participant contested in multiple races, and was given points based on his performance. Fortunately, rain did not play spoilsport as the event began with a minor twenty-minute delay. Almost fifteen teams turned up, which qualifies as a good number. “We’ve tried to introduce a new points system, which makes the race fair for the underdogs. We’ve got almost 10-15 participants coming all the way from Mumbai, Pune and Coimbatore, so we’re happy with the turnout and hope that it all goes well”, said Yohaan Markose, the Event head of Burnout.

A substantial amount of spectators watched from the sidelines, but the numbers soon dwindled as arguments between participants and organizers caused frequent delays between the races. Seeing that these arguments are part and parcel of every RC event, all-credits to the organizers for pulling off this event without any technical glitches and injured legs.

Picture credits: The Photography and Videography Department

PC: Photography and Videography Dept.

Karan Hiranandani                                                                                                                                                                    

Stuntmania had the RC cars flying, briefly. With ramps and loops set up in the sylvan Quadrangle, the RC cars  had all the spectators thronging the AB-1 corridors, staring in awe. Arguably, one of the most hyped events of TechTatva’16, Stuntmania attracted prominent members of the teaching faculty, including the Director of MIT as well.

The whole of AB-1’s Quadrangle was a part of an ingenious track designed by the organizers. The track was riddled with ramps, speed breakers and a 360 degree loop. Each team was allotted a specific amount of time, and they had to take on as many obstacles as they could within the time limit. Most of the cars managed to make the jump, however, very few had a soft landing. Clearly a photographer’s paradise, as every turn, ramp, and loop was patrolled by a photographer.

The event may have started half an hour late, but it proceeded without major hiccups. In the end, the event did justice to the hype built around it. The teaching faculty and the Director of the institution were all smiles as another one of TechTatva’16’s featured event ticked all the boxes.


PC: Photography and Videography Dept.

Manipal GP
Karan Hiranandani                                                                                                                                                                  

Probably due to its untimely schedule, the supposedly biggest event of Fuel RC couldn’t quite recreate the magic of Stuntmania. While the latter had the Director of MIT and Vice Chancellor in attendance, the audience for the Grand Prix was mainly organizers and volunteers of Fuel RC. The stress of organizing the three-day event probably got to the organizers as was evident by the continuous miscommunication and discrepancies that ensued. The event began late and further delays in between races didn’t help, making it an  irritable experience for everyone.

The races, when they did commence, were a sight to behold. Four cars racing each other on one beautifully constructed track with participants and organizers running after them-to make sure they didn’t lose time when they overturned-was one of the best displays of enthusiasm in TechTatva. After four intense rounds, Manipal GP brought an end to the supercharged category that was Fuel RC 5.0.


PC: Photography and Videography Dept.