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TechTatva’16: Constructure

This category provided an opportunity for participants to learn and apply the concepts of civil engineering. The events and workshops were designed such that students could take part in varied activities like planning, surveying, and building stronger concrete structures.

Direct-O Manipal
Sriya Koduru                                                                                                                                                            

‘Direct-O Manipal’, an event of the category ‘Constructure’ helped familiarize the participants with different instruments that are used while surveying as well as the various surveying techniques that exist. 

The first round, held on Day 1, tasked the participants with building a railway track from Point A to Point B. For over two hours, the fifteen teams were glued to their sheets as they competed for their spot among the final five. The participants thought the event was interesting. The participating teams were judged based on their ability to maximize space, minimize wastage, and utilize the given resources in a sustainable manner 


PC: The Photography and Videography Dept.

The second round required the teams to go through four challenging tasks that called for skill, teamwork, and composure. Participants barely had time to bat an eyelid as they struggled to finish first. A workshop conducted on the use of surveying instruments prior to the event helped the teams navigate through the task with ease. These tasks included the use of different types of surveying instruments such as the chain and tape, and a prismatic compass.

After every task, one team was eliminated based on the margin of error in their measurements while for teams with the same percentage of error, the time taken was considered. Although the concept of surveying was new to a lot of freshmen, the organizing team of Constructure did a splendid job of explaining each and every aspect of their event. Their friendly demeanor allowed the event to sail smoothly with no sign of technical difficulties.

Metropolis Wizard
Tejas Umesh                                                                                                                                                  

Considering that the event debuted this year, the Co-Event Head Amrita was clearly satisfied with the turnout. The event was conducted in two rounds, the first being a written test with the help of an audio/visual aid. The participants were permitted to use their calculators.

PC: Shiprak Sinha

Later, the visual round was conducted wherein the participants were subjected to an ‘identify the picture’ game. The general feedback from the participants was quite positive.

Ishita Pandey                                                                                                                                                                   

‘Conkreation’, a five year old venture under the category Constructure, was a technical bonanza. It was a laborious affair for both the mind and the body as the participants were required to cast concrete blocks. The event was divided into two rounds. In the first round, the participants had to cast a concrete block according to the given situation so that the block could resist the conditions of the area that it was being casted in. They had to estimate the correct amount of water, coarse aggregate, fine aggregate (sand), and cement through calculations. Sonali Singh, an organizer, pointed out, “We had workshops for this, and people who attended it would find it easy while others may struggle, for it is not easy. It is on par with a technical fest.”

The blocks were made by the participants, but were set and cured by the organizers. The next round of the event involved testing the fabricated block for their strength, and a viva by the reputed professors of the Civil Engineering Department. The blocks were tested on the Universal Compression Testing machine, and the one to withstand the maximum load were declared winners. Explaining the objective of this event, the Event Head, Tapo Basu said, “Conkreation began as a vision to enlighten people about the inevitable element of any structure, that is, concrete. Earlier, structures, such as the Taj Mahal, were carved out of stones and they are undoubtedly resilient, but stones are costly. To make it economical, concrete began to be used.”  


PC: The Photography and Videography Dept.

‘Conkreation’ was a taxing event as it demanded knowledge of various types of materials and suitable proportion of components that were required to cast the concrete block. The participants toiled hard to cast a perfect block, as they worked towards their goal to win. It was an important lesson for all young architects who look forward to designing structural marvels.

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