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TechTatva ’22—Investigar


Battle of Tycoons

Aprajita Singh | Staff Writer 

The premise for Battle of Tycoons was an intriguing one.  Amidst a crisis, people needed to be evacuated via airlifts. Teams of 2-3 participants had to bid for aircraft parts in an attempt to design aircrafts that would perform the operation. The first round was centered around designing a civilian aircraft, and the second round was for a defence craft.

An added challenge was that the aircraft parts being bought had to be compatible with each other. For instance, the engine of a Boeing 737 could not work with the propeller of a seaplane. Therefore, bids had to be calculated and made cleverly. It was an incredibly fun event, with many lively bids echoing across the room at all times. The one hitch in the event was that at times the offer prices for parts got out of hand, and it had the teams bidding into the millions for a minor, cheap cog.

The performance of the team was judged on cost efficiency, fuel efficiency, stability and ease of maneuvering the aircraft design. The first place was secured by Dyutit, the second place by Pratham, Imaad, and Priyan, and the third place by Suhas, Hritesh, and Surya. “Although the event did not have a lot of participation, it was a good event with a smooth run,” Ujjwal, a CC quoted. In all, Investigar was a wildly engaging event that was fun from the get-go.

Participants busy analysing their options.

Paper Presentation

Ajitha | Staff Writer 

Good presentations make the presenter look smart, but great presentations make the audience feel smart. Paper Presentation was an event that illustrated this beautifully. Held in the MV Seminar Hall, it provided a  platform for budding researchers to hone the art of presenting technical papers. Enthusiastic students across departments such as Mechanical, Chemical and Computer Science presented papers that were both educational and interesting. Some of the research papers had been authored by the presenters themselves, and served as an impressive example of the research ecosystem harboured by the students here.

The first round covered presentations related to the Mechanical and Aeronautical domains. Some of the topics included discussions on the use of methane and kerosene as rocket propellent, and liquid hydrogen as an alternative fuel source. The consecutive rounds had papers in the fields of Chemistry, Biochemistry and Computer Science.

Post every presentation, participants were questioned by the judges to analyse the depth of knowledge each presenter had about the paper they chose to present.  “As engineers we should focus on our soft skills by learning more about how people perceive us. Even kids who are really good at coming up with new, modern machine designs find it challenging to communicate their ideas to a large group, and initiatives such as organising paper work events will help them overcome their difficulties”, said Thara Ma’am, a judge at the event.

Every presentation was unique and brought a lot to the table. The best presentations were ranked from one to three for every department. Koena Manji, Nilabha Das, Kanak, Shaksham Mamthani and Yashwanth secured the first place. Karthik Prabhu, Anway Das, Suchetna, Erina, and Anushka were the first runner ups. Shashwanth, Saurabh, Mihir, and Sanskruti were the second runner ups. Every participant put up a great show, and at the end of the day, the audience gained a vast amount of knowledge spanning multiple domains.

The problem is presented to the audience.

Image Credits: Photography and Videography, TechTatva’22

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