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TechTatva ’19—Bizzmaestro

Think And Bid

Janmejay Chakravarty | Staff Writer

In a fest that was dominated by technical acumen, Think and Bid by Bizzmaestro came like a breath of fresh air to the participants. Revolving around the central idea of an auction, Think and Bid spanned over two rounds in as many days. The first round of the event, held on Day 3, was a written test focusing on the participant’s logical and analytical abilities, rather than an actual auction. It involved teams of two, solving riddles, guessing logos of famous brands, and, in a novel touch, guessing MRP prices of various products. The event saw good participation, with a total of 16 teams turning up for the first round of the event. From this, ten teams were selected for the second round, where they competed against each other in a real auction. The first stage saw the teams bidding for companies, and with each company, they received a problem that the company was facing. Through the auction, they had to buy the necessary products that would help them solve their problems and make the company successful again.

After the first stage of the second round, one team was disqualified as they couldn’t buy a company, and the remaining teams went ahead with the auction. The products had been divided into three categories, each catering to the needs of the companies to solve some specific issues. For added excitement, the auction also featured some “Mystery Products”, which were revealed after they had been sold. By the end of the auction, most companies’ wallets had run dry of the initial Rs. 250 crores that they had started off with.

The third stage of the round involved each company coming up and giving a small presentation to the judges, explaining their purchases and detailing their plan to utilize their newly acquired resources. The event delivered as per expectations and is surely one to feature in the TechTatva lineup in the coming years.

Money Tracker

Mehr Chawla | Staff Writer

Money tracker, an event organized by Bizz Maestro on the last two days of Tech Tatva was one of the enlisted go-to events for anyone who got a thrill out of business and stocks. The first round consisted of an hour-long test based on aptitude, logical and reasoning abilities. What set this round apart from other events was the fact that it also incorporated a set of “psyche” questions wherein the contestants were getting judged on the basis of their ethics while practising business.

The next round consisted of six qualified teams, from the previous rounds, who were handed balance sheets. The contestants were given the task of carefully inspecting the provided balance sheets and check for possible sources of money laundering in the accounts of various organisations. The contestants had to go through a long process of paperwork which included cash flow, income statements and financial positions. Due to the excruciating process of going over minor details and executing intricate numerical problems, it took them a long time to properly complete the paperwork. Only a few were able to prevail by completing the paperwork on time. Nevertheless, despite the tedious mathematical nature of the competition, most of the participants had a good time and did not regret attending this event.


Mehr Chawla | Staff Writer

Another money-oriented event organised by Bizz Maestro was Manipal-o-poly. The event was divided into two rounds that were spread over the first two days of Tech Tatva. Round one comprised a general quiz that overlooked a multitude of subjects in Economics and Finance. “It is the Flagship event of the Maestro”, said Varshika Pasupuleti, one of the organisers. Round one had an expected turnout of about sixteen teams, all of which were extremely headstrong onto qualifying for round two.

Contrary to the monotonous quiz, everyone was enthusiastic and thrilled during round two. This round brought back the nostalgia of Monopoly, everyone’s favourite board game, with a twist of changing the names of the properties to Manipal’s daily locations. These locations included Aashiq Lane and other similar spots that college students frequently visit. During the game, the contestants eagerly gathered around the board and made use of the dice to get the game started on a human-sized board, which went along with the real life-sized notes, clue cards, and punishment cards. Due to the various innovative aspects of the event, all the contestants played eagerly and the event gathered a lot of spectators as well.

The Wolf Of Wall Street 

Post Staff

The only online event from this category, The Wolf of Wall Street appealed to all the stock marketing enthusiasts during TechTatva. Taking place over the four days of the fest, this event tested the intra-day as well as short-term trading skills of participants. With a starting budget, participants had to buy stocks using virtual money from the NASDAQ, which would later be added to their portfolio. At the end of the four days, the one accumulating the highest profit would win the competition.

Although the event was held online, there was a palpable sense of excitement with every rise and fall of stocks, which would reflect on the leader-board as well. Many people would buy or sell stocks in a panic, while a few others who had done their research built their portfolio beforehand. All in all, this event, in addition to being thoroughly enjoyable, gave students a fair idea of how the stock market works.


Parthiv Menon | Staff Writer

Merge-A-Lot, a new event under Bizzmaestro, garnered good participation from the students as they tried their hand out at handling businesses and mergers. The event, spread over two days, saw a few selected students who qualified the written test, appear for the final interactive session.

The written test comprised questions on famous deals made in the business world, which could be cracked by many students. The second round saw the participants divided into teams of two and assigned various companies to handle. The teams were given the account details of their companies such as profits, losses and other market details individually and asked to analyse them. They were then given time to discuss with other teams and decide what company they would merge with.

The contestants then presented their mergers in front of a panel of judges who reviewed their business deals and asked them questions on the effectiveness of the collaboration.“The event was interesting. It was basically about mergers and companies. The way they grouped us into teams was a good idea“, said one of the participants.

Being both entertaining and educational, this event gave the participants a taste of what real-life business deals feel like. It provided the perfect platform for the students of various disciplines to display their business skills in front of a panel of experienced judges.

La Publicite

Snigdha Deshmukh | Staff Writer

If you ever wanted to take part in an event that would make use of both your creativity and marketing skills, La Publicite was the perfect place to be. Participants had to rack their brains and come up with attention-grabbing slogans and logos for the products assigned to them. The participants had to randomly pick the chits which contained different topics from a bowl and come up with a catchy tagline. In the second round, they had to enact a skit about their brand for five minutes and persuade customers to buy their product.

Contestants came up with ingenious ideas to advertise their products which ranged from kids’ clothing to electronic products such as an all-in-one laptop and smartphone. It was a fun and exciting event which provided participants with an excellent avenue to learn how to pitch their ideas which would come in handy later in life.

The event heads were slightly unsatisfied with the turnout as they had expected 15 teams, but only 4 teams took part. However, the enthusiasm of the participants made up for it. They had been given challenging topics like adult diapers, lip gloss for men, and a sleeping app which would make the participants think out of the box. The organisers were a bit disappointed when the participants picked simple topics like kids’ clothing but were happy that the students made sure to make even these products look unique and interesting.

The event was well-planned, as was evident with the enormous amount of hard work put in by the organisers and volunteers behind the scenes. In the end, the participants unanimously agreed that it was challenging yet an enjoyable experience. This event gave them an opportunity to showcase their creativity and get a glimpse into the fascinating world of publicity and advertising.

Image credits: Photography and Videography, TechTatva ’19