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TechTatva ’17 — Questionable Intelligence


Adhiraj Ghosh| Sub-Editor

Unlike most events of Tech Tatva, QI, by the Literary, Debate and Quiz club of Manipal, did not test one’s technical prowess in the fields of science and technology. Rather, the category was an amalgamation of four light-hearted and enthralling events, which guaranteed high turnouts and good competition.


The organisers of Questionable Intelligence brought new blood to the Tech Tatva roster with the Techathlon.  This was an event structured to make participants think of out-of-the-box answers to the questions given to them. A semi-filled library auditorium saw the inauguration of this event, with participants ranging from MIT freshers to KMC veterans.

The preliminary round required the contestants to answer a series of varied questions, which ranged from crosswords to anagrams. Participants well versed in the world of science fiction were able to navigate the challenge. While crosswords tested the ability to recollect trivia, a round of ditloids challenged the mind’s ability to expand abbreviations. If MU means Marvel Universe to you and not Manipal University, this event was your cup of tea.

The finals were greatly enjoyed by both the audience and participants. Innovative definitions for obscure scientific terms were voted upon in a game of Psych. This was followed by a game of charades where each member had to act out a film to his teammates. Such rounds culminated to the crossword; where the competition reached its peak.

Duly satisfied with the turnout and the way the event was conducted, Ninaad Rajeev said, “The idea for the Techathlon came up after we attended a similar event at IISc’s fest and saw how fun it could be. We came back, brainstormed and figured out ten fun literary games, which could bode well for a fest like Tech Tatva.

General Quiz

After conducting a new event, it was time to revert back to the old reliables, with the General quiz scheduled for the second day of Tech Tatva 2017. This quiz notably drew the largest participation of the fest, with thirty-six registered teams eagerly awaiting the quiz in MV Seminar Hall. Students came from all around, with quizzers from PES Bangalore, NIT Surathkal, TAPMI and various colleges in Mangalore present.

Image Credits: The Photography and Videography Department

The organising committee of Questionable Intelligence called Major Chandrakant Nair to conduct the quiz. With an astronomical quantity of followers across the nation, Major is the biggest name when it comes to Indian quizzing. And this was acknowledged by the quality of questions, starting from the prelims which comprised thirty questions. From the theme song of Silicon Valley to the history of neon lights in Las Vegas, teams were spellbound by the quality of questions they had to answer.

Out of these thirty-six teams present, eight made it to the finals. The finals comprised four rounds of intense quizzing. Positions of teams were barely stagnant until the very end when the PES-MIT cross-team emerged victoriously. Ecstatic with the event, Amandeep Singh Kalsi, category head of QI, said “I saw Major in action during Revels, so I went out of my way to arrange for him to come to Manipal to host another quiz. Speaking with him gave us some great insights and feedback which will help us improve.

SciFi Quiz

If Jurassic Park and the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy inspired your childhood, then the science fiction quiz was just for you. Conducted by the organising team of Questionable Intelligence, the event received a decent amount of participation from MIT, KMC and Mangalore.

Image Credits: The Photography and Videography Department

Did you know that Shakespeare was credited to have “invented science fiction” when he wrote ‘The Tempest’? Were you aware that the opening sequences of Star Wars took the directors several days to complete the 2000 frame-long take? The preliminary round made the participants wrack their brains to answer the questions

With eight teams in the finals, the quiz became really competitive in the quest of winning. There were five rounds in the finals, with three written rounds. One of the highlights of the finals was a science fiction drugs round which dealt with the study of drugs in science fiction.

It was a fun quiz to make. We expected a lot of questions to go unanswered but that wasn’t the case; the competing teams were up for the task”, said Pranav Iyer, who also conducted the quiz. Overall, the quiz was well-conducted, with a decent turnout.

Sci-Tech-Biz Quiz 

To conclude Tech Tatva on a high, the Sci-Tech-Biz quiz had to live up to the standards set prior. This was achieved by Hem Maradia, an alumnus of NIT Surathkal, who is a regular quizzer in Karnataka.

The preliminary round comprised twenty-five questions, which spanned the entire spectrum of science, technology and business. Questions ranging from the origins of the Suez Canal to the reason behind the mannerisms of Bengali parrots were asked. Some questions were difficult and Hem ensured than adequate hints were given.

Image Credits: The Photography and Videography Department

Eight teams, in the finals, raised the level of competition and made it entertaining till the end. There was a tie between the top two teams, which was resolved by asking them six questions made on the spot. Finally, the team from Mangalore, relatively new to Manipal quizzing, emerged victorious, when asked who owns the Eden Gardens.

It was really well-conducted quiz and a great way to conclude Tech Tatva 2017”, said Shreyan Datta Chakraborty, after the quiz was over. The popularity of the events conducted by Questionable Intelligence is a positive nod towards the overall development of quizzing in Manipal.

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