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TechTatva ’16: Robowars 3.0

Nothing draws a crowd in a technical festival like the sound of metal crashing against metal. Robot wars is one of the most popular events in tech fests across the world, and Robowars 3.0 was no exception. As one of the featured events of TechTatva, it has always drawn good participation and spectators. This year’s event had loads of action which made the event as entertaining as was promised.

The first round of Robowars, while witnessing a good number of participants, did not see much action. To preserve the bots for the knockout matches, the aim of round 1 was to score points by knocking down flags placed in the corners of the arena. While the good robots cruised through the matches in this round, most of the bots failed to even move. Although this made the initial round mundane, it proceeded swiftly and efficiently.


PC: The Photography and Videography Dept.

Day 2 of Robowars is when all the action happened. Eight teams were selected from the previous round to go all out against one another in an epic clash of steel. Most of the qualifying teams were from the same college.i.e St. Joseph’s College of Engineering, Mangalore. Their internal rivalry, simmering beneath the surface of healthy competition, would soon boil over. The arrival of the director, Dr. G K Prabhu provided a brief interlude of peace, as he delivered a message for all the students with his customary grace, and even interacted with the participants.


PC: The Photography and Videography Dept.

The matches proved to be quite exciting. With the bots prepared to go all out at each other, the participants did not hold back. The teams had drawn inspiration from popular sci-fi robots, like Terminator and Atom, with the exception of the team called ‘Goli-Soda’. As the weaker teams were weeded out of the quarterfinals, the competition became even more intense. The semifinal had two rounds in each match. While the first round proved to be perhaps the most exciting round of all, with lots of action and destruction in the arena, the second round saw less of the bots and more of the participants fighting. The bots lay heavily damaged, while the rivalry between the teams threatened to lead to an all-out brawl.


PC: The Photography and Videography Dept.

The final match had only one round, lasting seven minutes. The bots, heavily damaged from previous fights, were hastily reworked in the break before the finals and made war-worthy. Five minutes into the match, the bots gave their final charge, after which it was a rather spiritless finish to the event, with team ‘Goli-Soda’ being declared the winners. While controversy dominated the final rounds, the action inside the arena outshone everything else, proving why Robowars is one of the most popular events at TechTatva.