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TechTalks- Dr. Chandan Ghosh


In the interest of exposing the student body of MIT to various dimensions of technology, TechTatva ’15 has come up with a new event to complement the already existing Manipal Conclave. Spanning over a course of over two weeks, TechTalks offers a series of talks by various well recognized, high profile and academically proficient individuals who share the knowledge they’ve gained throughout their life in the form of presentations. The whole concept behind this event is to educate students on subjects that they may not easily come across. The event, being managed by the Judges category of TechTatva, has the potential to become a great success.

Image Courtesy - Sarthak Dubey, The Photography Club

Image Courtesy – Sarthak Dubey, The Photography Club

The first TechTalk took place on Sunday, the 20th of September at 3PM inside the NLH Building. Dr. Chandan Ghosh, current Head at National Institute of Disaster Management, Delhi, Ph. D. at IIT Kharagpur, was set to talk about Disaster Management in a cost-effective manner. The talk was also attended by Dr. Vinod V. Thomas and Dr. Prabhat.

Dr. Ghosh commenced his talk with the recent example of the land collapse outside the INOX Theatre, and slowly maneuvered his way to earthquakes through various presentation slides. He was very enthusiastic and engaging since he had deep and thorough knowledge about the subject matter that he was delivering.
Having done his specialization in Earthquake Management, Dr. Ghosh spent quite a bit of time exploring various avenues of the topic. He showed us interesting statistics covering human deaths due to earthquakes from the 1930’s till date. Helpful, intuitive graphs helped the audience to easily capture whatever he talked about. The Nepal Earthquake was naturally in the limelight as the man explored a bit of technical side during his talk. Seismic waves travel at around five kilometers, he said, making it almost impossible to predict the occurrence of an earthquake for more than a few seconds beforehand. He even mentioned interesting facts about Japanese technology to combat earthquakes, like automatic braking systems, and in harsh cases, derailing of the trains present in the affected area instead of completely toppling over.
Vetiver grass, and its super cost effective power to mitigate the damage due to a range of disasters like flash floods, landslides, and forest fires along with increasing the stability of mountains, was given a lot of importance as well. The major selling point for this grass is its ability to grow about eight to ten meters deep and seven to eight feet tall within the first three months. Dr. Ghosh claims that Vetiver grass also forms a base ingredient in the perfume industry.
Liveliness was maintained throughout the hour and a half that Dr. Ghosh talked for. There were a few queries from the audience, and he answered in a very friendly and informative way. Dr. V. Thomas and Dr. Prabhat personally appreciated the efforts put into making his presentation and delivering his speech. The whole experience was certainly quite satisfactory, and it is definitely worth looking forward to more of the Talks that are yet to come.

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