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Tech Tatva’15: Metal Heads


Since its inception, Tech Tatva’15 has regaled its participants with a number of distinctive events, therein eliciting varying degrees of gratification and notoriety. The second round of ‘Metal Trace’ stood to validate the above statement and was the perfect embodiment of frugal invention. While the first round was a quick paced treasure hunt, the succeeding level mandated participants to a game of snakes and ladders with the ad-junction of metal detection.

The fairly sizable patio of the ECE department overlooking AB5’s lush green courtyard sheltered numbered columns of corrugated boxes with metal and non-metal bars propped onto them. The entire arrangement was an extensive version of snakes and ladders and the event could only accommodate two teams per slot. While one team member was dispensed with the responsibility of traversing through the game with the metal detector in hand, the other member rolled the die to determine the steps of the former’s movements. Once the die was rolled and the number of steps ascertained the participant had to deduce the nature of the object as metal or otherwise using his metal detector. The event organizers were the sole individuals aware of the whereabouts of the snakes.  As the shrilling sound of metal detectors pierced the damp atmosphere, the contenders were laced into competition and chanted their demands of a five or six to the gods of fortune above. With the help of concepts grasped from an initially organized workshop, participants had compiled their own metal detectors comprising an IC 555 Timer component and individual customization of handles and batteries. “The event was enjoyable and inventive. It helped us learn about metal detectors in an entertaining manner and also allowed us to make our own modifications to the device like using an umbrella holder for the handle and so on” said Rishabh Sinha, a freshman undergraduate of ECE department whose team emerged victors of the round.

At the end, the scores of teams from the two rounds were computed together and the winner announced. While the game was admittedly complex and had a variety of rules to adhere to, the entire affair was well coordinated and brought out the best among the participants. Metal Trace continues to be a featured event of the ‘Alacrity’ category and holds promise in the future editions of the fest.


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