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Tech Tatva’15: Building the Building Blocks

When it’s all said and done, Civil Engineering is still one of the pillars upon which modern science stands. Manipal Institute of Technology started off with Civil, and to this date, its students take pride in this fact, and rightfully so. Conkreation was one of the marquee events of the Constructure category. The event revolved around learning the process of making concrete, actually making it, and judging the strength of their product.

A workshop was held before TechTatva, where students were taught the basics of concrete production using videos and other interactive media. After the workshop, a total of 15 teams qualified to take part in the event. Round one involved teams manually making a concrete mixture, and then molding it into a block. This kind of hands on experience is what makes you truly appreciate engineering. Category Head Aniruddh Gaur mentioned how Conkreation is one of their more technical events, which generally attracts students who are truly passionate about their subject.

In round two the teams were questioned by the judges, who evaluated the teams on their knowledge of the topic and queried them on the process of making the concrete. Then the strength of their blocks was tested using a Universal Testing Machine, and the practical result found was compared to what the participants had theoretically calculated in round one. They were scored on both the judges’ evaluation of their technical know-how and the accuracy of the strength they estimated.

Category Head Aniruddh Gaur mentioned how he was happy to see more students turn up for the workshop than they expected. He also said that they had been particular about the number of teams that can qualify for the main event, because they wanted to maintain a certain level of merit.

In a world where the public’s interpretation of engineering is transitioning rapidly to just computer sciences, it is refreshing to see a room full of true civil enthusiasts, both the participants and organizers. Conkreation has been organized by the Constructure category for several years now, and it is an event that they are proud of, one that has them holding their heads up high.