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Peeking Through the Window–A Tech Talk by Miri Rodriguez

As part of their tech week—‘Hypex’, International Organization of Software Developers (IOSD), conducted a tech talk session with Miri Rodriguez, brand storyteller and global head of internship at Microsoft, on the 13th of March at the MIT KEF Research and Development Center. Rodriguez addressed all the students in the room cheerfully from Seattle, as she began talking about the journey of Microsoft as a company. She emphasized on how Microsoft expanded from being a small start-up to becoming a trillion-dollar company with 140,768 employees in 120 countries of the world.

Talking about internships, Ms Rodriguez informed the audience about the different kinds of internships offered by Microsoft and the changing landscape of the corporate world. She pointed out the fact that recruiters often look for the special qualities that a person brings to the table, rather than focusing only on their technical skills. She drove home her point by adding that empathy is a virtue that all students should imbibe in themselves as they learn the various nuances of life, together with developing their technical skills.

Miri Rodriguez engrossed the students in an informative session on internships in the corporate world

The speaker, who is also an author, answered questions from an enthusiastic audience. They enquired about the future opportunities at Microsoft, the parameters that are checked for in resumes, the scope of energy engineering in the coming times, the availability of openings for women in research, and the newer developments in AI, Cloud Data Monitoring, and Debugging. She answered all the questions in simple terms and to the students’ satisfaction. She urged the audience to connect with various kinds of people and build effective relationships with them, as it would help them in the corporate world.

The event was well organised and was attended by over forty-five enthusiastic students. “This event gave me a new perspective about how recruiters look at the applicants and about the various things to include in my resume,” said Haseeb Khalid, one of the attendees at the talk. Such informative events are a boon to students and IOSD set the right standard by including an event of such significance in their tech week.

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