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A Day for Design: IEEE’s Graphic Designing 101

Tech-Talk 1: Graphic Designing 101 was organised by IEEE SBM with the idea of imparting intermediate knowledge about essential Graphic Designing skills. The event took place on 17th September and witnessed a more than average turnout of over 80 students.

The first speaker of the evening, Omkar Pradhan, the Chief Designer at MIT’s Editorial Board. He talked about how various complex virtual world projects were brought to life when one found a connection with the real world as a graphic designer. He was successful in making a clear demarcation between art and graphic design by saying that the former is used to convey a story whereas the latter is used as a means of visual communication.

Omkar Pradhan

Vipul Mone, former Graphics Head of IEEE and the former Head of Design at The MIT Post, was the next speaker and he began his bit by introducing Adobe Illustrator. He then went on to explain the basic difference between the usage of Photoshop and Illustrator, i.e, Photoshop is used to edit pictures while Illustrator can be used to make things from scratch. His suggestion to the audience was to use Pinterest as a go-to site—a location where a lot of ideas and inspiration for designing could originate. “Keep practising, keep trying new stuff, and keep discovering new tools and methods to do the same thing, ”  he advised.

Vipul Mone

The last speaker in line was Harsha Tummala, an outsourced designer for IAESTE, who went into the depths of pixels, scalability, and the importance of evaluation of the final product by a third party before publishing. Instructing the audience to have a clear, not a vague picture in mind before beginning a new project and by laying emphasis on meeting deadlines, he made the session interactive by answering the queries that were put up by the audience.

Harsha Tummala

From the hour-long talk, the audience took home a lot of information about software availability and acquiring and publishing work in this field. “While natural talent is a great asset, learning graphic design is only possible by going ahead and starting it as it allows oneself to express themselves and their thoughts.”, said Rohan Thomas, a Management Committee member from IEEE SBM.

Image credits: The Photography Club, Manipal