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Taking Over the Business World: Sitting Down With Rizwan Memon

“I have been nurtured in an environment where business has always been given priority over 9-5 jobs”
– says Rizwan Memon. A twenty-six-year-old entrepreneur, this dynamic individual has been managing multiple businesses from a very young age.  He is the founder of Riz International, a company that aims at mentoring and teaching individuals how to trade and invest their money in the market.

How did you set up Riz International? What inspired you to venture into this business?
Riz International started off as a holdings company to hold other businesses. So, I have multiple businesses like gas stations and real estate. However, in 2012, I noticed that there were a lot of problems in the financial education side, especially on social media. Thus, as someone who’s been doing this for a decade now, I decided to shift focus and invest my energy in providing financial education. Riz International, today is much more active than ever before in teaching individuals how to manage money and invest in the market.

What sets your company apart from the others?
I agree that there are a lot of companies in this field but they have their own style of working. They focus on enticing people with ‘get rich’ schemes and very unrealistic offers. The reality is that managing a business is a very long and thorough process. We provide our clients with one-on-one interaction, mentoring and teaching each individual. So, it’s a very personalized experience. This is something that sets our company apart from the rest.

What kind of clients does Riz International deal with?
When it comes to the clients I deal with, the most remarkable part is that they come from all over the world. We have students from the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, South America, and different parts of Europe. Riz International doesn’t limit itself to anyone. In fact, we have clients who are from different age groups as well. Some of them are college and university students while some are married and have families. So, what matters to me is their hunger to learn and the passion and commitment they have towards their businesses.

You have been managing multiple businesses since a very young age. How did all this happen?
I come from a family of entrepreneurs. So, I guess, this is something that runs in my blood. I have been nurtured in an environment where business has always been given more priority over 9-5 jobs. As a kid, I saw my father working at all times and having a control over his work. I liked that feeling. I remember managing multiple small businesses during college apart from studying and training. Even though I joined the banking sector to get a gist of their work culture, I knew that I had to do my own thing. My tenure as a financial adviser gave me an idea about the pros and cons of a regular job. This further drew me towards the business world where I get to be my own boss.

You’re a pro at Stock Markets. What are your views on Cryptocurrency?

The past year has been huge for Cryptocurrency. However, unlike stock markets that have been operating since long, this is a relatively young concept. It does have a lot of potential, but no general direction. It can have a tremendous value in the long run and I think being able to trade it, that I am doing, is fantastic because one can earn a decent amount of money using them in a short span of time.

What would be your advice to anyone who wants to set up a business of their own?
Alright, so frankly speaking, I’d advise people to follow their passion and skill. Not everyone is meant to start a business and from my experience, I think some should and some shouldn’t. I definitely applaud anyone who’s willing to take the risk. However, you’ll have wait for the right opportunity and be open to the fact that it may not happen right away. There’s nothing wrong with building the capital first. I have witnessed a number of people who have at first worked for someone else and built their capital over time before starting a business of their own. You’ll have to be able to provide people with value- a special skill or knowledge that you have.

Lastly, what are your future plans regarding Riz International?
Riz international is my baby which has grown really fast due to the immense amount of hard work put in. I enjoy the fact that I can teach and interact with people from all over the world. I intend to continue in this very direction in the future.  I have a fantastic team that has goals similar to mine. I feel blessed and extremely grateful that I’m able to manage multiple businesses and my ultimate goal is to continue to do good for the people out there.