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Taking Control Of The Remote-Controlled


The Instrument Society Of India organised Simulate, a tech event with the aim of teaching participants to simulate remote-controlled devices using Proteus, a software for electronic design automation. The event, that took place on the 31st of October and the 1st of November saw a small turnout comprising of first-years.

The first day had a basic introduction and explanation about the software and components that were going to be used for the simulation. The organisers first distributed the required software to all the participants, making sure everyone had a proper workstation set up. Abhishek Kumar, a Managing Committee member of ISOI, was the first speaker. He walked the audience through the basics of electronics, explaining the different types of diodes and integrated circuits. Junior Managing Committee member Vadin Pangtey listed out the various types of Radio Frequency modules, while Tech Head VK Siddharth explained the differences between RF and Bluetooth modules. Our priority here is to cater to the needs of the first years, as they do not have much insight into electronics,” explained Siddharth.

A snapshot of a circuit on Proteus

The actual simulation was made in the practical workshop on the second day of the event. The organisers proved sensitive to the participants’ needs, taking care to solve every problem and answer any queries that they had. We’re trying to help the freshers as much as we can, because we’ve been in their place and we know how difficult it can get sometimes,” said Siddharth, one of the speakers at the event. Simulate was a step towards initiating participants into the world of electronics and, along the way, helping them out with their academics as well.

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