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Tailor-made for Comedy—The Great Raja Master Drama Company


ADA Dramatics held their last play of the semester, The Great Raja Master Drama Company, at Fortune Inn on 6th April.  The premise of the play revolved around a tailoring company’s hilarious attempt at adapting into a drama company.

The play began with the drama company staff rehearsing for their roles. The characters, being tailors, were unaccustomed to acting and faced various obstacles while preparing for the show. The character of Raja Master, played by Shantnu Rana, unsuccessfully tried to get his actors ready for their first play. During the event, with only stage mics available in the auditorium hall, actors had to throw their voices to ensure clarity and volume. The play had elements of a fourth-wall break as well, with some lines being spoken by ADA members among the audience.

After a short break, the play continued with the first production of the drama company being staged. However, a few of the company actors did not show up, which led to Raja Master improvising and creating characters on the spot. This resulted in humorous confusion, with the show employees swapping characters in between acts and picking up new actors to fill in the vacant roles. Ranjan Yadav, portraying the character of Dile Nadan, gave a brilliant performance with his humorous expressions and movements throughout the drama. Paulomi Ghosh, one of the two directors of the play, also took on the role of Anarkali and stunned the audience with her graceful dance moves.

“This was the first time we had a major cast of about 17 people. Staging a comedy play at this scale was a challenge we had to overcome. We also introduced a choir, which added a new element to the play“, remarked Madhur Budhiraja, one of the assistant directors of the play.

The story had many unexpected twists which amused the audience and kept its attention. The enacting of Raja Master by Shantnu Rana was especially enjoyable“, said Shushant Lakhyani, an audience member.  Although the play put up by The Great Raja Master Drama Company proved to be an unsuccessful, yet comical endeavour, the event by ADA Dramatics was a resounding success and left the crowd in fits of laughter. “I appreciated how the actors’ accents were authentic, considering a few of the characters were from the Mughal era. The lighting was amazing and beautifully complemented the play”, said Harish Komanna, one of the audience members.

Image Credits: The Photography Club, Manipal 




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