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TechTatva’16: Epsilon

Epsilon brought us a perfect amalgamation of engineering and medical science. The category presented four riveting events to bring out the ‘Gregory House’ in every budding engineer.

TechTatva’16: Cheminova

TechTatva’s latest edition of ‘Cheminova’ brilliantly succeeded in sparking one’s curiosity in chemistry, harnessing the versatility of chemicals to highlight what chemical engineering is capable of.

TechTatva’16: Turing

For all the budding engineers waiting to solve the next Enigma Code, Turing was the category to watch out for as it catered to every coder’s delight.

TechTatva’16: Energia

‘Energia’ put the spotlight on electronic circuits while simultaneously building intrigue for green technology, and sustainable, responsible engineering.

TechTatva’16: Airborne

Airborne the category of TechTatva’16 for all the aviation geeks on campus. The events ranged from building a rocket launcher to sailplane-like gliders and flapping wing ornithopters.

TechTatva’16: Acumen

If you are the kind of person who uses brains to beat brawn. If you prefer an evening in the library to one in MARENA, and if you want to be the very best-like no one ever was, then Acumen is the category for you.

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Tech Tatva’15: Deception Point

You could be a seasoned coder in C++ or one of the other known languages, and then you would have to go ahead and forget it all for Decepticode. This event took the participants back to the basics by giving them the documentation of an

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