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TechTatva’17 — Paper Presentation

Articulating ideas, demonstrating viewpoints and creating prototypes, Paper Presentation incorporated all stages of innovation. It not only gave the students an opportunity to express their creativity and innovation, it also gave them a taste of what the corporate world has in store and of how expression is just as important as ideation.

TechTatva ’16: Robowars 3.0

Robowars 3.0 was an action packed event that lived up to its title. Fighting bots and the near-cutthroat competition among the participating teams as well as efficient organisation of the event made it a huge success.

TechTatva’16: Cryptoss

Cryptoss sees a staggering footfall every year-requiring two or three rounds to make sure only the best make it to the top. With a lineup of extremely unique competitions, like the much-awaited CyberHawk, a participation of over two thousand students is witnessed almost every year.

TechTatva’16: CosmicCon

CosmicCon might just take your breathe away- if you’re not in a spacesuit. With events that were out of this world, this category re-assured participants that they didn’t worry about their place in the dirt.

TechTatva’16: Vedanth 6.0

An eye for an eye, an Arduino for a raspberry pi. Every year, Vedanth sees a battle of some of the best minds of MIT, Manipal as they exhibit their months of hard work and brainstorming as one consolidated innovation. This year round, the standard of the projects sky rocketed, as professors marveled at the inventiveness of their students.

TechTatva’16: Robotrek

Robotrek saw inspirational work in robotics over the course of TechTatva ’16. This year, Robotrek had three interesting events that put the participants’ bot-making skills to the test, and the contestants certainly did not disappoint.

TechTatva’16: Epsilon

Epsilon brought us a perfect amalgamation of engineering and medical science. The category presented four riveting events to bring out the ‘Gregory House’ in every budding engineer.

TechTatva’16: Cheminova

TechTatva’s latest edition of ‘Cheminova’ brilliantly succeeded in sparking one’s curiosity in chemistry, harnessing the versatility of chemicals to highlight what chemical engineering is capable of.