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Anubhuti was a vivacious category of Revels that brought all the literary poets and writers together to emblazon their skills. The events ranged from Hindi debates to Antakshari and Shayari-writing in a culturally-rich competition that underscored the creativity of the participants.


From trivia games to crime-themed ones, Iridescent had it all. The events were spread over three days and saw participation in huge numbers as the students racked their brains striving to bag the prize in a fervorous race for the right answers.


A rather multifaceted category of Revels, Altaebir offered a fun variety of events for participants to showcase their prowess in several aspects such as debates, cosplay, movie trivia, and film-making.

Haute Couture—Revels’22

Haute Couture brought in two sensational events—the Fashion Show and Mr and Ms Revels that were a great test of poise. The participants paraded their charisma and flair to the judges and the audience, taking their breath away.


From contemporary to classical and impromptu to well-rehearsed choreographies, Footloose brought to Revels’22 performances to awe the audience. Each event navigated hiccups bravely and ensured the category was a roaring success.


Ranging from food-eating contests to looking for clues around campus, Informals brought a variety of events to the plate. This category had its participants on the edge of their seats with enticing challenges.

Sports Events—Revels’22

“All the world is a ground and all the people are merely players.” The Sports events in Revels’22 saw the participants from various colleges across India give their all in a thrilling showcase of their formidable talent in sports, ranging from track and field to team events like football and many more.

Human Library—Revels ’22

Human Library proved to be one of the most unique events at Revels 2022. Participants had the opportunity to discover the stories of people from various backgrounds as part of this accommodative and light-hearted event.

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Consulere—Revels ’22

Consulere brought together business minded students and sought to challenge their ability to think creatively and on their feet. It offered interesting events such as Shark Dank and Bidding Wars which brought out the teamworking and negotiation skills of the contestants.

Tragedy and Comedy masks

Dramebaaz—Revels ’22

Dramebaaz, with its flagship acting events, was certainly the platform for those with a flair for the dramatic. It boasted of multiple events, each catering to a different aspect of theatre. While some performances tugged at the viewers’ heartstrings, others would leave them gasping for air with laughter.

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