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A rather multifaceted category of Revels, Altaebir offered a fun variety of events for participants to showcase their prowess in several aspects such as debates, cosplay, movie trivia, and film-making.

Beneath the Mask of Sanity

Humans have an intense fascination with the macabre. From psychological thrillers to true crime documentaries, the iniquity of any kind draws in a crowd. The unknown inspires fear, and knowledge alleviates it. However, during our shallow dive into the world of killers, do we ever place ourselves in their shoes? And even if we do, have we truly figured out the workings of the minds that allow such atrocities? After all, how can one hope to identify something they cannot understand? At best, we can pick out particular mannerisms. So just know: if you start to notice these very signs in someone dear to you, soon you might have to make a choice. If you had to be one or the other, would you rather be the victim or the killer?

Medley of Movies—Matsuri

Matsuri 2021 was the first edition of Behind The Scenes, MIT Manipal’s flagship event. A three-day festival with something exciting for all movie enthusiasts and creators. With a large prize pool and a showcase platform as an incentive, this event attracted aspiring filmmakers and cinephiles from all over the country. Read on to find out more!

Films and an Exhibition of Toxic Glorification in the 21st Century

Films have always held a mirror up to society. They reflect and amplify the toxic culture we see around us. Sometimes inspiring heinous crimes, they cannot be overlooked as an essential aspect of the perspective held by the public. At the same time, when finding the middle ground is tricky, censoring films and freedom of speech is also a strongly debatable solution.

To Be or Not to Be—a Psychopathic Dilemma

The greatest infamity one could possibly achieve is by being morally ambiguous, for with that unwanted quality one can take down entire societies. It was in response to the insatiable hunger of this society of hypocrites and fanatics that the psychological-thriller genre gained rapid ground. This article presents the moral dilemma that a psychopath—as portrayed on reel—faces as he trudges through life.

Reel Life Gangsters—The Mafia in Pop-Culture

The Mafia, with its heavy cultural influence, has inspired some of the best books, movies and TV shows in American Media. Despite the negative presence in society, its tales attract audiences to this very day. Read on to see their cultural, literary, and cinematic impact on the world.


Participants at Radioactive tickled the judges’ funny bone with their witty and humorous voice-overs for the muted movie clippings shown. As the event proceeded, the movie plots flipped and morphed into hilarious and unrecognisable parodies of themselves.

Revels’19—EQ IQ

With four signature events—Table No. 21, Spyglass, Mr. and Mrs. Revels and The Apprentice—EQ IQ proved it was still one of the most fun categories at Revels by engaging participants from the get-go. Here’s a look at how EQ IQ tickled the brains of both participants and the audience. 

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