Donating in Times of Need—Sociio Ichor Blood Donation Camp

Sociio Ichor, a student-run body, in collaboration with the KMC Blood Bank, held a blood donation drive on 19 February 2021. They strive to serve the KMC Blood Bank, by mobilising blood donors across the town of Manipal especially when the blood bank goes dry. Any emergency request that comes their way is satisfied to keep the balance of blood units. Being one of the first events to be held after the MIT campus opened up after being sealed for over a month, the Blood Donation Camp (BDC) saw a decent turnout with about 45 people on a Saturday morning. Medical reasons and limitations prevented 10 people from donating their blood, but the rest of the donors were taken through the entire process smoothly by the staff from KMC.

This was my first time donating blood and Sociio Ichor made the process extremely smooth and hassle-free. From checking blood pressure to the actual process of collection of blood, everything was well organised. It was a great experience for me!” said Anirudh Murthy, a second-year student and first-time donor. Nivedita Singh, a third-year student of Media Technology, and core team member at Sociio Ichor also agreed that their team was satisfied with the entire event. “Sociio Ichor’s main motto is to bring donors and patients onto one platform. The Blood Donation Camp today takes us one step closer to our goal.”

Staff from the KMC Blood Bank aided the donors with the entire blood donation process. [Image credits: Sociio Ichor]

The ground floor of MIT Food Court 1 was well divided into separate areas for registration of donors, the initial counselling given to all donors, and a  testing area where blood samples and general tests were carried out. Posters and banners were placed at appropriate places to keep the donors informed of the various aspects of donating blood. Volunteers from Sociio Ichor, consisting of students from MIT, also ensured that donors met the required eligibility criteria of having a minimum body weight of 45kg, having eaten a proper meal before donating blood, and having no history of alcohol consumption at least 24 hours prior to the donation.

Today’s blood donation camp, organised for the first time by our team, was a huge success. This noble deed is capable of giving life to someone’s father, a mother or even a newborn baby. We are developing a platform that envisions no life being lost due to blood scarcity,” said Mohammed Dilshaad Uzair, team leader of Sociio Ichor and a present fourth-year Chemical Engineering student. He also thanked the college administration for all the help they provided in successfully organising the Blood Donation Camp at a short notice.

Much in tune with the ideology of Sociio Ichor, the voluntary blood donation drive played its part in raising a social message on the importance of donating blood. The healthy participation coupled with support from students ensured that such events will be looked forward to by the enthusiastic student community in the near future.

Featured Image Credits: Sociio Ichor