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Crucible—ISTE & IE-E&C’s Tech Week 

Crucible, held by ISTE and IE-E&C, was a four-day long Tech-Week held with the aim of challenging and satisfying technology enthusiasts and the like. With events ranging from treasure hunts, games, quizzes and technology events, Crucible made sure to include people with varying levels of interest.

Digital Jewellery

Wearable Technology calls for a new generation of computing as it may soon invalidate smartphones and laptops. Charge by IE E&C tells us more on how Digital Jewellery could soon be an important part of our lives, in this first of many articles that are a part of our initiative to host the various technical clubs of MIT.

Praxis: Tech Week’17

IE- E&C and IE-Mechanical’s partnership debuted brilliantly as Praxis’17, the TechWeek organised by both these clubs, was a perfect blend of electronics and mechanics along with a wide array of events.

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