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Embracing Hurdles with Grace – An Interview with the Showstoppers

Ever wondered the dictionary meaning of a Showstopper?

Not surprising, if you haven’t. Because Manipal’s very own fusion dance crew – The Showstoppers does absolute justice to its name; of receiving prolonged applause and appreciation. We sat down for a short chat with the President of the Manipal Megacrew about their recent bronze at the National Finals of Hip Hop International.

Baz Luhrmann – The Great Gatsby [Finely Tuned #7]

Finely Tuned is The MIT Post’s weekly album review column. It is an attempt to add a new dimension to the way Manipal looks at music. Every week, we will bring you a fresh album; carefully picked from a catalogue composed of both critically acclaimed mainstream releases and noteworthy independent ones.
This week, we review the soundtrack from the motion picture “The Great Gatsby”.
Baz Luhrmann, in creating such an iconic album, could not afford to be timid – as can plainly be seen by the wonderful level of collaboration that adds a modernist twist to the timeless tale.