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Machine Learning in Healthcare and Medicine

Last month, the UK’s National Health Services suffered its biggest cyber-attack that crippled the system for several days. While our reliance on technology seems to be at its riskiest, are we still far away from AI monitored healthcare and treatment? We answer that and more with this article as part of a collaborative series with Hashtag by IECSE.

A Computer That Bluffs

When IBM’s ‘Deep Blue’ defeated a chess grandmaster, everyone admired the capability of computers. When Google’s ‘Alpha Go’ defeated a 9-dan ranking player at the board game ‘Go’, they were startled by the prowess of Artificial Intelligence. However, sentiments were vastly different when the world was introduced to the first computer that could bluff. Read on as Hashtag by IECSE explores yet another facet of AI – this time involving a game of Texas Hold-Em Poker.

Google Neural Machine Translation

How does Google Translate help us overcome language barriers on a daily basis? By creating a secret internal language that humans cannot interpret. Hashtag by IECSE tells us more about neural machines and how they’re employed in language translations.

Man vs Machine

Earlier this year, Microsoft’s Technology and Research team released ‘Tay’, an AI chatbot that learnt from users who interacted with it on Twitter. It was not long before trolls took over and ‘Tay’ began publishing a series of inappropriate tweets before it was decommissioned. As the debate between AI and human nature still rages on, our friends at Hashtag by IECSE tell us all about AI systems and the ethical dilemmas they present.

Open Shiksha: e-Learning Made Easy

This week, we look at ‘Open Shiksha’, an online platform that has been implemented in various schools to develop environments that are conducive to learning, while also discussing the engineering applications involved in such a project.

The Google Summer of Code

This week, we collaborated with Hashtag by IE CSE on an interview with Mehul Gupta as he elaborates on the Google Summer of Code program and its iterative selection process.

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