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The MIT Debate Tournament—Revels’20

A flagship event, The MIT DT was a national level debate competition conducted that garnered widespread participation. With participants divided into adjudicators and speakers, the contest culminated in a battle of wit and savvy.

An Evening Of Debate—iOS vs Android by Blank 101

Taking cue from one of the most widely talked-about topics in the world, Blank 101 hosted a debate on iOS vs Android which attracted tech enthusiasts from all over the institute. With long-time users discussing every aspect of both OS, the fruitful debate managed to educate as well as keep everyone engaged.


The third edition of one of the largest competitions hosted here, The Manipal- Debate Tournament, more popularly known as MIT-DT gave participants a platform to voice their opinions. The event drew a large crowd and witnessed several spirited arguments celebrating the right to free speech.


Anubhuti—another cultural category of Revels’18 offered a myriad of activities, exclusively in the Hindi language. With events like Tark Vitark, Abhivyakti, Irshaad, Antakshari, and Bujhovala— this category provided a platform for all those skilled at Hindi. 

Litstock 2017

The literary aficionados enjoyed themselves thoroughly in Litstock—a freshers fest organised by the Official Literary, Debate, and Quiz Club of Manipal.

Now Watch Me Whip: MIT-DT’17

The pen may be mightier than the sword, but with whips and knives running rampant at MIT-DT’17, debate capped the pen from 12th to 14th August. With more than hundred outstation participants, MIT-DT’s second edition was quite a feather in the cap for LDQ.

Youth Parliament ’16 : JCM

Manipal Youth Parliament’s Joint Cabinet Meeting, organised by Leaders of Tomorrow, paved the way for future leaders and diplomats by giving them a taste of how dynamic Indo-Pak Joint Sessions really are.

Youth Parliament ’16 : JCC(ISI)

Ever wonder what actually goes on behind the decision-making during a war? Read on and see what actually goes on in the minds of people on whose shoulders rests the duty of protecting the lives of an entire nation.

Youth Parliament ’16 : JCC(RAW)

The Joint Crisis Committee of the Indian Research and Analysis Wing (RAW), organised by Leaders of Tomorrow, started off on the back foot. However, after the first few warm up discussions and instructional breaks the meeting began to show progress.

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