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Student Mentorship Program- All your questions, answered

With the Student Mentorship Program (SMP) having been kick-started to foster and develop a comprehensive peer network in campus, it has also resulted in cropping up of multiple questions regarding the process, among other things. Launched about a week ago, only students of 5th, 6th and 7th semesters are eligible to apply as Mentors as of now. If you have a zeal for giving back to your institute, you can apply here:

SMP objectives:

1. To make the placement process better by involving the alumni extensively for references and mentorship.
2. To help the students decide their course of action early on through effective mentoring.
3. To completely eradicate ragging and reduce social alienation.
4. To make the environment conducive for ideation.

Get all the questions you have answered, here below.

1) What is the minimum GPA requirement for Mentors?

There is no minimum CGPA requirement, but a CGPA over 6 is recommended.

2) What is the selection process for Mentors? 

It will depend on the candidate’s profile, interests, and activities they’ve been a part of amongst other factors.

3) What is the basic structure of SMP? 

The Mentorship Review Council interacts with the teacher guardian and the mentors directly. The teacher guardian interacts with the mentees and their associated mentors, and the mentors interact with the allotted mentees.

4) What role will the Mentorship Review Council play?

The Mentorship Review Council will be responsible for appropriately matching a mentee with a mentor. It will also be evaluating feedback given by mentors and mentees both and will take necessary actions.

5) How does the Feedback Process work? 

The performance of the mentors will be evaluated by their mentees, and shall be reported to the Mentorship Review Council. Therefore, any feedback, positive or negative, and all complaints shall be directed to the Mentorship Review Council which shall take the required actions.

The mentors will also give feedback on their mentees. The Review Council will use this feedback to appropriately guide the mentees.

6) What’s the matching process?

The mentees and mentors will be matched according to their gender, branch and extra-curricular activities. (In the same order)

7) What kind of mentorship are we looking at? Will it be purely academic or otherwise?

The mentorship process was created with the intent to integrate the juniors in the campus life effectively. The mentor may guide the mentee in whatever way possible to achieve this. Be it helping them directly- academically, or merely even introducing them to people who may want to help.
This program aims to encompass all the aspects of mentees’ development.

8) Is there a stipulated amount of time the mentors have to dedicate to this program, per week?

No. SMP does not intend to force this process upon the students. The mentors should feel responsible towards the development of their assigned mentees in college: socially and academically. The assessment of the mentor’s performance will be adjudged by the feedback forms and not by the hours spent mentoring.

9) How does the program offer credibility?

The mentors are awarded certificates for each semester of participation. Moreover, they may receive appreciation letters and recognition from the Director, Joint Director, and the Associate Directors of Welfare and Academics.

10) How does this program ensure that mentors don’t indulge in ragging? 

Mentors and mentees may send in their feedbacks regarding any problems to the following email address: [email protected]

The problem will be assessed and investigated by the Review Council and strict disciplinary action will be taken if found guilty. One of the aims of the Student Mentorship Program is to eradicate ragging and to absolve social differences in the college. We urge the mentors and mentees to participate in this program with the intent to create a healthier and more conducive environment for ideation and action.
Ragging and intimidation will not be tolerated.

11) How will the alumni be involved in the program? 

SMP intends to organize interactive sessions with alumni, where all the doubts and queries of the mentees may be answered.

12) How will it help in the Placement Process?

Mentees will be in constant touch with their mentors who will be able to guide them regarding internship and other opportunities. Often students in the 1st, 2nd and 3rd semesters have doubts such as “How to obtain an internship?”, “Which companies come for placements in the college?”, “How to start preparing for the placement process?” and many others. These doubts will be satisfactorily cleared by the mentors. Once the mentors pass out, the mentees may maintain their relationship with them which will help them get job and internship opportunities.

For the mentors, the certificate and appreciation letters obtained may be given due importance by companies as a part of extra-curricular activity.

13) How will we select the Mentorship Review Council in the future?

To select the Mentorship Review Council in the future, due consideration will be given to those who have enrolled as mentors in the past. We will assess the feedback given to the mentor by his/her mentee as well as his/her general performance. Faculty members who are currently a part of the Review Council will play an important role in the selection of the next Review Council.

14) Why should a mentee be a part of the program? What benefits are there for mentees?

A mentee will be able to learn from shared experiences of the mentors, and gain easy access to a wealth of knowledge that the mentor has already obtained. It is an opportunity to expand your social network across courses and year levels.  Mentees will be able to connect with the alumni which may lead to various opportunities. The mentorship program aims to make the transition into the new and dynamic college environment smooth and provides an immediate link with the Manipal community. Mentees can obtain knowledge about the various clubs, groups and projects in MIT and at the same time seek academic help from the mentors.

The form for mentees (students who wish to be mentored) is as follows: