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The Student Council (2021- 2022)


An important body providing a bridge of communication between the administration and the students of MIT, the Student Council constantly strives to provide assistance and make life on campus smoother and enriching for the latter. In order to familiarise students with our newly elected Student Council, the MIT Post interviewed the members on their goals and ambitions for this term.


Name: Priyanshu Gupta
Department: Electronics and Communication Engineering

Leadership and Management roles have always been my natural habitat. From working in my school Student Council for more than 4 years to being a class representative in college for all 3 academic years, and even being a board member of clubs and a student project, I realised I will be able to lead the student council effectively with my experience and will keep on learning in this journey.

The President is primarily responsible for managing and leading the team of Student Council members. The President has to represent MIT in MAHE and different platforms and serve as the student representative in discussions with college administration.

My journey, until now, has been a roller coaster ride, with the Covid-19 outbreak and online examinations, along with the preparation for Revels after a gap of 2 years. I have understood that effective communication with students and administration is the key to solving all problems. I believe my experience will be the most valuable asset in my tenure as the President.

I plan to utilise the situation and convince the college administration to bring digitisation to the evaluation and assessment scheme. Along with this, I plan to introduce a grievance redressal system for all students of MIT, effectively covering all aspects of college.

Due to the pandemic, Batch of 2023 is the last batch that has actually seen and experienced the conventional mode of college. As we accept the new normal and the change in lifestyle, my focus will be on smoothly and effectively passing on the legacy of MIT to our juniors since I believe college is all about culture and experiences.

General Secretary (Male)

Name: Yashvardhan Singh
Department: Mechanical Engineering

The post of General Secretary gives me the chance to ensure that the general working of all college bodies runs smoothly. It allows me to learn, experience, and resolve all issues pertaining to both cultural and technical activities and hold regular conversations with the administration to discuss and resolve all issues of our college students.

In the past, I have experienced the task of leading clubs and even being a part of organising committees during my school days. Hence, when the opportunity to represent and resolve the problems of the entire college was presented, I couldn’t let it pass by. I feel grateful to have had experience in being a leader in multiple fields. I have also been fortunate to have had a chance to become the operations head at MIT Gaming, where owing to my work and enthusiasm, I was nominated as the President of the club.

My plan of action for the term would be to create and maintain a hassle-free environment for all students, maintain equality in all fields, and channel a smooth path regarding clarifying doubts pertaining to placement and internship opportunities. I want to promote and ensure the importance of mental well-being of all students of our college. I also look forward to ensuring proper standards of food and hostel amenities throughout our college.

For me, a leader is supportive of the team and encourages all the team members, ensuring their development while setting the right goals, someone who takes up the responsibility when something goes wrong and distributes the credit after success. These are some of the ideals I wish to abide by as a leader.

General Secretary (Female)

Name: Piyushi Goyal
Department: Computer Science and Engineering

My role in the Student Council is not restricted to any one domain and involves overall management and co-functioning. It requires a lot of patience to make sure that the team members are working in tandem with each other.

As the General Secretary, it is our job to maintain effective communication with the student welfare. We are the points of contact for other colleges as well. I have always been a natural leader and have been trusted with important responsibilities. I am a person who voices out her opinions without any fear. A General Secretary should be disciplined, organised, and confident. I have always displayed such qualities, and hence, I realised that I was a good fit for this position.

Our college was devoid of a Student Council for a whole year due to the pandemic. I saw the inconvenience students had to face without an interface to communicate with the admin. Now that we have our Council back, I feel proud to be part of it. It gives me happiness when students approach me with their doubts and issues, and I am able to help them. I hope to set an example of a council that future batches will follow.

Firstly, I want the student community to know that the Student Council exists to solve their problems with all the power we possess. During my tenure, I want to make sure that students can trust the Student Council. I hope to make sure that they have patience and don’t hesitate. We are also students, and hence, we understand their situation most of the time. As of now, the Student Council is focusing on making Revels happen. Apart from this, we’re looking into improving the hostels and messes. Next, we are hoping to improve matters with the Wi-Fi as well. As a resident of a girls’ block, I will try working around the perm time too.

For the Student Council aspirants, I would like to say that it’s very important to possess certain skills such as self-confidence, trust, tolerance, patience, and teamwork. It’s also imperative that you manage your time well. Lastly, always have genuine respect and love for your Institute. Otherwise, you will never be able to give it your best.


Name: Mrigesh Kumar Gupta
Department: Mechanical Engineering

To be a part of the Student Council in the position of Treasurer offers me the unique opportunity to represent my fellow mates and bring to light the changes that I would like to see at my university. This essentially is the reason I applied for the post—taking up the onus of this position was driven by both my future aspirations of working in the field of finance and my experience in acting as an interface between the administration, students, and all other stakeholders.

I’ve taken up several positions of responsibility in the past, ranging from being the Head Boy, Sports Secretary at school to being the CR in college, which has facilitated my leadership skills.

I believe my trustworthy and adeptly communicative self, along with skills of being a methodical problem solver, having an eye for detail, and comfortableness in working with figures will aid in pushing me to be a good Treasurer.

Technical Secretary (Male) 

Name: Anmol Agarwal
Department: Computer and Communication Engineering

I was always fascinated by technology, specifically in ways to make life easier by using technology. Hence I wanted to do something to modernise the technical sphere of the college. Being the Technical Secretary, I can do so by proposing and implementing various apps and websites for the college. This made me apply for the post of technical Secretary. Moreover, it comes with the responsibility of convening TechTatva, and who doesn’t want to host a national technical fest and take it to the next level?

During my tenure, I want to prepare a proper channel for the technical clubs to get what they need and give them recognition by the college. I also intend to release a Student Council App, which will have everything from SLCM to notices and a portal to make getting permissions more convenient. I also hope to increase the general awareness among students for academic research during UG.

I believe every experience leaves a mark on you, and I feel that this will have a strong impact on my overall personal growth.

Technical Secretary (Female) 

Name: Aashrayi Ranjan
Department: Mechanical Engineering

The Technical Secretary’s work is always associated with CS and coding, so I was a little hesitant about applying for it, being a mechanical kid, even though I knew I was interested in the post. I eventually ended up pushing myself to go for it because I felt that my skill set would help fill any void that may be present.

We’ve got a lot lined up for this term. On top of our list, you will find the SC website and mobile application. TechTatva and Manipal Hackathon are some events we’re very excited about too. My main goal for this year is to help the technical clubs and student projects get their offline work and events back on track by providing all assistance and support necessary to make it possible.

I would like to reiterate that for any issue or any questions, students can come to us, and we will always try our best to help. No issue is invalid.

Cultural Secretary (Male)

Name: Aagam Shah
Department: Computer and Communication Engineering

My role as Cultural Secretary in the Student Council is to be the convenor of Revels 2022, to make sure it happens on campus and that everything works smoothly. My task is to make sure all cultural activities and club events are coordinated, such that all clubs can get the permissions they need from the administration. Keeping up the vibrant culture of Manipal, including events, sports, and so on, is my main task.

Since my first year, I was always interested in taking up a leadership position. Students of my batch didn’t have the experience of being in the Junior Council since everything happened online in our second year. So, instead of taking up a position in a club in my third year, I opted for a position in the Student Council.

Winning the election felt really great. The election process helped me dig deeper into myself and discover what I wanted from this position if I were elected. In my speech, the one main goal I mentioned was to conduct Revels no matter what came in the way.

Conducting a Holi celebration in March is also a goal. I wish that the Manipal I witnessed in my first year can come back again, and I definitely want to make the events even better than I had seen. We, as the cultural secretaries, have devised a rough framework for everything we want to do during our tenure. Depending on the freedom that we can get from the administration, we’d like to organise both Holi and Diwali events.

For those who would like to be Student Council members in the future, the first thing you need is a drive to work and make things happen for your batch. Good time management skills are crucial since you need to balance your academics and Council work. Being a Student Council member is an experience one will cherish forever because you get to know both the administration’s and the student’s side.

Cultural Secretary (Female)

Name: Vedangi Mittal
Department: Electronics & Communication Engineering

One of the primary reasons for applying for this post was that I’ve always enjoyed taking part in cultural events. I have actively been a part of The ShowStoppers Crew, performed in several events, and represented MIT in various cultural fests. I would also like to add that I have a BA degree in Kathak dance form. Apart from being an artist who has been on various stages as a performer, I’ve also been a part of teams that work behind the scenes. This is why I understand the level of dedication and sincerity required, not only by someone who’s presented to the audience but also by someone who’s been working backstage throughout.

Talking about my plan of action for the upcoming year, the main objective will be to promote an environment that is more inclusive and motivates students to participate in cultural activities, which will bring out the creativity and talent they harbour. Other than that, one of my primary aims is to organise Revels. Adding on to that, I also wish to organise tons of cultural events and also make sure that all the cultural clubs are provided assistance whenever required.

Not a change per se, but I wish to organise specific events that haven’t been organised in the past (like inter-hostel competitions!), include more social work and encourage maximum students to participate in the same. Considering the year we all went through I want to reiterate the importance of mental health assist anyone who needs help.

I want to help create an environment where students can be heard and foster mindsets that envision new horizons and possibilities that do not simply ask what we can gain from college but how we can add value to it. I hope to make this year a memorable one for everyone!

Sports Secretary (Male) 

Name: Chandraraj Singh
Department: Mechanical Engineering

I have been into sports for as long as I can remember. One of the ideas behind my pursuit of becoming the Sports Secretary was to combine my love for sports with a desire to bring positive change to the part of college that has shaped my life to a large extent. Being a member of the MIT football team since my first year in college and representing MIT has been a matter of immense pride and has fuelled my performance and attitude, on and off the football field.

The Sports Secretary (along with the Cultural Secretary) has the task of organising MIT’s cultural and sports festival, Revels, one of our most recognised and celebrated events. Alongside this, the smooth functioning of gyms, courts, fields, and tracks in all aspects falls under the responsibility of the Sports Secretary, with the safety of students being of the utmost importance. Revamping D-Block, organising more intra-college tournaments, and providing special concessions for MIT athletes across all sports are of priority as of now.

We hope the circumstances favour us this year with respect to COVID-19, and we can start checking things off of our list of agendas.

Sports Secretary (Female)

Name: Sukanya Dubey
Aeronautical Engineering

I’ve been involved in sports for as long as I can remember, so I am really grateful to my HODs and our college for giving me this opportunity. I was initially worried about being able to balance my academics and my duties towards the Council, but after some encouragement from my Faculty Advisor, I decided to apply for the post.

The immediate priority for us is obviously Revels 2022. It has been a huge challenge but we are working with all hands on deck. Despite the pandemic, we have been doing everything we can to ensure a smooth and successful event.

I have also noticed a decrease in participation of women in sports, so one of my major objectives is to increase the number of sports events that are organised in MIT and get more people, not just women, out in the field participating and having fun. Apart from that, any repairs and maintenance to courts and arenas will also be one of the top priorities to ensure that every student has a level playing field, pun intended.

I have been working in clubs and student projects throughout my time at MIT but never at the scale that we are currently operating on. I am looking forward to learning a lot of management skills as well as dealing with different kinds of people and getting them to work towards the same goal.

Placement Secretary (Male) 

Name: Avinash Murali
Department: Industrial and Production Engineering

As a Placement Secretary, it is my job to act as the bridge between the placement cell & the students. With placements being a matter of constant turmoil for students, having clarity and proper information is of the essence. Hence it is my responsibility to ensure that students get all the necessary information that I receive from the companies and placement cell.

Some of the initiatives that I want to bring into force are: 

  • Internship help centre
  • Reintroducing placement training sessions
  • TOEFL/IELTS group study clubs

Most importantly, I would like to focus on branches like Mechanical, Civil, Media Technology, Bio-Technology, Industrial & Production to ensure that MIT’s placement rates and statistics improve across all departments, which in turn is for the betterment of the students and Institute. 

I have had the opportunity to be the placement volunteer a couple of times which provided me with an understanding of how the placement cell & the company recruitments generally work. This has helped me understand how the role of Placement Secretary is very crucial.

Placement Secretary (Female) 

Name: Jahnvi Singh
Department: Information Technology

As a Placement Secretary, I feel like it is my responsibility to act as an intermediary between the placement department and the college students. I am responsible for making the placement process smoother and ensuring that everyone gets a fair chance to shoot their shot and get placed in their dream companies, for their own good future.

My main aims are to have a placement portal setup and to ensure everyone gets some guidance before the placement season commences such that everyone is well equipped with the information one needs beforehand. I have wanted to incorporate as many companies as we can, such that they are core specific and everyone gets equal opportunities no matter what branch.

So far my journey has been thrilling. Right from preparing for Revels to getting insights on the placement process, everything has been really amazing. 

Placement Secretary (MTech) 

Name: Madhura Nakadi
Department: Biomedical Engineering

As the Placement Secretary, I am mostly involved in bridging the gap between the placement cell and students. I have to ensure that all the information regarding placement activities is passed on to all the students and that there is a smooth and systematic flow of placement activities.

During my Btech too, I was the placement secretary so I knew the process of placements and the activities that take place. I have the experience of coordinating many companies who came to recruit so I thought of applying here as well.

This term my aim is to conduct mock—interviews, tests, to make students familiar with the placement process as well as to orient juniors about the placement activities and address all the new issues faced by any student during placements.

Placement Secretary (MCA)

Name: Chandana BK
Department: Computer Applications

First of all, I would like to thank everyone who gave me this opportunity to become the student placement secretary for MCA.
As the placement secretary, I would like to do the following:

  • Determine all required placement requirements and assist all apprentice participants to exchange all information appropriately.
  • Maintain knowledge of all requirements to facilitate efficient working of the company.
  • I will ensure smooth communication with each and every company on the lookout for any opportunities.
  • Prepare all resumes and conduct interviews with all students and provide assistance to all graduates.
  • Collaborate with the externship coordinator and program directors to administer all changes required.
  • Conduct an orientation program for all new students.
    I have already donned the hat of being a placement secretary before, and I very much look forward to being a part of the Student Council.

Vice President (MTech)

Name: Akash Acharya
Department: Engineering Management

I think it is possible for ordinary people to choose to be extraordinary.“—Elon Musk. This quote resonates with me, encouraging me to strive harder towards being extraordinary in any work I take up.

A person with experience, a person you can depend on, a person who will address the concerns and represent everyone, a person who will go beyond his limits for the student body is the type of person you need in service as your Student Vice President. I have always aspired to learn new things and do things out of my comfort zone. Having an industrial experience of three years and working for multinational companies, I thought I should take this opportunity to explore the unexplored.

One of my goals is to increase the student body’s involvement with the Student Council. I propose to democratise the decision-making process in the campus by creating a discussion forum where the Student Council and student body could deliberate on various matters before taking significant steps. This can cause substantial benefits by bridging the student community and the Institution.

My next major goal is to work on eliminating the industry-academia gap. To make students job-ready even before entering the companies, I plan to organise Industry collaborations, Industrial visits, and technical talks from various experts. To transform job seekers into job creators, education on financial independence and investment will be pursued, which will help students make wiser decisions on money management in their professional and personal lives.

Sports and extracurricular activities are also vital for the overall development of students. Thus, Interdepartmental and Intercollegiate competitions will be held throughout the year in tandem with academic assignments and tests such that there is a balance among studies and sports.

My favourite item in this list is the start-up week or start-up month, wherein students develop an innovative idea and pitch it in meetings with investors. The best start-up idea will be funded and helped set up as a company. We will have speakers from all sectors to inspire students with their journeys and mentor them in the ideation processes.

As your Vice-president, I wish to represent myself as the ‘first among equals’ within the student body. I also wish to leave this legacy behind at Manipal and create a self-sustaining system that is helpful to the next generation of students.

Vice President (Female)

Name: Iza Singh
Department: Civil Engineering

From the first day I’ve arrived at college, I knew I wanted to become more involved. There are enthusiasts out there and we all help each other and that is not something we find everywhere. One of the reasons I’m running for Vice President is because I want to be that friendly face for new students coming in and a defender for students already here. During the past year, I’ve known how the administration works and it’ll be an honour to pitch in ideas and work side-by-side with the student body to ensure all the events throughout are well-heeled. As the name of the post says, steadfastness and the ability to work with others even during conflictive circumstances while still keeping a sense of humour is the motive.

I have extensive experience with difficult and challenging management situations where strong leadership and direction has been needed. Being a problem solver, performing well under pressure with a positive attitude, I am a solid decision maker and possesses excellent communication skills, all these abilities made me apply for the post of Vice President!

My goal during my tenure would be to focus on mental health awareness and introduce necessities. I will assist the President in the management of hostel and mess committees and attend to its related issues. I will coordinate with the class representatives and look into the problems faced by students, thus forming a medium between students and administration. I want to start a mechanism through which the students can give their feedback and suggestions regularly on various topics. I also want to work on some areas such as waste segregation on campus, setting up the pharmacy and more. I will execute the duties bestowed on me as the Vice President female of the student council.

I plan on being as available as possible so that I can be a link between the students and the staff, faculty & administration, not just to this extent but to also make my campus memorable so that everyone at campus cherishes their life to the best. Furthermore, I plan on attending club meetings in my free time and seeing how each club does their meeting and what they want to do & then offer my help. I will always be there to support the chair in ensuring smooth functioning of the management committee along with help of other council members as a team. I believe with transparency; I will give the students the ability to share with me their true concerns and allow them the opportunity to personally flourish while they work on fixing what they believe needs to be improved. I would like to work with clubs and student projects in such ways which would help in the advancement of clubs. Besides these it will also generate curiosity amongst students about the same. I will keep students updated with what is going in and around the campus. I position brand new ideas in terms of promotion of events along with other new ideas that can help bring awareness of certain issues or events.

I will bring to my position first rate communication skills both orally and written as well as integrity, selflessness, and engagement on issues campus wide. I will give my best to whatever responsibilities are given to me.

Joint Secretary (Male)

Name: Siddhant Singh
Department: Mechanical Engineering

I was in my school’s student council in 10th and 12th as the President. The things I learned there and the experiences I acquired made me want to apply for the student council at MIT. I want to bridge the gap between the students and the administration, which is why I applied for this post. I love interacting with people, so I want to make the student council more transparent and accessible to students. Since I am interested in management, I am sure that the student council will give me a good head-start.

The well-being of students is what matters to me the most. Whether it be the students’ mental health or physical health, I want to make sure we as the student council are there for every need of the students. I want to make a healthier environment for the students, especially in the hostels, as the inventories and the first aid require a lot of checks and improvements. Keeping in mind students’ mental health, the student council is regularly in contact with the SST, which provides counselling sessions. We will be holding awareness sessions and putting up message boxes all around the campus so that any student facing any issues can reach out easily.

Another thing that I want to improve personally is the hostel allotment process. I want to ensure the allotment process is based on CGPA rather than just random allotment. The Council will meet with the chief warden and ensure the allotment is transparent and strictly based on CGPA.

I became the joint secretary to be the voice of the students and work for their betterment.

Joint Secretary (Female)

Name: Paridhi Gupta
Department: Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering

I have a certain quality within myself that acts both as my strength and my weakness; that quality is self-confidence. I believe that fifty percent of the task is done when you have the confidence to do it, and that is where I access my strength. The position of Joint Secretary was the perfect opportunity for me to be a leader and a follower. As the leader, I want to be the inspiration and someone the next Joint secretary can look up to. I want to learn from my vice president and the senior student council as a follower. The next time I apply for a leadership position, I will use everything I have learned from them. I didn’t want to bind myself to a cultural or sports secretary. I am an all-rounder person, and joint secretary did more justice to all my qualities.

My primary responsibility is going to be hostels and messes. For the hostels, we, as the student council, will form a committee that will conduct daily checks. The committee will make sure that they can always come up with a solution for all the students in the hostel face. Regarding the mess, our main aim will be to maintain the food quality already being provided. Manipal is already a college that offers one of the most refined mess foods compared to other colleges. To ensure the quality remains good, we will form a committee that does quality checks every week. Along with that, we will give feedback to all the messes regarding what they can improve and ask the students for their input. Also, we will be in close contact with all the CRs so that all the announcements reach every student.

One of the significant changes that we as the Council want to bring is getting things back offline; we think having an offline college life is very important. We have already started taking small steps and have a circular out for hybrid mode. We want to be the intermediate between the students and the administration.

Our main plan of action will be to gain feedback from students to understand where else the campus is lacking. Regular feedback will help us work efficiently for the welfare of the students. For this, we want to be as approachable as possible and make sure that there is no hesitation in the students when they reach out, irrespective of whether they are our juniors or seniors.

I want to be the most approachable person in the crowd, and secondly, I want to be an inspiration to others. As the joint secretary, I want to set an example so that the next joint secretary looks up to me for all the right reasons and the wrong ones so that if I make a mistake, they make sure not to repeat it in their tenure. My goal is to always live up to the confidence I have and never lose the virtues, morals, and principles that I have built throughout my life. They act as my strength, they act as my confidence, and they will help me be the person I aspire to be.

Joint Cultural Secretary (Male)

Name: Tushar Srivastava
Department: Mechanical Engineering

Since childhood, I have been very involved with the creative aspect of things. Apart from being an avid participant in singing, dramatics, and MUN competitions, I have also contributed to organising various fests and inter-school activities during my school times. These experiences have contributed to my personality, which I would like to spread to my peers and juniors. As Joint Cultural Secretary, I firmly believe I can bring about many constructive changes for the better.

As a first-year, I joined multiple clubs in Manipal, which gave me unforgettable learnings for a lifetime. I am a firm believer in learning on my feet, and my time in Manipal has given me exactly that. Realising how different school and college cultures are and how many new things you get to learn, both academically and culturally, has completely changed my perspective. 

Manipal is a culture hub full of talent. I want to provide an open platform to showcase this talent, motivating many students to understand their culture and maybe even connect with their creative side. I urge everyone to participate in such events, even online, as they provide a powerful platform to shape public relations and communication skills.

Revels is the most significant responsibility I have as the Joint Cultural Secretary as it is being organised after almost two years. My biggest goal is to make it a grand success because it will be the first experience for our first and second years. Encouraging my fellow second years to learn the basics of organising such a big event will be my primary plan, and I will make sure they have a great time doing it.

Being the Joint Cultural Secretary is a great honour, and I am very proud that I get to give back to this college in some way. I want to encourage all of you to do the same and be grateful that our college has given us numerous opportunities to express ourselves and be our best versions. I look forward to making it a culturally enriching experience for everyone.

Joint Cultural Secretary (Female)

Name: Vasudha S K
Department: Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering

Since my school days, I have enthusiastically participated in multiple Music, Dance, Sports competitions at both school-level and South-zone levels. Recently, I’m exploring business, finance, and entrepreneurship and have taken part in those competitions. I am very passionate about cultural events, so I thought I would make an excellent fit for the post of Joint Cultural Secretary.

In terms of bringing change into the cultural atmosphere of Manipal, I would like to include more culture-specific celebrations. Apart from major festivals like Diwali, Christmas, etc., I would like to bring in an atmosphere that caters to other regional festivals/events like Kannada Rajyotsava. We can organise street plays or poetry competitions in the Kannada language.

My action plan would be to collect information about all festivals that can potentially be implemented as an event. I would take in inputs from diverse, regional groups of students who could introduce me to lesser known festivals, which would be a blast to conduct and present to students.

The present circumstances have hindered the experiences of many students, especially first-years, and even though planning for a cultural fest is easier online, unfortunately there’s no comparison to experiencing it offline. I strive to plan the event so that we are ready to implement it online or offline. It should be flexible planning and execution. Even if circumstances forbid us to keep it offline, I endeavour to make the online experience close just as good if not better.

Planning REVELS-the biggest cultural event of MIT is my primary responsibility. From deciding events and cultural categories to recruiting core members for the smooth functioning of the fest, it will be my goal to make sure everything is organised to its last detail.

As the Joint Cultural Secretary, I assure you that you will have a fantastic experience in cultural fests. We, as a team, are very approachable and open to inputs for events from your side. We must not miss out on any talent, so we strive to have an event for all interests. Feel free to approach us with your ideas and suggestions. Let’s collaborate and make it an exceptional experience for you all!

Joint Technical Secretary (Female)

Name: Spandana Erukulla
Department: Electronics and Communication Engineering

Our main idea was to ensure that there is enough avenue for students to have fun and explore, thereby leading to an enriching student life experience that they’re passionate about and conceptualise inter-department fete. Setting up the job of authority and business, which assists with a portion of the requests, is needed and hence justifies the name of the post. Hosting other national level fests wherein students can thrust their minds out can make a huge difference in the running system, workshops with different levels of creativity improving the functioning of technical clubs will be aimed.

The procedure and the agenda of the program/fest will always be properly planned, and execution of it as a whole comes by with the effort put in by each and everyone in the Council to make it a big success. I will ensure good PR, publicity of the event(s) and enlist adequate sponsors(whether internal or external). To give technical support to the higher officials providing ongoing and timely updates on the status of the infrastructure, facilities and the Institute’s Modernisation Master Plan as well as document binding services with maintenance will be positioned.

The plan of action and a change is to ensure every meeting is effectively organised and minuted with maintaining effective records and administration so that there’s no glitch in the budget, to give technical support to the director by providing ongoing and timely updates. I’m an extremely coordinated individual who can be depended upon. This can be found in the degree of exertion I put into my tasks, which are consistently on schedule. Set up to give an assortment of secretarial help to the allocated President or the student body, building up and keeping up division records, organising allowed ventures, and gathering and dispersing a wide assortment of material and reports in favour is the primary motive. In conclusion, the research outcome of the college as a whole is going to be flawless.

Joint Sports Secretary (Female)

Name: Dimitra Shenoy
Department: Chemical Engineering

Students go through multiple issues in sports and they feel that contacting the administration is not feasible for them. Therefore, I would want to be there to help them out in any way possible and also act as the medium between the students and administration.

One of my main goals would be to be the voice of the students and help them discover their passion and skills, which could be in various domains, be it co-curricular activities, sports, academics, etc. For the immediate short term, I would like to organise Revels ’22 professionally and keep it memorable for all the participants and the students.

For the next one-year horizon, I would like to host multiple events/ tournaments in various games. There used to be inter-branch tournaments which I hope to revive as well. I also plan on ensuring proper maintenance of basketball, tennis, and badminton courts, gyms, etc. In India, girls are comparatively less involved in sports and the ones who want to participate don’t get many opportunities and attention, I would like to work on the same.

My life has always revolved around sports. I’ve been playing Badminton for almost 10 years now and have also represented my State, West Bengal in many tournaments. Racket sports have always had a soft corner in my heart. Watching cricket with my family is something that I never miss out on! Having played badminton for years now, I know the stress and strain one goes through and all the benefits that sports give us. My experience as sports captain in school would put me in a good position to leverage my past experiences in creating a thriving sporting culture at MIT.

Additionally, I would like to conduct some talent hunt events so that more students can showcase their talent and we can scout players from a larger pool of players. I’d also like to make timings for sports more flexible in order to accommodate more players. I also want to discuss with my fellow members to make it more pocket-friendly. Since we are seeing a dip in the number of COVID cases, I feel it’s the right time to revive the sports atmosphere by organising more competitions/tournaments.

Having the state-of-the-art sports infrastructure that MIT has, I would encourage students to take up sports in their routine and utilise the given resources to the fullest. 

I want students to never be afraid of trying a sport or learning one or even competing in one. For students who never entered any field, I would request them to dive into the world of sports. I’d like them to try any sport which fascinates them.

Editor-in-Chief: The MIT Post

Name: Snigdha Deshmukh
Department: Electronics and Communication Engineering

I joined the MIT Post as a writer in my first year as I have been interested in writing from a young age. In the 3 years that I have been a part of the MIT Post, I’ve learned a lot and grown as a person.

Becoming the Editor-in-Chief of the official media body of MIT Manipal has been quite a transformative journey for me. My prior experience as a part of the Student Council in school helped me embrace this new role in which the work was at times exhausting but an amazing experience overall.

As the Editor-in-Chief, I am responsible for the smooth operation of the MIT Post and coordinating between the various departments like writing, art, design, and tech to publish newsletters, articles, and creative pieces.
Through our app, website, and social media handles, we keep students informed of crucial academic updates and also cover events that occur in and around the campus.
I have been fortunate to have worked with many talented people in college. This has helped in bridging the gap between the administration and students as a part of the Council.

During my tenure, I hope to provide a platform for the members of the Post and the entire student body to discover and hone their talents to ensure a memorable college experience. I also hope to create an open environment to discuss relevant issues to help the students grow into responsible, informed people in today’s world.

Managing Editor : The MIT Post

Name: Shrijani Manna
Department: Electronics and Communication Engineering

As the Managing Editor of the MIT Post, my job entails synchronizing and systematizing the tasks of each department within the organization.

The Post provides those with a passion to disseminate prompt and veracious content with a platform. I want to uphold its ethos and ensure that we continue to reach the right people. I believe I have the willpower to steer the organization in that direction. With this position, I have more leeway of enforcing the right decisions to attain that.

In my tenure, I aim to provide our current junior batch with a holistic insight into life at MIT through more relatable content so they can learn more about what MIT stands for. With the Student Welfare and the rest of the Council’s support, I want to guide the organization to offer our students a more transparent view of the college administration and local activities. Above all, I want the Post to remain a vocal medium for those who go unheard.

Editor-in-Chief: Editorial Board

Name: Laaboni Mukerjee
Department: Electronics and Communication Engineering

The college life of the students in the Covid era has been a roller coaster ride. The challenges and changes brought along by the pandemic always made me wonder how one would be able to capture all our experiences, both online and offline, in a book that we could open a decade from now and relive these times, hopefully with a smile. While I racked my brain to help the Ed Board solve this puzzle, I was presented with the opportunity to take the lead and guide my team to revive its glory. The will to solve the conundrum of the hybrid experience, the will to make the Yearbook momentous, and the need to rebuild the Editorial Board for the new normal, made me apply for the post of Editor-in-Chief.

Due to the previous remote mode of education, there is now a need to rebuild and revive our student bodies for the offline shift. The Editorial Board is no exception. As the EIC, my foremost priority is to recruit and build a strong and artistic team that will help me realize the dream of inculcating the hybrid experience in the Yearbook. We shall next work towards preserving our memories in an organised fashion and updating our database to account for the information lost in the past two years. We will work hard to bring back our traditions, and put in tireless days filled with photoshoots and nights with artistic misery, to make what we will look back upon to remember our time at college. Lastly, we will ensure that the batch of ’22 does not leave without memorabilia, regardless of how little time we have.

Unlike ever before, this time we plan to make two yearbooks; a unique and unconventional one for our seniors, the batch of ’22 whose last semesters of college were spent online, and another for the batch of ’23 to revive the traditional practices, while also doing justice to the turbulent time we experienced. We plan to make these yearbooks highly illustrative, an amalgamation of individual and collective experiences, inclusive yet distinctive.

This academic year experienced a huge change in the functioning of all student bodies, which gave us the chance to restructure and reform them to fit our needs and those of the future. This pandemic presented every leader with an opportunity, a choice, to correct and satiate what the system was missing. We all hope to come out of this stronger and better, and the support of our peers is what keeps us motivated to grow.

Managing Editor: Editorial Board

Name: Rasesh Rajpopat
Department: Computer Science Engineering

I joined the Editorial Board as a member of the Admin & Logistics team in my first year. In the last two years, I have worked closely with my seniors and learned a lot from them. As a managing editor, it is my duty to ensure smooth functioning between all the departments, dealing with the college administration and also the increased workload which comes with the post. I act as the medium of communication between the college administration and my board.

The Editorial Board is primarily concerned with making the yearbook for our college. From the frantic Btech photoshoots at the beginning of the year to the joyful book launch at the end, the Ed board ensures that the entire process runs seamlessly. The upcoming yearbook will include everything, ranging from artworks to pictures contributed by students from the college. It will include short stories, poetry, and other literary material, as well as the yearbook’s main attraction, photoshoots.

Because of the pandemic, our seniors were unable to make any final year memories with their classmates or have a class portrait shot for the yearbook. We intend to create a smaller version of the yearbook for them so they can look back on it. It has undoubtedly been a tough time for the Ed board to rebuild the board from the ground up owing to the gap caused by COVID -19, but we have begun all of the necessary work, and everything should be back to normal in a couple of months.

Managing Editor: The Editorial Board

Name: Anushka Bhattacharyya
Department: Computer and Communication Engineering

I wanted to be an active part of the Editorial Board in my second year. Then I came across the application for Managing Editor, an opportunity to lead the development of the Yearbook along with the Editor-in-Chief and my fellow Managing Editor. The prospect of shaping and creating a yearbook for our seniors was very interesting and it spurred me to apply. The journey has just begun and though it will be a little tough given the circumstances, I am excited to create something amazing and form a formidable student body.

Currently, we are beginning our recruitments for the head positions of each department. Once we are finished with that, we can finally start shaping the yearbook, coming up with themes and a rough outline of what we need to do.

In my tenure as Managing Editor, I want to learn to become a good leader and hope that we don’t just deliver any yearbook but do it to the best of our abilities. There is a lot of work that goes into this and I want everyone involved to enjoy and learn in the process. I hope this time’s Editorial Board will kickstart normalcy in the student body to be as it was before.

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