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The Student Council (2019-2020)

The Student Council is one of the most important student-run bodies on campus. Its members serve as the bridge between the students and the administration. Besides ensuring that the grievances of the student population reach the ears of the authorities, they also act as the students’ representatives in the process of making important decisions. In an attempt to familiarise the student populace with their elected representatives, this article offers a glimpse into the goals and aspirations of the incumbent Student Council members.


Name: Rishi Agarwal
Department: Computer Science Engineering
E-mail: [email protected]

I was the Joint Secretary of the Student Council in my second year. The work of the Joint Secretary is very similar to that of the Vice President’s, and it was then that I realised how much I enjoyed helping the student community. On thinking of ways I could help students at MIT through their college experience, I realised that I could serve better by leading the group that represents students and thus, I decided to apply for the post.

I observed and learnt a lot from my Senior Council, who had always encouraged us to take the lead in events. I had a very clear idea about what I wanted to implement. It was something I had been working towards from the moment I joined college. We, at the Council, intend to help sort-out certain student issues that go unnoticed and consequently make one’s stay at MIT much easier. Issues like Cafeteria and Night Canteens not accepting e-payments is a problem we would like to work out. We also plan on utilising the interaction ban by allowing clubs to hold online workshops so that the first month of college does not become monotonous for the freshers. We are optimistic about these issues being resolved and are hopeful of cooperation from the administration. We will surely try our best to help our fellow students.

Striking a balance between academics and the work as a Council member is what my focus is on. I think that my tenure as President will give me the immense experience to lead and resolve issues beyond college. I am glad that I have this wonderful opportunity to learn, and I hope to make a difference in students’ life as I execute the duties bestowed on me as the President of the Student Council.

General Secretary (Male)

Name: Abhishek Malakar
Department: Electronics and Communication Engineering
E-mail: a[email protected]

I was a part of the Student Council 2018-2019 as the Joint Technical Secretary and was always interested in putting forth my views when it came to the General Council work which involved making the student experience at college an immersive one. At that point, I had it in mind that when push comes to shove, I would be more than willing to apply for a position in the General Council. People tend to lose hope in the administration and the Student Council when their opinions are unnoticed or when there is a delayed answer to a query—therefore I will put maximum effort in making sure that such a situation does not arise.

Mess, Hostel, and Academics are the three pillars of a student’s life, and my predecessors had made sure that the first two pillars stood firm. Following their example, I wish to strengthen the third pillar, that is academics. I will introduce ‘The Student Teaching Student Program’ where the concept of peer learning would be implemented. I have always given utmost importance to mental health and character development. Hence, I wish to introduce programs to ensure that every student on campus has access to resources in their time of need. With more than a hundred Class Representatives, it is imperative that the Council conducts regular meetings with them to understand their viewpoints. Lastly, I would like to continue my work on the Student Council and Research Portal in a bid for students to get the most out of their college lives.

General Secretary (Female)

Name: Vinitha Chelluboina
Department: Civil Engineering
E-mail: [email protected]

After having an eventful school life with a lot of opportunities and leadership posts, I felt like I was missing a part of myself in my college lifein terms of having power and responsibilities, being tested to the best of my abilities or being able to make a positive change in people’s lives. I wanted to do this for myself and the rest of the students to make them realise that they are the ones limiting themselves and that it is never too late to strive for what they want. The election was a nervous experience for me as I was not a part of the Junior Council. It was owing to my mom that I took up this leadership post and tried to become a better version of myself.

Being a Bharat Guide for eight years and the Guides Troop Leader during my final school years, I was always prepared for whatever challenge came my way. I was also a part of my school’s student body, sports teams, and I am currently a third-year NCC cadet. I believe that I am a great team player and want to make our Student Council a strong team. As the General Secretary, my work is not limited to the fests but also other domains like mess, academics, and hostels. We have the responsibility to ensure that ideas and changes are not just left at the discussion table but are successfully implemented. We also work to address the grievances of the students. My goal during my tenure would be to focus on mental health awareness and introduce necessary changes with inputs from various student polls.


Name: Varun Kabra
Department: Information Technology
E-mail: [email protected]

The position of power has always intrigued mankind and I, as a child was no exception to this. It was only after my father quoted from the Spider-Man movie, “with great power comes great responsibility” that I shaped my course of action. From being barely an enthusiast, I looked for what I could do to benefit others and what changes I could bring about, but most importantly, how I could make myself worthy of such a position.

Serving as a prefect in elementary school framed my leadership skills and being the CR twice gave me a professional edge. It was only later that I decided to implement my knowledge and acquired experience on a much wider stage as The Student Council. Serving as a Treasurer and dealing with sponsors and administration is my speciality. My prime objectives are those aspects of accounting and transactions which are not already under the digital domain. Along with the sturdy nature of offline documentation, I will work towards creating portals for online prize distribution and reimbursement to make transactions quick and hassle-free. Stress will also be laid upon easy customisation of online records for thorough study, quick analysis, and proper mobilisation of funds. I believe in delivering my best—I will not only boost my professional skill-set to use it for the greater good but also maintain the stature of the Student Council.

Technical Secretary (Male) 

Name: Naveen Tiwari
Department: Civil Engineering
E-mail: [email protected]

A leader is someone who does not misuse his/her power. The title is defined by its ability to connect and motivate others, and I think my composed character can help in bonding with others and hence help empower them to be good leaders. As the technical convenor, it falls upon me to supervise the technical fest along with support from my colleagues. Along with coordinating all technical events and ensuring a solid relationship between the clubs and the student projects, I also have to promote intercollegiate fests by maximising their traction. Since this position calls for a considerable amount of commitment and a sense of leadership, it is necessary that one understands the responsibility and always hopes to get the best of it.

I firmly believe that my portfolio and credentials as a Technical Secretary are perfectly coherent, and I would strive to not only propose to implement ideas but also plan for growth in the long term. Furthermore, I would like to help make the learning process more enjoyable while maintaining administrative rules.

A fest is only exemplary in its motive when there are new and innovative ideas exercised for better participation and a buoyant atmosphere. I intend to introduce new and exhilarating events with the motivation to compel a greater audience. Hackathons have always been a great programme to help students practice their technical skills and prowess. Its purpose is to collectively learn about a problem and come up with a solution. On the technical side, I plan on introducing an online platform for project development and aim to include research papers in our curriculum with the intention to edify the students’ knowledge about topics broader than the syllabus.

Technical Secretary (Female) 

Name: Ankita Modi
Department: Biomedical Engineering
E-mail: [email protected]

All of us focus on putting our best efforts into our projects, research, innovation and business plans, as we tirelessly strive towards perfection. Entrusted with the role of Technical Secretary of the Student Council, I will be working towards the overall improvement of technical aspects for the smooth running of college events.

Despite having a vast infrastructure, support from administration, and all kinds of technical assistance, the meagre participation of students in college activities is truly unfortunate. In the past, the Student Council has tried to improve the involvement of students in events. While there have been positive results, certain agendas could not be successfully implemented. There is a difference between proposing ideas for change and looking at their feasibility and consequences from all angles. I intend to interact more with student bodies, professors and the administration in an attempt to get to know their perspectives and to improve upon their feedback. There are a few new ideas that I wish to discuss with technical clubs and student project teams that may benefit us all.

The post of Technical Secretary is a bridge between technical student bodies and the students that benefit from events organised by them. Honesty, patience, perseverance, and most importantly, the ability to listen to everyone and make unbiased decisions are the essential virtues for an incumbent. Understanding the systematic and efficient management skills required is crucial as I venture out in my journey of life.

Cultural Secretary (Male)

Name: Mrigank Gautam
Department: Civil Engineering
E-mail: [email protected]

In my opinion, someone with authority can demand compliance, but they cannot dictate optimism, trust, conviction, or creativity. Keeping this in mind, I chose to run for the post of Cultural Secretary. During my schooling, I had the privilege to serve as the Convener for all cultural occasions.

As the Cultural Secretary, the task falls into my hands to organise various cultural events and to ensure that a symbiotic relationship exists between all student-run cultural clubs. Besides these responsibilities, I aid in making Revels an avenue for students in and out of MIT to participate in and explore their talents.

Since the Council as a whole is respectably new in functioning, huddling, in the beginning, is to be expected. But with time, the solidarity in the Council has grown to a level where it has now turned into an amity of understanding. At the same time, help from the previous Council has also played an essential role in understanding the working and hence aided in providing for an able student representative body.

Cultural Secretary (Female)

Name:  Prakriti Parihar
Department: Computer & Communication Engineering
E-mail: [email protected]

The Cultural Secretary is mainly behind the organisation of Revels and the preparations made for external fests, as well as the coordination between cultural clubs and the administration. My inclination towards cultural activities began in school. I completed my B.A. (Visharad-II) from Bhatkhande University, Lucknow in class 10 and was an active MUNer, and quizzer as well. From my first day at MIT, I had the vision to serve in the Editorial Board, and later the Student Council. Hence, I became an admin member of the Editorial Board in my first year and a Joint Cultural Secretary the following year.

My plan of action involves the successful organisation of Revels ’20 as the Convener. I want to make the fest a great experience, not only for participants through a variety of events but also for the CCs, organisers, and volunteers. My second agenda is getting the Utsav trophy back to MIT this year. MIT contingents at external competitions often bring back laurels to the college. Hence, I will ensure that the outstation participation process is smooth. Additionally, I would personally like to eliminate the general belief that technical skills matter more than non-technical skills, for, at the end of the day, such skills help distinguish your personality.

Presently, I am afraid to say that there is a large gap in the interaction between cultural secretary and students. As Joint Cultural Secretary, there was little time for interaction while trying to get things in order. This fest, I want to make sure that I personally meet organisers and volunteers as Convener and help initiate the bridging of this gap.

As Cultural Secretary, I aim to eradicate all the issues that I noticed as Joint Cultural Secretary and will try to be just and friendly with my fellow students. Everyone must be given the opportunity to execute their ideas and take initiative. I don’t want to treat non-council members differently just because they do not have the means that the Council has. My aim is to empower the average college student. I am ready for this exciting yet challenging experience and hope to end my term by making a difference in the lives of others and myself.

Sports Secretary (Male) 

Name:  Rishikumar Mathiazhagan
Department: Mechanical Engineering
E-mail: [email protected]

Since I was a child, I have been inclined towards sports and nothing else. In college, I came to notice that there were shortcomings in the way sports were run and hence intended to bring about some changes. Obviously, as the Sports Secretary, one of my primary responsibilities would be running Revels and trying to bring necessary changes for the players of various sports teams and clubs.

To improve the current state of affairs, I shall try to get coaches as far as possible for all teams, improve participation of our college in Revels, provide more practice games for our teams, and also take into account the team captains’ inputs. Some of the other pressing challenges we presently face are the remote location of the equipment housing and the lack of experienced coaches.

Sports Secretary (Female) 

Name: Ankita Singh
Department: Biotechnology
E-mail: [email protected]

I was very excited to be elected for the post of Sports Secretary, having dabbled in plenty of sports from a very young age. It was disappointing to learn that I was the only person who stood for the post. There are many female athletes in college, however, they are unable to fully pursue their sporting interests as most facilities are often preoccupied with teams. I hope I can change that and get more people involved in sports.

I play multiple sports such as basketball and tennis, but have been particularly ardent about swimming since the seventh grade. I have participated in national level swimming and water polo contests and now represent the institute in various swimming competitions.

In my three years here, I have made observations on the sports front and have a clear plan on what I aim to do. I would like to introduce a system of timing for sports facilities such that even non-team members get an equal opportunity to use them and pursue sport as an individual. We also plan on improving the men’s gym with better and newer equipment and establishing a brand new women’s gym, as the ones in hostels are not up to the mark. Bringing in more participants in programs such as intersection sports events is the key to integrating sports into the daily lives of students at MIT.

Personally, I want to excel in swimming and continue exercising in the long term. In a country suffering from obesity, heart disease and diabetes, I hope to push more people to pick up a sport they enjoy. At the college level, I want to encourage more people to engage in a sport, even if it is just as a hobby. Sports teaches us a lot of things and helps us build character. I hope I can encourage people to the fullest during my tenure as Sports Secretary.

Placement Secretary (Male) 

Name: Harish Pawar
Department: Automobile Engineering
E-mail: [email protected]

As a Placement Secretary, my responsibilities are to ensure a systematic and hassle-free placement process. These generally entail the transfer of information sent to us by companies or the administration to class representatives, the development of a vigorous network of volunteers for the Placement Process and the conduction of placement feedback sessions.

When I joined the institute back in 2017, I first entered the campus through the Directors’ Office from the trophy lounge. Keeping in mind the memory of the alluring vibe in that room, I knew that I had to make a difference. With the portfolio of Placement Secretary, I aim to stand true to this mission.

I had a very humble beginning in comparison to what I have achieved so far. Over the span of the past few years, I saw progress within me, with respect to changing my branch from Chemical to Automobile, and then improving my GPA drastically. I have the experience of coordinating with over 25 companies at the Placement Cell by virtue of which I have interacted with an array of HR representatives from the recruiting companies. This has given me the knowledge to understand the companies’ performance in responding to growing changes in market trends and what an employer seeks in an employee.

There are many initiatives that I am currently working on. I am trying to reintroduce the Placement Training Sessions and revamp the Placement Portal. I am also shouldering initiatives to set up a robust network of volunteers that integrates external collaborators to usher in the diversification of the Placement Process and the training associated with it. In addition to this, I strive to increase the accessibility of the much-overlooked Feedback Sessions of placed students, to see a maximum benefit for all students. Thus, through vision and action, I aim to put my goals into effect for the long rally ahead.

Placement Secretary (Female) 

Name: Shruti Sanghi
Department: Industrial & Production Engineering
E-mail: [email protected]

Placements are an integral part of the college experience, and students tend to be apprehensive and face stress during the placement process. As a Placement Secretary, my primary duty is to coordinate between companies, the college authorities, and the students to help make this platform more accessible for students.

Students appearing for placements are sometimes unable to perform to their maximum potential due to a lack of experience and prior knowledge. With the introduction of mock group discussions and online tests, students would have an opportunity to face the placement sessions prepared. Having volunteered at the Student Placement Centre (SPC), I came across students who had to choose between taking an online test and giving interviews for different companies due to an overlap in schedules. I aim to reduce such problems by optimising communication between the stakeholders involved and creating a more efficient plan. I also wish to increase awareness about the companies coming to campus, so that students approach the opportunity holistically rather than just being focused on the salary (CTC), brand name or visibility of the company.

Vice President (Male)

Name: Saharsh Ranjan
Department: Mechanical Engineering
E-mail: [email protected]

As the Vice President of the Student Council, I am responsible for representing the college at various events and functions, as and when the President asks me to. I assist the President in the management of hostel and mess committees and attend to its related issues. I coordinate with class representatives for the better functioning of the college and look into problems faced by students, thus forming a medium for communication between the administration and students. I am responsible for assuming the duties of the President in his absence. Along with these general roles and responsibilities, I work with the Student Council to organise college events.

I have plenty of experience in leadership positions. I was the Head Boy back in school and was previously a Class Representative in college. I have also been active in Manipal, such as having actively participated in college events and fests, and was a part of two active clubs and the official media body of MIT. For three semesters, I closely observed everything in college, and thus had good networking skills around the campus as a result. So when the talk of Student Council came up, I believed I had the skill and experience to take up responsibility as Vice President and work for the college and students.

The Student Council forms the point of contact between the college’s students and its administration. Thus, it is of great importance that the Council is approachable to students, something that can be done through better interaction between the two groups. I want to start a mechanism through which the students can give their feedback and suggestions regularly. I also want to make the Council more active on social media so that students can be directly updated about important matters. The Council has a website which came into effect last year, and I aim to increase its reach so that students can send their grievances and know more about the Council and its duties.

My major plans include working to improve the contact between students and the Student Council, improving the mechanism of providing feedback and suggestions, the setting up of essential stores near block 16-20 to reduce its isolation from the rest of the campus and improve hostel facilities. The mess, having been made compulsory, has resulted in a lot of problems for some students. I am determined to work and devise a solution for it. I also want to work on a few basic areas such as waste segregation on campus, the setting up of a pharmacy, and more. This position is an opportunity for me to work for the better functioning of the college and a means by which I can properly address problems faced by the students.

Vice President (Female)

Name: Malvika Agarwal
Department: Mechanical Engineering
E-mail: [email protected]

I have always liked helping people and believe that I can solve their issues through the right discussion and motivation. The Student Council is the only student body in MIT, which addresses the different problems that students face in their day-to-day campus life and also conveys their ideas and solutions to the administration. I decided to join the Student Council to put my abilities to the best use and to make a positive difference in the student community.

Being Vice-President is a very diverse role, and we address the general issues of the students. It is an important role, and I saw myself fit to carry out the responsibility. I knew that I would learn a lot and deliver the best results. I performed all my duties as a student representative and took them a step ahead. My classmates recognised me as someone who was approachable and listened to their problems. I felt good knowing that I was helpful in crucial situations and in times when they needed someone to talk to. This experience made me realise that being there for others and empathising with them is the best way to lead when tough decisions are to be taken. Another thing I have learned after joining MIT is that constructive criticism is something that we should learn to accept because it helps us to improve our decision making. I am open to constructive criticism to make the Council more effective in its functioning.

Our college provides us with immense opportunities and the freedom to learn and grow with these opportunities. But we can always work hard to improve the functioning of MIT and make it a better experience for the students. One of the issues I would like to address is the involvement of students in projects and research work. I want more students to get involved in these activities as they are the best tool for learning outside the classroom and help in applications for higher studies. Another plan is for a joint night canteen for Block 21 and 22 and also extended timings for night canteens during the end semester examination. Also, the Central Library has several facilities which are incredibly beneficial for the students like free access to e-journals, e-magazines, book bank facility. Unfortunately, many students are not aware of these—I want to publicise these facilities so that students can utilise these to the maximum.

Joint Secretary (Male)

Name: Ankit Jajoo
Department: Mechanical Engineering
E-mail: [email protected]

During the Student Council elections, I had applied for the positions of Joint Secretary and Vice President, and not Joint Sports or Technical Secretary because I didn’t want to work in a specific domain—I thought I would be a better fit for a post in the General Council. Although the work of every individual in the Council is different and vital, my interest was mainly in the functioning of the college, and not only in the working of the fests.

The General Council is responsible for the smooth functioning of three of the most critical parts of an MITian’s life—the hostels, the mess, and academics. We also take care of any new initiatives undertaken by the Council, such as the CDC,  Student Buddy program, etc.

As Joint Secretaries, Nikita and I also have to take down the minutes of every important meeting. Along with these duties, in my term, some of the changes I wish to implement to make a student’s life easier are semester-wise orientations for students, and e-payments at the Cafeteria and night canteens.

Joint Secretary (Female) 

Name: Nikita Agarwal
Department: Electronics & Communication Engineering
E-mail: [email protected]

My journey from an oblivious fresher, from slowly learning and adapting to the Manipal environment and the pressures of being an engineering student—to earning the respect of my peers which warranted a seat on the Student Council as the Joint Secretary is one I couldn’t have anticipated. I’m grateful to all the people who’ve had a direct or indirect role in this journey. 

In spite of all the great qualities MIT has imbibed through its culture, it always strives to do better by its students and faculty. I subscribe to this philosophy, and it played a pivotal role in my decision to run for the Student Council in the capacity of Joint Secretary. I believe that I am duty-bound to enact change for the better, enriching the lives of the people around me. In conjunction with my leadership skills, I believe that I’m capable of delivering on the various goals I ran for office on. 

The post of Joint Secretary grants me access to all the hostels and messes. It’s high time that a quality check is made and the same standards are enforced across all the respective institutions of concern around campus, ensuring a smooth functioning for the students and staff alike. Apart from this, I plan to make the health of all the students a centerstage issue in the course of my tenure. This would be enacted through various programs like the setting up of a shuttle service, offering a means of transport to the injured students of the campus. I also want to bolster the Student Support team by appropriating them with the tools to fight mental illnesses plaguing students in this day and age. 

The rest of the leaders from the Student Council and I are spearheading a program to set up a research portal, assisting both students in working on projects in their field of interest, and professors in gaining the required workforce in fulfilling the various tasks pertaining to the project. We’re going a step further and will set up a dedicated team to organise live sessions or webinars with researchers across the world imparting valuable insight from which the students can learn. 

Joint Cultural Secretary (Male) 

Name: Siddhant Sharma
Department: Chemical Engineering
E-mail: [email protected]

My deep interest in all forms of culture, be it drama, music, quizzes, debates or literature, urged me to apply for the post of the Joint Cultural Secretary in the Student Council. I see leadership, music, and culture, in their totality, as integral parts of my personality.  My role as the Joint Cultural Secretary would be to enhance the cultural activities at MIT and ensure that they live up to the students’ expectations.

During my tenure as a member of the Student Council, I wish to undertake the responsibility of transforming Revels into the epitome of cultural fests. I’ve noticed that a lot of talent goes to waste when students don’t participate during the fest. My primary goal is to include the students’ diverse cultural interests in the fest and motivate them to take part in other intercollegiate fests as well. Besides this, I believe that actively working on the feedback and ideas that we get from students is of utmost importance.

The odd semester, after taking into account the TechTatva and academic bans, has barely any time left for us to conduct any cultural events. I would like to work out a way to manage time better so that we can include more cultural events in the odd semester. As the Joint Cultural Secretary, I vow to assist the Student Council in every possible way and be a reliable bridge between the students of MIT and the Student Council while being fair and just.

Joint Cultural Secretary (Female) 

Name: Namrata Hazarika
Department: Electronics & Communication Engineering
E-mail: [email protected]

I believe cultural fests are a great outlet for one’s creativity which is why I decided to run for the post of Joint Cultural Secretary. As a part of Chords and Co., a music club in Manipal, I began to take a keen interest in the working of the club and learnt a lot about planning and managing events.  I became acquainted with the college’s cultural scene and wished to make it even more vibrant. Given the dynamics of our college, I feel like there is a lot that we can do to make the fests and other cultural events better.

As the Joint Cultural Secretary, I intend to increase outstation participation for Revels’ 2020, the biggest cultural event of the year, as well as encourage more active participation by our own students. The students’ valuable feedback can be incorporated to make the fests engaging and promote participation.  I wish to organise more cultural nights or events in the college apart from the fest.

As a part of the Student Council, I would like to tell the students that we are always there to convey their problems to the administration. They should feel free to reach out to us whenever they face any issues.

Joint Technical Secretary (Male) 

Name: Niket Kulkarni
Department: Electrical & Electronics Engineering
E-mail: [email protected]

I believe that as students of an engineering college, it is our responsibility to ensure that technical knowledge is spread to everyone. Our previous Councils have set high standards by ensuring student welfare in all aspects, through effective administration and discharge of duties. They set examples for the new Council to look up to and follow.

As the Joint Technical Secretary, I would like to improve the contribution and functioning of Student Projects and Technical clubs of MIT during TechTatva. I also want to work on improving the smaller aspects of student life, like ensuring GPay and PayTM in the Cafeteria, creating a provision to access previous year question papers, and bridging the gap between research students and professors by creating an online portal where they can interact.

I hope to start implementing my ideas by the second half of January and see them fully functional by the end of the semester. During the summer break, I intend to work on any new issues that may arise this semester.

Joint Technical Secretary (Female) 

Name: Samyukhta Raj
Department: Computer Science Engineering
E-mail: [email protected]

The Student Council is the link between the administration and the student body, so the simplest way to bring about a change is by being a part of it. They know the needs of the students and can gauge whether the changes are feasible.

One of my main goals is to increase the research outcome of the college as a whole. I think that a few small initiatives can make a huge difference in this area. I would like to create a forum to connect interested students with professors actively conducting research in the student’s area of interest. It would be a requirement based system where students would put forth their ideas and interests, and the college would have a forum that helps them find the right guidance.

Apart from that, I would like to host other national and international level competitions alongside TechTatva to promote outstation participation. We are an engineering college, and at the end of the day, our technical fest should be great. All in all, I want to come up with new categories and competitions that students can take part in and come out with something fruitful and tangible. It’s also important to make it more inclusive and fun. My focus would also be on bringing in more sponsors for TechTatva.

I will work towards getting more well-established companies to hold workshops that can spark an interest in students, helping them continue on that path. The workshops will be held with the aim of identifying competent teams and students and sending them for competitions outside the college. Overall, I want to help everyone to be more aware of the guidance and opportunities that the college already offers in the technical area.

Joint Sports Secretary (Male)

Name: Ishan Trivedi
Department: Information Technology
E-mail: [email protected]

Before I began with B.Tech, being an NDA aspirant, I was trained in a military school where I was introduced to a set of leadership skills which motivated me to join the Student Council. I’ve loved playing sports such as hockey, basketball, and football. In Manipal, I’ve played for two university and four college teams which further persuaded me to apply for the post of Joint Sports Secretary.

Some of the changes I would like to implement during my term are increasing the participation of various colleges during Revels, recognition of a student’s achievements in sports, and having a provision for extra dietary supplements for athletes. Apart from this, I would also like to bridge the gap between students and the Physical Education Department by voicing the opinions of students who are enthusiastic about sports.

Another initiative I would like to see fulfilled is to increase the participation of female students in sports, so that female athletes’ contributions are recognised. By doing so, we can ensure that we have both male and female teams, for all sports. I would also like to encourage as many students as possible to take part in sporting activities regularly to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Joint Sports Secretary (Female)

Name: Chitrangada
Department: Mechatronics Engineering
E-mail: [email protected]

From viewing Manipal as a completely strange place to one that I can call home, it has been a long journey.  A lot of friends have turned into family along the way, and it feels absolutely great to be a part of another one, the Student Council, where I can make a difference for the better in a field in which I’ve excelled since my school days.

Notwithstanding the great strides of my predecessors, there is still much room for improvement in the field of sports for girls in the college. Despite being better than last year, participation could still be improved. In my personal interactions, I have observed that many people in the college are good at sports yet do not participate much at the college level. One of my main aims as the Sports Secretary would be to encourage those who have played before, those who are interested, or even those who are thinking of picking up a sport, to start being more physically active in games.

The entire Sports Department has come up with many innovative and different ideas despite it being just the starting of the working term. We feel like a more interactive sphere can be created by the help of induction programmes and workshops to inform, motivate, and influence the students to pick up a sport they used to play or even a completely new one. All in all, my main goal would be to better the physical fitness of the campus with the help of the Sports Department and the Student Council.

Editor-in-Chief: The MIT Post 

Name: Ramathmika
Department: Computer Science Engineering
E-mail: [email protected]

The journey from being a writer to becoming the Editor-in-Chief of the college’s official media body has been strenuous and educational at the same time. Working with talented people across various departments has given me the knowledge to serve both the Council and my organisation in helping bring forth solutions to students’ problems. As the EIC, it is also my duty to work with the administration and ensure that accurate information is being conveyed to the students on time. Besides posting important notices on our Facebook page, we also notify the students through our app to ensure they never miss out on anything crucial to their academic lives.

In addition to launching our app—which can help students stay up-to-date with everything concerning the campus through our articles, event database, quick SLcM access, and notifications on important notices—we also aim to bring to fruition several other initiatives to keep the student populace well aware of everything happening around them. With the help of my team, I am also working on increasing our presence on social media and other platforms as the lack thereof currently proves to be an obstacle in reaching out to students.

Furthermore, with the help of this uniquely skilled team, I hope to help every member of The Post, along with the rest of the student body, flourish and work on their talents, and provide them with a positive environment to discuss and debate on issues, and come to informed and intelligent conclusions. The foundation of The Post lies in keeping all our fellow students informed about the world we live in—to help them grow into responsible decision-makers in this modern world. Continuing on these principles, I hope to bring to the students, content that is relevant and initiate an open dialogue on matters that need to be spoken about.

Managing Editor: The MIT Post 

Name: Kritika Batra
Department: Biotechnology
E-mail: [email protected]

As the Managing Editor of The MIT Post, I ensure that all of our departments—writing, art, design, and tech—function smoothly and each member at The Post works towards creating better content.

Since my time as a writer at The Post, I’ve seen the potential that the organisation has to reach out to students as a media body. I aim to make all of our content more interactive and relevant to the students at MIT. We also serve as a medium for the administration to get important notices across to the students.

With support from the Student Welfare, we’ve been able to be a part of many important decisions which were made to benefit the students. The boards before us have laid a solid foundation for us to build upon, and it’s my aim to have every student be well-informed about everything that happens in their college. During my term, I want to direct the organisation towards covering a lot more local news and cultural events that take place in and around Manipal. Unfortunately, many important issues get drowned out but I want to make sure that they get the attention they deserve, and that The Post brings about a change through our work.

Editor-in-Chief: Editorial Board

Name: Amrita Mehta
Department: Chemical Engineering
E-mail: [email protected]

I joined the Editorial Board as a Writer in the English Writing Department in my first year. In the last two years, I have stepped into a lot of different roles for the organisation and becoming the Editor-In-Chief has been an honour, and pleasure so far.

As the EIC, my primary function in the Editorial Board is to ensure that the organisation works like a well-oiled machine in conjunction with the college administration, and delivers efficiently. Simultaneously, I would also like to help every member of the EdBoard to grow in every capacity and let their ideas flourish.

Starting from this year, in addition to a soft copy handed out to graduating students in pen drives, the Yearbook of MIT will also be hosted on an official college website and our team of web developers will be working towards it. With the help of the new team, and moving into the digital direction, we would also like to optimise some of the cumbersome and repetitive processes that we have to execute.

The Editorial Board has regular meetings to maintain a constant flow of work, and a sharp eye on the strict deadlines that must be adhered to, something we achieve through synergy between our departments. There exists a clear and effective distinction of work, and I attempt to ensure that justice is done to each part by being a team mentor or member as and when required. The new changes to the Editorial Board come as a welcome challenge, and with the help of the team, I hope to deliver the very best work.

Managing Editor: Editorial Board

Name: Sudhanshu Maheshwari
Department: Information Technology
E-mail: [email protected]

As Managing Editor, it is my role to ensure that everything runs smoothly and that all tasks at hand are conducted with ease at the Editorial Board. From the start of the year with its hectic photo-shoots till its end with the joyous book launch, I make sure that all processes are in check and that the students, administration and everyone associated in our journey is happy with our efforts. Continuing the tradition of the last two editions, we will have a digital yearbook. We have learnt a lot from our previous years at The Editorial Board and aim to bring in new ideas to support the digitisation movement that the organisation had earlier initiated. I wish to be a part of the creation of a yearbook that will serve as a technological standard for the next iterations to come. With our accomplished technical team and the support of the other teams, we hope to achieve this target in our term.

I joined the Editorial Board as a graphic designer in my second year and worked with the team every day. On most days, work went on until 4 AM. As one may expect, we started forming a bond and became comfortable with each other over time. Before I knew it, The Editorial Board had slowly become like home to me. So naturally, in my third year, it felt like a responsibility to help the organisation out in any way possible, and the position of Managing Editor felt like the right one in my effort to contribute to The Editorial Board.

My overall experience as Managing Editor has been astounding. The amount of work the team puts in requires an equal amount of management in order to compile the Yearbook. As hectic as the schedule is, it is just as fun and allows me to learn about the working of a body that has multiple teams, while also testing my ability to manage such bodies patiently. It is one of the best decisions I have ever made.

Managing Editor: Editorial Board

Name: Ishaan Dhingra
Department: Aeronautical Engineering
E-mail: [email protected]

As Managing Editor, I am required to head the various departments of the Editorial Board, as well as act as a channel of communication between the college administration and the Board. My job is to ensure that everything works in tandem with what the college wants and that there is clarity in inter-departmental communication within the Board.

The Yearbook is created so that those that have passed out have a memento of all the wonderful times they have had in college, reminiscing about the memories and friendships they have forged. As a result, the Editorial team must work well together, without letting any difference of opinion or personal conflict mar their endeavours. In my term as Managing Editor, I would like to inculcate in my team a spirit of the integrity of work, where all personal differences are set aside, and relationships are built on a professional level.

Due to the multi-disciplinary nature of work at the Editorial Board, every single internship I have undertaken has tested the skills I have acquired here. We are taught to interact with seniors, prospective bosses, and the college administration, and come to a consensus with them. This helps a great deal when it comes to shaping one’s career and the way one would work in the corporate sector. The task of being a part of the Editorial Board may seem intimidating, but with the right people and the right tools to pull you through, it no longer remains an organisation, but rather, becomes a family.

The Student Council can be reached through their e-mail address, [email protected]

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