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The Student Council (2018-2019)

The Student Council is one of the most important student-run bodies on campus. Members of the Student Council serve as the bridge between the students and the administration. Not only do they ensure that the grievances of the student population reaches the ears of the authorities, but they also act as the students’ representatives in the process of making important decisions.


Name: Archit Agrawal
Department: Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering
E-mail: [email protected]

From being a first-year Mechanical Engineering student, trying to adapt to the MIT Culture, to becoming the President of the Student Council, my drive and desire to make positive changes and bring about initiatives remains unwavering. Having been elected the Vice-President of the Student Council in my second year, I saw the scope of what I could achieve—bringing changes directly and allowing others to see the light while incorporating others’ suggestions and ideas.

Listening to my dad’s experiences as the General Secretary of his college was just one of the things that motivated me to run for office. Exposure to the administrative side of things, as the Vice-President, has enlightened me about the various procedures and intricacies involved in bringing about even the smallest of changes. Perspective is going to be a valuable asset in my tenure as the President. Being accessible is something I highly value and along with our administration, I welcome people to walk in whenever the need arises.

My agenda as the President is to take advantage of the well-established Student Councils and representative bodies of various colleges under MAHE. Unifying the already interacting Student Councils and bringing up initiatives on a University level, in addition to MIT agendas is on the cards. Another point of focus would be the revival of certain clubs which were losing relevance. With the help of the administration, I plan on helping the situation not just in MIT but in all of Manipal.

General Secretary (Male)

Name: Rohith Reddy
Department: Computers and Communication Engineering
E-mail: [email protected]

I was the Head Boy in school, and hence, when I arrived at college, I naturally looked out for the next similar experience. I knew that the Student Council was the place for me to be, and that has been a driving force for me to pursue the post of General Secretary. My appointment as the Joint Secretary in the last term gave me direction but becoming the General Secretary is the result of a lot of hard work. I aim to work equally hard this time around and hope to live up to the expectations of the students.

The Student Council is an integral part of the entire college setup and is the most influential student body to exist. It exists to act as a bridge between the students and the administration, press for changes to improve the life of students, and help the Institute progress. The General Secretaries have immense responsibilities on their shoulders. They are responsible for the smooth functioning of three of the most important parts of an MITian’s life–the hostels, the mess, and academics. It is the duty of the General Secretary to see to it that the ideas and reforms that are discussed upon during the Student Council’s meeting are brought to fruition. This time around, the primary objective is to improve the functioning of existing committees like the mess and the hostel committee, while also introducing changes wherever required. Along with this primary objective, we plan to start off from where the previous ones left, and the first step towards that would be to deal with the failures that took place last time around. There is a plan to improve the implementation of the Student Buddy program among other changes.

General Secretary (Female)

Name: Mohini Rajamani
Department: Electrical and Electronics Engineering
E-mail: [email protected]

Ever since I was elected to the post of the Joint Secretary, it was clear to me that becoming the General Secretary was the next step forward. Me being here is the result of the intense hard work that has been put in, and also the faith that people have put in me. The decision that I made to become the General Secretary was easy, but surviving the intense competition and reaching here gives me the drive to live up to the post’s demands. I have always wanted to be responsible for something in the college and being the General Secretary gives me an opportunity to achieve that.

The primary hurdle faced by the Student Council is communication and its perception among the students. Hence, the General Secretaries plan on initiating the necessary changes so that the students can take maximum advantage of the massive setup of the Student Council. This would also breach the communication gap, and hence improve the functioning of the Student Council. Over the course of many terms, this has been a recurring issue on the list of General Secretaries and this time around, they would like to establish a lasting connection with the students.


Name: Sidharth Jindal
Department: Computers and Communication Engineering
E-mail: [email protected]

The Treasurer is responsible for all the finances in the college, such as the money involved in the fests and club activities, along with the reimbursements pertaining to workshops. My job is to create a log, accounting for all transactions, verify it at the institute and finally get it cleared at the university.

While volunteering at the placement department, I came across the various problems encountered when a student takes an issue directly to the authorities. I learned of the need to formally frame and present grievances to the faculty, while also gaining exposure to the difficulties faced by students. My liking towards the handling of money and its importance as a bridge between students and the higher authorities made me gravitate towards the post of Treasurer.

I aim to carry on the legacy of moving processes online by digitalising the entire MIT cafeteria system. This will help save time, avoid order duplication and streamline processes such as card activation, mess change, and breakfast takeaway. Similarly, I aim to move online the issue of delegate cards, tickets and prize money remuneration. With such changes made, we can make our experiences in Manipal better and more memorable in the days to come.

Technical Secretary (Male)

Name: Prateek Kapoor
Department: Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering
E-mail: [email protected]

As the Technical Secretary, organising and planning the smooth flow of TechTatva is one of my major responsibilities.

A lot of work and planning goes into creating new events and categories. We have seen many similar events in the past years. We now wish to avoid similar events in order to keep the fest from becoming monotonous for those who have attended previous TechTatvas.  Any change or addition to technical events at college will seem effective only when we see a rise in participation from the students. We have a lot of interesting activities that do not get their deserved recognition due to lack of participation. The publicity of technical ‘featured events’ needs to begin well in advance in order to attract larger crowds. That is something I wish to improve upon.

Promoting clubs and student projects are some of my other responsibilities. It is also essential to provide students with the opportunity to understand the objectives and working techniques of technical clubs before they join them. I plan to propose the idea of a ‘Freshers’ Fest’ to help students decide which technical clubs actually boost their capabilities and captivate their interests in the long run. I wish to discharge my duties well and bring changes in order to see growth in the technical aspects of the college.

Technical Secretary (Female)

Name: Rashmi Samant
Department: Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering
E-mail: [email protected]

My role, as a Technical Secretary, is to actively support the management of projects, and a wide variety of other events that require a technical touch. This position also requires non-technical coordination with the project team and the management. I also serve as a medium of communication between the students and administration by voicing their concerns.

TechTatva is one of the main events planned well in advance by the technical team. As a Technical Secretary, I have a major role to play during this fest.  TechTatva’18 saw an improvement in the quality of the fest, and I intend to raise the bar even higher. I want to include events that everyone can feel connected to. Everyone must find something relevant to them. We need to change the culture of specific crowds being a part of the technical fest at an engineering college.

Apart from the fests, I want to improve the research culture here. Students are unaware of the resources like journals and papers that are, unfortunately, underutilised. I want to build enthusiasm among crowds and encourage them to move out of their comfort zones and experiment with things they have never done before.  I also intend to include workshops that add value to the participants in order for them to learn something new and have better opportunities for internships.

My main duty is to organise and follow-up timely projects and encourage research. I hope to discharge my duties diligently and responsibly as long as I hold this position.

Cultural Secretary (Male)

Name: Ashesh
Department: Civil Engineering
E-mail: [email protected]

From the moment I joined MIT, I aspired to be a part of the Student Council, and this year, I got the opportunity to do so. I was very motivated to be part of the Student Council so the road bumps did not get me down too much. As the Cultural Secretary, all cultural clubs and cultural fests come under my belt. It is my duty to make sure that these clubs are working efficiently and doing what they need to do.

Currently, I am working on making room booking easier for clubs online. We have opened an online portal to make the process easier for clubs. It has given me a lot of insight and helped me learn a lot, including the skills required to make to right decisions. If there is one thing I would like to change when it comes to fests, it is the imbalance in the people organising and participating. The number of people who participate is very less in comparison to the number of organisers. We can easily manage with a smaller organising committee, but we want more student participation. In Revels, we aim to include more participation from other Manipal colleges like MUJ and SMIT.

Being part of the Student Council, the most important thing to me is to be just and fair to all. As a team, it is our duty to ensure that we are delivering to the needs of the students and at the same time being relevant. Being relevant and updated with the way the current generation works while also adding a touch of our own creativity are vital, according to me.

Cultural Secretary (Female)

Name: Riti Sharma
Department: Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering
E-mail: [email protected]

As a part of the Student Council last year as the Joint Cultural Secretary, I had the opportunity to learn the ins and outs of how things work from my seniors. The transition to being the Cultural Secretary was smooth and I am very excited to see how this year unfolds for us.

This year we have a lot of members who were not part of the Junior Council which gives us many fresh ideas and opens a completely different perspective that we may not have had before. Other than that, this year has already started with us being quite efficient with our planning and I hope to see it continue.

The main challenge we are facing is participation from students. This year, we intend to spread our publicity to other MAHE colleges in order to get more participation and continue to publicise our events on home-ground as well. Furthermore, since the odd semesters are not loaded with cultural competition, we intend to introduce the concept of using Saturdays as a day for clubs to showcase their talents and engage all students.

Sports Secretary (Male)

Name: Sahil Bava Teekay
Branch: Industrial and Production Engineering
E-mail: [email protected]


I have always been passionate about sports and I have wanted to be a part of the organising committee for Revels ever since my first year. This Revels, we want to create more opportunity for increased participation on that side of the campus as well. Some of the biggest challenges we face is getting an audience for the events and we will be looking at better publicity as well. I also want to give more power to the captains because they are the ones who know the requirements of their players. We will also be looking at providing better infrastructure and coaches to the teams. We have a lot of new ideas, and even though there are a lot of challenges, we really hope to be able to make a change this year.

Sports Secretary (Female)

Name: M Sohini Reddy
Branch: Electrical and Electronics Engineering
E-mail: [email protected]


Ever since my first year, I have noticed that while sports is something that is very important, the sports scenario in our college is not very vibrant. I wanted to be a part of the Student Council so that I could bring about a change and increase participation in the sports events. One of our main goals this year is to make the sports category of Revels bigger and better. Improving female participation in sports is also something that I will be looking at. One of the main challenges we face is the lack of trainers and good quality equipment and we will definitely look at improving this. We are also planning on having live coverage of our flagship events for more publicity and increased outreach. Hopefully, we will be able to put all our ideas into effect this year.

Placement Secretary (Male)

Name: Jogendra Siyag
Branch: Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering
E-mail: [email protected]

As the Placement Secretary, my main duties are to coordinate between the companies that come for recruitments and the students. The placement department mediates between them. The placement cell sends us the information and the requirements, which we verify and then forward to the students.

My main agenda is to ease out the entire placement procedure to make it as simple as possible. In many cases, students miss out on classes and assignments when they sit for placements, and they also end up rushing to the interview halls at the last moment, creating a rush. We are trying to plan out the procedure in such a way that students do not miss out on attendance, and the rush is reduced. We also want to improve the administration network with respect to placements.

I have volunteered in the placement department before, where I carried out the tasks assigned to me by my HR, and this experience will help me during my tenure. I will coordinate and share my duties with my counterpart for the efficient working of the placement department.

Placement Secretary (Female)

Name: Anshika Agarwal
Branch: Chemical Engineering
E-mail: [email protected]

My main duties as the placement secretary involve the smooth and efficient flow of information between the students, the administration, and the companies. Making information availability more efficient and feasible is of utmost importance. Generally, the companies send the information to the placement department, which we then forward to the Class Representatives.

One of the main limitations when it comes to placements is the attendance issue. A lot of students have to miss lectures and labs during the placement season, leading to attendance problems. We would like to do something to resolve this issue. We also need to work in such a way that all three bodiesthe students, the administration, and the companies are satisfied with the way we handle things.

The placement season is also a time when students are prone to nervousness, and we try to conduct activities like mock interviews to help bring in a higher comfort level during placements. I think it is great to be able to coordinate my duties with my counterpart, as this would ensure that the department would continue to function even when one of us is busy.

Vice-President (Male)

Name: Vansh Tiwari
Branch: Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering
E-mail: [email protected]

As a person, I have always been an all-rounder. Narrowly missing out on the Head Boy post back in my school days gave me the fire to do something creative and stand out from the crowd. The Student Council, being the student body with the highest standing, was the perfect place to be. Here, I have a position of power and responsibility which utilises all the qualities I have to be a good fit for this role.

As the Vice President, my basic responsibilities along with the President include representing and supervising the college and its delegations at various events and being amongst the main people in charge of all the events our college holds. One of the major plans I am working on, which is at a ground -level right now, is to make the Student Council more approachable. Even with all the details of the Council members available, the students still end up being too lazy to approach us. I want each and every student to have a proper idea of the Student Council and feel free to approach us at any time for anything. For me, this starts by making myself approachable and by always engaging with people I know wherever I may meet them.

Another project I am working on is called the ‘platform project’. This caters to students of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd semesters who end up wasting time in their holidays since they are not eligible for technical internships. In this project, I want our clubs to get in touch with famous performing arts schools and send our students for workshops there in the summer break. ‘Mission Paperless’ is another issue I am focusing my energy on.

Being the CR of my class has really helped me a lot as well. I apply what I have learned as CR to my student council work. Talking to higher authorities like teachers and HODs as a CR has taught me how to be more diplomatic. While acting in the capacity of a council member, it is important to know how to deal with different kinds of people.

Vice-President (Female)

Name: Prithvi Shenoy
Branch: Computer Science and Engineering
E-mail: [email protected]

I have always felt that I have had good leadership qualities in me which is what motivated me to join the Council. When the opportunity to join the Council presented itself, I decided to join knowing I could put my abilities to good use.

One of the changes I strongly believe in bringing about is moderating our Student Council Facebook group much better. Considering the fact that it is such an important mode of communication between the students and the council, I believe that the amount of spamming that takes place in this group is excessive and highly unnecessary. Even alumni are part of this group which makes the spamming more problematic. It ends up overshadowing some of the important content people try to share on the groups like internship opportunities or important announcements.

Another plan I had in mind was to try to get the interaction ban between the seniors and students reduced. Considering the strictness of our college’s anti-ragging policy and the absence of prominent cases of ragging here, the long interaction ban seems unnecessary. Seniors could really help freshers who find it difficult to adjust early on and make sure they settle in. Otherwise, a lot of time passes before the juniors really get to know their seniors. Other issues I would like to address include trying to rectify issues with the assignment pattern considering that it is not well-liked by the students. Essentially, I am trying to bring about changes in areas that we all would usually overlook but do matter a lot. I want to address the issues that people can really connect with.

Joint Secretary (Male)

Name: Rishi Agarwal
Branch: Computer Science and Engineering
E-mail: [email protected]

The Joint Secretaries of the Student Council work under the guidance of the General Secretaries. Being a part of the General Council makes us responsible for matters related to the hostels, mess and implementation of the Council’s plans. We also work to address the other issues faced by the students. MIT provides its students with a wide range of opportunities, and the freedom to think and commence something new. I want to encourage people to come forth and seize these opportunities, as more participation will help us achieve greater heights as an institution. Apart from this, I want to develop a mechanism via which the council can address problems on an individual level.
Our previous council has been very efficient and their steps were visionary, but I believe we could work for better implementation of those programmes.
Joint Secretary (Female)
Name: Swetha Manonmayee
Branch: Electronics and Communication Engineering
E-mail: [email protected]

Having always been inclined towards taking roles with responsibilities, I joined the Student Council as the Joint Secretary with my own vision and commitments.

Our previous council has set a very high bar for us. Their plans were insightful and we look forward to carrying them out with better implementation in the future. As Joint Secretaries, Rishi and I are responsible for looking into issues concerning the mess and hostels, scrutinising their meetings and administering the Council’s plans. We also step in to assist the General Secretaries.

One of my major plans is to expand our fests by bringing in more participation, not only from MAHE but from other universities also. I also want to build a platform to encourage and support students to work on more research programmes. I aim to bridge the gap between the management and the students. The students must have more say in matters relating to the college, therefore I want to build a platform through which their feedback could be taken more systematically and their issues can be addressed.

Joint Technical Secretary (Male)

Name: Abhishek Malakar
Branch: Electronics and Communication Engineering
E-mail: [email protected]

As a fresher in MIT, although I enjoyed TechTatva, I felt that some aspects of it were not quite up to the mark. I was told that the Student Council is wholly responsible for the smooth running of the fest, as well as its quality. This was when I decided that I needed to run for this post if I wanted to make any significant changes to the way in which the fest is conducted. I want to ensure that no student is left feeling unrepresented or unheard.

Coming to my plan of action, the student projects take first priority. I want the Council to ensure that these projects get the support they need, financial or otherwise so that they can continue functioning properly and represent our college in as many competitions as possible.

I have noticed that although the Student Council Facebook page helps students bring their problems to the Council’s attention, oftentimes, serious grievances can get overlooked due to the Facebook algorithm. I aim to resolve this issue by creating a portal where students can voice their concerns through a proper channel so we can ensure speedy redressal of their grievances. A lot of students are interested in research and technical projects but not all of them know how to go about it. I would like to create a website that acts as a one-stop solution for all things research. It would contain detailed information about professors and the projects they are working on, contact details, office hours and the like. I also want to see to it that the research papers being produced by our college gain their due exposure and go on to be published in top scientific journals.
Joint Technical Secretary (Female)
Name: Allu Brinda Sri Sahithi
Branch: Electrical and Electronics Engineering
E-mail: [email protected]

I ran for this post to take up the responsibility of ensuring that students do not face any difficulties in pursuing their dreams in the technical field. I have been a part of some technical clubs and in the task phases of student projects, all of which has given me an idea about how they work. I get constant updates from my friends and former team members regarding their needs and requirements so I can see to it that their problems are addressed.

As a joint Technical Secretary, it is my duty to assist the Technical Secretaries in their duties, ensuring that TechTatva runs smoothly on every front, and to improve the overall quality of our student projects.  One of the top priorities on my plan of action is to create an online network for students to gain awareness about the technical skills required to be an asset in the professional sphere, and also to share ideas and collaborate on technical projects and research work.

I also want to create a platform for senior-junior correspondence so seniors can teach interested juniors any technical skills they have acquired. This would work on a one-class-per-week basis. In this way, even the students who are not a part of any club can gain insight into the technical world and learn valuable skills.

Joint Cultural Secretary (Male)

Name: Aniket Kumar
Branch: Electrical and Electronics Engineering
E-mail: [email protected]

Cultural events, like debating and creative writing, were an integral part of my experience as a first year.  Looking back, I realised that so many of the people around me were so caught up in the technical courses they were taking, that they were losing out on many fantastic opportunities.

The main cultural event of the year is Revels, and it has been steadily evolving over the years to become what it is today. I will do what I can to push the fest further and take it to the next level. I also hope to increase the Student Council’s focus on various social causes by organising events and helping to increase awareness in any way possible. I hope that by the end of my term with the Student Council, I can nurture a strong cultural spirit among the students of MIT, and leave future students a better environment to pursue their dreams.

Joint Cultural Secretary (Female)

Name: Prakriti Parihar
Branch: Computers and Communication Engineering
E-mail: [email protected]

I have always been most comfortable in situations where I am forced to step out of my comfort zone. Cultural events and fests have always given me a creative outlet and helped me to push my own boundaries.

I have many goals that I’d like to achieve in my term as Joint Cultural Secretary. My main role is to assist my Cultural Secretary. The most high-profile cultural event of the semester, Revels ‘19 will also be a huge focus as we hope to make it a bigger event than ever before. Currently, our college is the defending champion at Manipal’s intercollegiate fest, Utsav, so the stakes this year will be very high. I also want to give any assistance required to ensure that the large number of diverse cultural clubs on our campus are able to function smoothly.

I have noticed that at informal events, people show up in droves to participate, but in more formalised settings (like fests), the numbers are far lower. I want to find out what is holding people back and help bring them out of their shell. I also feel like the Student Council could greatly improve its social media reach. It is also important to remember that apart from my duties as the Joint Cultural Secretary, I am also a member of the Student Council. I have always felt like there was an unspoken distance between students and the Student Council. I hope to bridge this gap by holding more informal sessions at places like the Student Plaza and spending more time truly understanding the issues that people face.

Joint Sports Secretary (Male)

Name: Likhith Shivaprasad
Branch: Industrial and Production Engineering
E-mail: [email protected]

I played cricket and was a part of the cross-country team in my first year, and have represented the university in many outstation events and Revels. As a part of the sports circuit over the past year, I have found some things missing in the system that I wish to change. Our major focus right now is Revels. In my time here, I have noticed that sports are not actively publicised. What happens out there on the sports field does not leave the ground, and few students outside the sports circle know what is happening. Many people do not know which sports teams exist or when the try-outs occur. I intend to use the board outside the IC to increase publicity, a facility that was not available to us during previous years.

Another problem I have faced is that the distribution of certificates does not happen on time. I will be focusing on increasing the participation from outside. In order to do this, we will have to participate in more outstation competitions and publicise our events there. Moreover, I want to further the involvement of women’s teams in outstation events.

Joint Sports Secretary (Female)

Name: Ramya Chilakala
Branch: Electronics and Communication Engineering
E-mail: [email protected]

When I was in my first year, I used to see the Student Council working during TechTatva and Revels and have wanted to be a part of the Council since then. I used to play badminton and was a part of the sports club during my school days. I feel that I am an introvert, but now that I am a part of the Student Council, I have started opening up more and bringing my ideas to the forefront. Last year, I was a volunteer in Revels for the sports category.

For the first time, this year, we had an Organiser Call for the sports category. I wish to introduce an MIT Women’s Cricket team to participate in Revels. During the fest, we plan to broadcast the live scores for the matches using the screen in front of the IC. A few years ago, the college had the idea of getting coaches to handle different sports but they were unable to implement it. I aim to coordinate with them and reintroduce this idea. Many students do not participate because they believe that they are not good enough and I hope
that having more trainers will increase participation amongst the students.

Editor-in-Chief: The MIT Post

Name: Sriya Koduru
Branch: Instrumentation and Control Engineering
E-mail: [email protected]

I am the Editor-in-Chief of the MIT Post which is the official media body of the college. We, as the official media body, apart from the Student Council, are the only ones who bridge the gap between the students and the college and also make sure that every student on campus is informed of any changes made by the administration.

We have built a more approachable platform so that the student community can approach us more, and every student can voice their concerns. Being closer to the administration, we can try to influence some opinion and decisions their way or pass it on to the Student Council. In that way, I feel that the MIT Post plays an essential role in shaping the prerogative that the college offers. We are also in touch with the Student Welfare body and their executives and this helps us to get a greater grasp of what the student needs and provide it to the administration.

I hope that this academic year brings new things to The Post in the sense that we expand our reach a little more, bond better with the administration as well as the student population, and our articles, designs or art make a change.

Managing Editor: The MIT Post

Name: TN Anshumanth Rao
Branch: Computer Science and Engineering
E-mail: [email protected]

As the Managing Editor of the MIT Post, my job is to overlook the entire functioning of the media body, its different departments, and to make sure that everything is running smoothly. I also see it as a part of my responsibilities to uphold the values that have been instilled in us and passed on by the previous boards.

My two years of hard work and all the dabbling in different departments has given me the necessary experience to have the right instincts when it comes to running this organisation. The Post has always been proud of the fact that in this era of click-driven content creation, we have always strived to focus on publishing what needs to be published rather than what will get the most views. However, even while sticking to this principle, I believe there is scope for moving to content that is both worthy and of interest to our audience.

The boards that have come before us have laid a solid and principled foundation, and it is my aim to build on this and bring out more stories that the student population will be interested in, and address more issues in and around the campus that need to be talked about. My goal is to take this organisation far beyond event reports and do more local and campus news.

Editor-in-Chief: Editorial Board

Name: Neha Hajela
Branch: Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering
E-mail: [email protected]

As Editor-in-Chief, it is my job to provide the vision which everyone in the Editorial Board works with. I make sure that all the departments complete their work in a timely fashion. The main challenges are completing the yearbook on time and getting the co-operation of the students who are passing out. At the end of the day, we must give the seniors the best yearbook we can―a yearbook that you would expect your juniors to give you when you leave college.

I joined the Editorial Board as a writer in my first year. It instantly became a home away from home. After the two years I experienced at the Editorial Board, I did not see myself as anything other than the Editor-in-Chief of the Editorial Board. In a way, I get to leave a little bit of myself in the pages of the yearbook. Most importantly, I felt that it was my responsibility to carry on the 60-year legacy of the MIT yearbooks.

Managing Editor: Editorial Board

Name: Ishan Gupta
Branch: Computer Science and Engineering
E-mail: [email protected]

As the Managing Editor, I handle the affairs of the Editorial Board and implement the decisions made by the college administration. I take care of all the secondary administration and arrange the photoshoots for the yearbook. I need to ensure that the transition from a hard copy yearbook to a soft copy one is as smooth as possible. This is an especially important task, seeing as this transition was quite hard on the previous board. Keeping a book of this size error-free is no small task, so a major hurdle to overcome will be keeping mistakes to a minimum.

I joined the Editorial Board in my second year in the database department. I was spellbound by the work that they did and the commitment the board members had. The yearbook is a gift we give to the final years and it is something that I really wanted to be a part of.


The Student Council can be reached through their email address, [email protected] .