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Stem Cells – from Bench to Bedside

The discovery, isolation, characterization, and differentiation of stem cells have significantly changed the global scenario of medicinal use – especially for diseases where conventional medicine fails.

The presence of stem cells in virtually every multicellular organism suggests that these cells probably have a major role to play throughout the lifetime of the organism. Mesenchymal stromal cells (MSCs) from bone marrow, Wharton’s Jelly, and adipose tissue are rich sources of stromal cells which can be used for large-scale expansion.

The final product can be cryopreserved in different types of freezing mixtures in the vapour phase of liquid nitrogen. The product can be released for preclinical studies and clinical trials after qualifying a battery of stringent quality control criteria. In stem cell drug development, pre-clinical studies are conducted before the clinical trials to determine products’ safety profile and extent of efficacy.

The bench work of many years has reached the bedside in providing a tangible benefit to the patients. ‘Stempeutics Research’ is a late-stage regenerative medicine company focused on developing and commercializing novel therapeutics based on adult stem cells. Stempeutics has successfully put India on the global map for cutting-edge drug discovery in the area of Stem Cells as Stempeucel is one of the few stem cell products to be approved by a regulatory body anywhere in the world.

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