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SPRINT CODE—Codentine 3.0 by ACM Manipal

ACM Manipal, the official student chapter of the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) for Manipal University, organised Codentine 3.0, a national-level online coding challenge on 12th January 2022, from 8:30 pm to 11:00 pm. The contest was conducted through the HackerRank portal and consisted of a wide range of questions that tested contestants’ ability to tackle complex problems using programming and mathematics. The participants were required to solve a total of nine questions in the two and a half hours allotted to them.

Since the event was open for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd year students, the questions varied in their difficulty, ranging from topics like dynamic programming and game theory to computational geometry and sorting. The questions were unique,  describing real-life situations, but with a mathematical twist. “While there was no general theme involved, the competition was made keeping in mind the different experience levels of the programmers, given it was a nationwide competition,” said Shatakchi Sahay, the chairperson of ACM Manipal.

Hardik Raj, a student of VIT Vellore bagged the first place, whereas Shlok Goyal from IIT Roorkee and Kiran Raj KB, from SSN College of Engineering, reached the second and third place respectively. The top three contestants were awarded cash prizes, with the first-place contestant winning 4000 Rupees, and the second and third place holders getting 2500 and 1500 Rupees each. Certificates of Appreciation were awarded to the top three contestants, and Certificates of Participation were given to the top fifty participants. “I liked the problems and the overall experience of the contest very  much. There was a mix of both easy and difficult questions, so there was something for everyone,” remarked Shlok Goyal, one of the winners.

The event’s primary objective was to find and reward excellence in computer programming and to generate enthusiasm among University students about the power of code and its utility as a tool for solving complex problems. A total of 933 students from various institutions around the country participated in the event.  The contestants embraced the competitive spirit of the challenge and battled it out for a top spot on the leaderboard. Despite being an online event, Codentine 3.0 exhibited a fierce competition between the contestants, and created a nerve-wracking experience for viewers and coders alike.

Featured Image credits: ACM Manipal

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