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Sports Events—Revels’22


Sports do not build character—it just reveals it. Sports might be just a hobby to some, but to others, it is so much more. The Sports events of Revels’22 were held from 9th to 12th of April before Revels, unlike every year when they are held simultaneously during the four days of the fest. This gave the athletes enough time to focus and train for their events while also not missing out on the other events of the fest and Proshow. Sports events were held in two slots—6 to 9 AM and 5 to 8 PM during these three days. The prize distribution ceremony was held at the MIT Tennis Court on the 12th of April. 

Students could participate in various games like athletics, badminton, basketball, chess, cricket, football, handball, hockey, squash, swimming, table tennis, tennis, throwball and volleyball. Some of the outstation participants for sports events in Revels were from NIT Surathkal, BITS Goa, NIT Calicut, and Manipal College of Health Professions (MCHP).  The venues for football and tennis were the Endpoint Football Court and MIT Tennis Court. Badminton and Table Tennis events were held in the MIT Recreation Center. 

All of the students put in their blood, sweat and tears to put in their best effort and it was truly a sight to witness. Our students made us proud by winning the following laurels:

Athletics and Swimming—MIT won the Overall Best College

Table Tennis—MIT was in the top three teams

Badminton—MIT-A won the Second position and MIT-B was in the top 4

Football—MIT-B won First Position and MIT-A was in the top 4

Basketball—Girls team won the First position and the Boys team won the Second position

Volleyball—First Position

Squash—MIT got all three top positions

Chess—Second Position

“Revels 2022 was an experience of a lifetime. From months of practice to win the trophy for Best College in Athletics, it all felt like a dream come true! Daily training and weekend outings helped the team bond. During Revels, both the boys’ and the girls’ teams dominated the field in their respective events. I’m so proud of our team, which feels more like a tight-knit family now and I wish them loads of success ahead.” said Shrey Deshmukh and Chaitanya A., Captains of the MIT Athletics team, while describing their experience during the whole event. 

The MIT Athletics Team were the winners of Revels’22 among 12 college teams (Image credits: The MIT Post)

The sports category saw many people winning and many teams losing, but ultimately it was something much more than that. Ultimately it was about sportsmanship, teamwork and, most importantly, creating memories for a lifetime. 

Image credits: Photography and Videography, Revels’22

Featured Image Credits: PNGITEM

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