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The Sky Moves Sideways – ASME’S ‘Bottle Rocketry’

There are those among us who do more than just laugh when asked if they are rocket scientists upon making a wise remark. Some dream wistfully of a time they can reply in the affirmative to that. ASME’s Manipal chapter had a treat in store for such dreamers with their event, ‘Bottle Rocketry’.

Spanning a course of three days, participants were guided steadfastly along their journey towards crafting their very own airworthy rocket. Day one, on the 22nd of August, comprised a presentation held in NLH. This served to acquaint participants with the basic concepts behind propulsion. An eager assembly of aeronautic enthusiasts made note of the aerodynamic properties of the bottle from which this rocket would be devised.

A presentation on important aerodynamic concepts on day one.

Preparations to design the bottle were well underway by the second day, dubbed “Fabrication Day”. Under the supervision of the members of ASME, they tested their grasp of the theoretical knowledge gained from the day before in a real-life setting. “We are pleased with the turnout from all the registrations we received,” remarked Bhavana, Head of Logistics.

Credits: The Photography Club, Manipal

With the outset of day three on the 24th, the moment for the grand finale had finally arrived. Though the monsoon showers threatened to play spoilsport, it did nothing to dampen the spirits of all present. Following a short delay, everyone had finally congregated at the launch site – the park by Venugopal Temple. Just as the sun was about to set, the rocket briefly lit up the dusk sky to put a smile on the faces of everyone present. “I felt it was interesting and not very out of the box,” comments Aditya Bajaj, a participant. The sense of accomplishment felt at that moment might as well have matched that in a NASA control room – such was the magnitude of this feat for them.

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