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Sketch It If You Can


The ornate field that is Civil Engineering is often misconstrued as being a mere display of ranging rods and long hours of toiling under the sweltering sun. In a bid to disprove this, IE-Civil held its flagship workshop, ‘Sketch-Up’ on the 24th-25th of January.

The capacious NLH classroom soon began to quickly fill up with students eager to whet their graphic designing skills. Sketch-Up is a 3-D modeling software which bestows upon users the ability to play God. Using an interface which harks back to memories of MS Paint, one can morph a benign square into just about anything they stretch their imagination to.

Members of IE-Civil ensuring that participants were able to comprehend what was being taught. Credits: The Photography Club, Manipal

Although the event got off to a tardy start due to the time taken by people to download the software, it proceeded without any bumps thereafter. Care was taken to have volunteers patrolling the classroom to tend to any doubts participants had while the teaching was being done by means of a live demonstration on the projector screen. Event Head Naman Lawania said, “Competitions these days require students to create 3-D Models. With the help of Sketch-Up, they can do so with ease as well as get themselves acquainted with software like CATIA that they will use in the future.”

Participants were actively involved in the proceedings instead of being mere spectators as the room resonated with the sound of clicking mouses whilst these maestros got to work on crafting structures of their own. Light-hearted moments included the event heads giving chocolate bars as a reward to those who answered the Pop Quiz questions correctly in the interim.

Participants beaming with exuberance as they acquired a new skill. Credits: The Photography Club, Manipal

Madhav Pathak, a participant, was all-smiles as he marveled at the spectacle of his own making in the span of an hour. “IE-Civil did a wonderful job. I learned a lot of nifty things about graphic designing and eagerly anticipate attending their future workshops,” he remarked. In all, the two-day workshop was a triumphant success for all present, for both the organizers as well as the receivers of their imparted knowledge.

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