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Shonen Fest: A treat for anime lovers

The Manga and Anime club held its first ever independent event, the Shonen Fest, on the 27th and 28th of February. ‘Shonen’ is the most popular genre of Manga and typically appeals to a young audience. Humorous plots and action scenes are a staple of this genre.The fest-MAC’s first since its inception last semester- offered a range of events including theme based competitions and movie screenings. A merchandise stall, a tattoo booth, meticulously created props, and ambient anime music all added to the charm of the event.

Shonen Fest- Photo booth

PC: Gilbert Soyus

The first day of the event began twenty-five minutes after the scheduled time of 5:30pm. As the stalls were being set up, the first round of Pokémon Battles commenced. This round involved a written test that gauged the participants’ knowledge of the various intricacies in the Pokémon world. “The questions were factual and specific”, explained one participant as he ambled out of NLH 403 at the end of the brief ten minute test. Of the twenty questions that were asked, the last five were designed to assess the participants’ preferred Pokémon team. This Pokémon team would then be designed for the participant to use in the next round. Simultaneously, in NLH 402, the Gaming event was in full swing. Featuring games like Ninja Storm, Kuroko no Basketball, Naruto, and One Piece Pirate Warriors, the adopted arcade format turned out to be fairly successful. To play, one was required to buy a token and would then be allowed to play a game of their choice. The multiplayer games were projected on a screen which made for an interesting gaming experience. For those seeking recreational activities, the adjacent room was converted into a movie theater with ‘Full Metal Alchemist: The Sacred Star of Milos’ being screened. The movie however, had few takers with only a handful of people turning up to watch it. At 6:30pm the day’s second competitive event, The Mystery Files, kicked off. The first round of the detective event required participants who were in teams of two, to solve ten mental ability questions that tested their critical thinking abilities. The merchandise stall remained abuzz with activity as people strolled in to look at the posters that were on sale while considering ordering custom-made T-shirts as well.

Shonen Fest-3D props

PC: Gilbert Soyus

The second day of the event commenced at 10:30am in the morning with the second and final round of Pokémon Battles. In a tournament-style battle, reminiscent of the Pokémon Leagues, the thirty-six participants who qualified for the finals competed against each other in Pokémon battles. Each participant was free to choose a six Pokémon team of his or her choice. The battles were held on an online Pokémon emulation software and were projected onto a screen that made the event engaging, even for the spectators. Simultaneously, ‘Gintama: Be Yorozuya Forever’ was screened under the movies category.   After a brief lunch break, ‘The Girl Who Leapt Through Time’ was screened as the final round of the Mystery Files event came to an end. The finals mainly involved solving riddles, ciphers, and a murder mystery. Another event that was held on day two was the Shonen anime quiz that involved five questions from ten popular anime series of the Shonen genre. The winners of all the events would receive anime posters of their choice. The turnout on the second day of the fest was significantly lower than the first day, with only about fifty people showing up.

Manga and Anime club plans to make the Shonen Fest a yearly event. Its success has been a shot in the arm for MAC as it plans to organize similar fests in the future, featuring other genres of anime.