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Sharing is Caring: Rentified

One of Manipal’s latest start-ups, Rentified began a little over a month ago, on the 18th of March, 2016. Since its inception, this online ‘peer to peer’ rental marketplace has grown, and now caters to over three hundred users. The central idea of the founders was to allow users to earn money by providing them with a platform to rent their goods out to other users, “Share karo, earn karo” being the corporation’s tagline.

Rentified essentially allows users to rent out the items available on the website and also allows them to put up their own belongings to be leased. The basic idea here, as conceived by the founders of Rentified in October, 2015, was to create a platform where students could not merely earn money but also save money by not having to buy everything that they need. “We want to promote access based consumerism” explains Krsna Agrawal, one of the founders. Rentified currently has an approximate of a hundred and fifty items available for rent. The website classifies all items into user-friendly categories such as Books and Stationery, Fashion, Real estate, and Services, to name a few. “We want to be a one stop shop for renting” explains Sahil Jain, one of the founders. The founders of Rentified are of the opinion that the global economy might be moving towards becoming more sharing oriented, favouring the aspect of leasing objects as opposed to their sale. “The world is moving towards a sharing economy and we want to be the first ones to enable that”, explains Shivangi Gambhir, a co-founder. Rentified organised its flagship online event, Rentathon, between the 20th and the 24th of April, where the website offered discounts and deals on the products available. The most active users were rewarded with exclusive deals on their leases.

Renitifed was also one of the start-ups that was featured at the Manipal Entrepreneurship Summit held on the 16th of March. “We hope to become the Walmart of rentals” expresses Saswat Prusty, summarizing the vision that the founders have for Rentified.

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